Winter Series round 5 (24th Feb) results & report > FE Rd5 24th Feb 2019
For round 5 of the series we had 7 entering in Club Class and another 3 in Mini Hydro. The racing drew a large crowd of onlookers enjoying a lovely sunny day in the park. Russ won a race in Club Class and Chris one in Mini Hydro which with one round still to go is enough for them to win their classes in the overall series.
Congratulations to Russ the 2018/19 Club Class Winter Series winner and Chris the Mini Hydro class winner.

Winter Series round 4 (27th Jan) score sheet & report > FE Rd4 27th Jan 2019
It was windy, very, very windy! The water was so choppy the racing was reduced to a slow crawl just trying to keep the boats under control or avoid getting flipped over. After 1 race for both classes all agreed to give up and go home! Dave Lowther won Club Class, Russ Chilcott the Mini Hydro – but everyone was beaten by the gale force winds!

Winter Series round 3 (30th Dec) score sheet & reports > here
Numbers were down a little but still had a good afternoon with lots of close racing in both classes through all the heats. Mini Hydro is still as much about finishing the race and avoiding hitting the markers or each other as going the fastest! See score sheet for full reports.

Winter Series round 2 (2nd Dec) results > FE Rd2 2nd Dec 2018
There was plenty of good races in both the Club and Mini Hydro classes on a cool and blustery afternoon. Chris Locke came out on top winning both races in both classes! He looks like the one to beat this series. For a full report see the score sheets.

Winter Series round 1 (4th Nov) results > FE Rd1 4th Nov 2018
After a very long break not being able to run any fast electric boats due the algae outbreak we finally got a chance to go racing again! 6 entering the Club Class and 4 in the Mini Hydro class for the opening round of the 2018/19 winter Series. See results sheet for full meeting report.

2018 Weds night final standings
The Blue-Green Algae outbreak has brought the series to a premature end. The overall points scored to date (after 5 rounds) will therefore be the final standings for this years series.
Final overall points table 2018 > FE Wed night series Final overall points table 2018
Congratulations to Russ Chilcott on winning the series by just 3 points ahead of Dave Lowther in 2nd place. Chris Locke finished in 3rd.

The class of 2018 – ready to go racing!

FE Rd5 4th July 2018
Round 5 for the Weds night series – we had a record 13 taking part and once again some good races and a few near misses! Race 2 had the top 4 places separated by just 21 seconds and 6th to 8th places by just 9 seconds!
See the score sheet for a full report.

FE Rd4 13th June 2018
Round 4 in the Weds night series – we had a good entry with 11 boats taking part and some really good and close racing throughout all the races. In one race 5 boats were separated by just 42 seconds!

FE Rd3 23rd May 2018
Weds night series round 3 – there were 9 entering this round on a perfect evening with just small ripples on the water. Racing was very close at times, in one 7 boats were separated by less than 2 laps!

FE Rd2 2nd May 2018
Weds night series round 2 – it was another great nights racing with 11 entering and just enough light to complete 3 races. Very strong winds made for very choppy waters and plenty of scary “moments” for a few!

FE Rd1 11th April 2018
Weds night series 2018, Round 1 – Overall it was a very good night just a shame the poor light meant we could not get in a 3rd race. Great to see 11 entering and to have a Super Mono X, Human Torch and a Little Pepper boats sharing the top 4 places.

FE Rd5 11th March 2018
Winter Series 2017/18 – well done to Bob Bryant for winning the Mini Hydro Class and Dave Lowther the Club Class.