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We arrived to an almost completely flat calm lake and put the markers out more in hope than in expectation of doing that much racing! Scott set a triangle/sausage course with a fairly wide gate and the leeward end. 11 skippers turned up for this meeting which was a combined event for rescheduled Alice Trophy as well as round 2 of the Spring Series. With such little wind all 11 raced together taking it in turns to judge the start line.
By the 10am start time the very lightest of east/south east breeze had picked up which was just enough to keep the boats moving along, thankfully it gradually increased as it shifted to the south. Deciding which way to round the gate on the final leg often decided if you had a good or not so good race!
Bob took an early lead and by the coffee break he was 2 points ahead of Nigel with Richard and John W tied for 3rd just 1 point back. From then on Nigel had a great run winning 3 races to Bob’s 2 plus a couple of 3rd spots, this was enough for him to win this event on a score of 18 points. Bob was 2nd on 24, John took 3rd on 29.
I have to mention the final race as it was won by Rodney – he was very, very happy about that!

Well done to Nigel on winning this round and with it the Alice Trophy.

Nigel (left) collecting the trophy from the IOM Section Secretary Scott Smart