Small Yacht Elimination Race results > elimination race results sheet NOV 18

Our annual Elimination Race was held on 25th November, where the idea is to avoid coming last through a series of gates and thus being eliminated from the rest of the race.

Once again, Apex’s fluky wind played a part in the proceedings. The course was set to run parallel to the right bank and proved a real test as nearly all the gates were into the wind. Who set the course? Umm I did!

For this event classes are sailed separately and RTR started their first races after a delay due to the lack of parking (BMX event). There was a decent field of 7 skippers with boats 60 & 69 setting the pace. The MC had a smaller fleet but the racing was much closer, although boats 7 & 9 were the most consistent.

Despite the late start and due to the lack of an official coffee break we managed to get in 9 races before the end of racing.

Congratulations go to Alan Barnstable (MC) and John Woodman (RTR) in winning this year.

The next meet is in two weeks time SYS Series Round 2 (the one cancelled through ice on the lake).