Winter Series 2020/21
The series will be for the clubs own Mini Mono and Mini Hydro class boats (see class rules below) with 2 races per class. These meetings will be held on Sunday afternoons from 12pm to approx. 3pm held every 4 to 5 weeks from November through to April or May – see the Calendar page for all dates.
All meetings will follow the clubs Covid 19 policy and most importantly the governments guidance on the “rule of 6” at all times. There will also be a few additional safety measures to mitigate the spread of Covid 19 for those doing the race duties. The Race OOD who times the races, calls the start, warns of dead boats, etc, will be required to wear a face mask. This will also apply if someone is required act a Lap Caller during the race. The person Lap Counting (pressing the buttons) will be required to wear deposable gloves. Face masks and disposable gloves will be available lakeside from our “Covid 19 trailer” which also includes a hand wash dispenser for anyone to use. Use of the rescue boat and trailer will be limited to just 2 designated persons at each round.

If you fancy some high speed racing – then this is the section for you! The club has 3 very different racing classes;

Club 500 – is a new fast electric class the club introduced in 2019 mainly aimed at those who don’t want a boat that’s a little too fast! The boats used must be the Model Slipway Club 500 which is a long established class used by many clubs in the UK. These boats are currently ONLY raced on Wednesday afternoons. 

Club Class – introduced in 2016 this class is limited to RTR (Ready to Run) “out of the box” boats a max. of 500mm long and cost no more than £125. Don’t be fool by the small size and price – they are very quick! We race this class on Wednesday evenings in the summer and Sunday afternoons in the winter.

Mini Hydro
– this class is for those who want a completely “home built” racing boat. It is for Hydroplane hulls only, limited to 500mm long with a max spend of £100. They are very quick, tricky to drive but great fun! They are raced ONLY on Sunday afternoons in the Winter Series and are only suitable for those with plenty of experience in racing boats.

See the Fast Electric Rules page for more details on each class.

To get a feel for the speed of these boats see the clubs group Facebook page and search “fast electric” or “Club 500” to see the videos. 
Please check before buying anything as we can offer free impartial advice on what is best suited for you.

For more info contact the Fast Electric Section Secretary Russ Chilcott; or call 07721 511314