Auction of Arley’s models – some items (17 Tool box, 18 band saw, 19 air compressor, 20 bench grinder) originally listed were done so in error and are not for sell. This also applies to any household items originally mentioned. Only items now listed on the for sale page (No 1 to 17) are for sale – sorry for any confusion. 

IOM Dickie Bird “Starboard” trophy
– congratulations to Nigel Clarke on winning the event this morning. See One Meter Yachts page for full report and scores.

For Sale (via auction) to club members
– we are selling all of Arley Bushill’s models, tools and building materials via auction at 12 noon on Sunday 27th October at the Speedy Self Storage, Premier Business Park, Huntspill Road, Highbridge TA9 3DE. There is a lot of it! For more info and photos see the For Sale page. 

Wet n Dry Race postponed until Spring 2020
– the ongoing algae outbreak means we cannot test run the models and since the event is fast approaching on 20th Oct we have decided to postpone it until April/May 2020. If you plan to enter the Wet n Dry Race please let Russ Chilcott (see Contacts page) know and I’ll do my best to fix a date which suits all the entrants.

AGM News in brief – Kevin Roberts was elected as Chairman, to bring the Committee numbers back up to 9 in total Richard Aucott agreed to stand and was duly elected a Members Representative. All the other existing Committee members were happy to remain in their posts and were re-elected unblock. Our bank balance currently stands at £2,410.18 up £138.10 on the previous year which is very good considering we reduced the full membership fee by 25% last year. With the accounts looking healthy the fees will all remain the same for 2020 – don’t panic they are not due until Feb next year.
For his long service to the club it was agreed unanimously to make Malcolm Franks the Clubs Honorary President.


Club 500 Fast Electric series – congratulations to Kevin Roberts who has just won the inaugural Weds afternoon series. Richard Harris finishes the series in 2nd place with Howard Ashenden in 3rd. See Fast Electric/Club 500 results page for reports and scores. 

IOM Summer Series
– congratulations to Russ Chilcott who won this morning IOM Summer Series round and the overall series, but it was very close in the end! Russ scored 114 points, John Woodman 113, Scott Smart 111 and Daron Maynard 110.

Letter from our Chairman – Due to ill health I have had to give up being your Chairman. I’ve been Chairman 26 years (I think, as I’ve lost count now!) and Vice-Chairman a few years before that! I’ve loved doing it – we have had many great times as “Team Sedgemoor”. Being Chairman was easy for me as I’ve always had a great team of lads that made everything run smoothly and I really appreciated this.
Many thanks all the Committee members and Section leaders and of course my right and left hand men Russ Chilcott and Chris Locke who I have had to rely on lately. I would like to thank everyone who over the years who have made this club the best club to be in.

Malcolm Franks

Reminder our AGM is on Monday 7th October –
we will start at 7.30pm with the AGM business, immediately followed by our normal bimonthly meeting, as usual it’s at the Ritz Social Club, Burnham-on-Sea. If you are a member of the club you should have received the agenda and the notes of previous meeting via email or post, if you have not please let the Secretary Russ Chilcott know ASAP. 

Small Yacht series (round 6) meeting due to be held tomorrow 22nd Sept has been CANCELLED.
Due to awful weather forecast of 91% chance of rain and only 8mph winds we have decided to cancel this round. It will be rescheduled for another date. 

For Sale
– the MX14 IOM & Sweet A Boat yachts listed have both been SOLD

Has anyone lost a boat or two?
Found these today almost sunk against the reeds over the far side of the Apex Lake on 11th Sept. It is not believed they don’t belong to anyone in our club.
If either or both belong to you and you are able to prove that they do please contact the club Secretary Russ Chilcott; russellchilcott@aol.com

Welcome Aboard
– Mike Hayward who finished building 6M yacht from scratch in 2016 and has decided it is time to get her into the water. Today he joined the “Irregulars” Weds afternoon skippers at the lake, borrowed a Dragonforce yacht and after a few very enjoyable races he has caught the sailing bug! 
Welcome to the club Mike 

Club membership now stands at 66

For Sale
– the “Lintel” IOM Yacht has been SOLD

Confirmed Blue-Green is present in the lake.

The Environment Agency tests of the water (29/8/19) have confirmed potentially toxic blue-green algae is present. 
They will test the water again following a period of cloudy and wet weather when it normally begins to clear, how long that takes is anyone’s guess, last year that happened by mid-October

For Sale; IOM Yacht & A Boat
– just added both, ready to race, see For Sale page for details. 

Small Yacht Skippers Challenge
– 7 skippers entered the event this year which is a one-off where each skipper takes it in turn to race each others boat. Good fun and very interesting to see how you compare to others, especially when trying to catch your “own” boat! Congratulations to John Woodman who won it for the second year running.
See SYS Skippers Challenge page for full result, report and photos.
Blue-Green Algae Outbreak Policy now enforced
– there is possible outbreak of the algae in the Apex Lakes. As a precaution our club has been asked to enforce our outbreak policy with immediate effect. This means until further notice any boats that produce spray, or amphibious type models are PROHIBITTED to use the Apex Lake. See Blue-Green Algae Outbreak Policy page for more details.
We will provide hand and boat washing facilitates lakeside at all club meeting listed on our calendar. If you are at the lake by yourself having a sail that’s fine, but please make sure to bring something to clean your hands and your boat and follow these simple steps;
• Wash and thoroughly dry all models and any other items that have been in contact with the water. Items should not be stored wet or damp.
• Use the hand wash dispensers provided whenever you remove a boat from the lake.
• Do not launching or recover your model from any areas that have thick aggregations of algae or scum.
• Do not use the park benches as a boat stand when you remove your boat from the water.
• If your boat collects any excess water drain it off back into lake upon removal.

Clubs Tug Towing tanker has a complete make-over – Arley had taken it on and was halfway through its rebuild before his accident. David Behennah kindly took it on and has made a really nice job of it.
We thought it only appropriate to rename the tanker “The Arley”.

Welcome aboard
– new Family Club members Penny Gould and her partner Dave Salter, plus Penny’s grandson Luke Gillard (Junior) who joined our club today. All are very new to the hobby, Dave has a very nice fishing boat and Luke an airboat. Welcome to the club to you all.

Club Membership now stands at 65

Scale Challenge Series 2019
– the last round in the current series has been run, the meeting scores and a report have been added (see Scale Models page) and final overall points table update. 
Congratulations to Russ Chilcott who has won the 2019 series.

– another superb display from our club (despite the weather) with 50+ models on show on and off the water including over 300 children’s enjoying the Have-a-go-boats running non-stop all day. 
A huge thank you to the team of 11 members without who’s help it could have been such a success for the club.
See the Playday page for a full report and photos.

IOM Yacht Weds night series
– congratulations to Nigel Clarke who has won the series with a one round still to go.

Playday coming soon! –
A reminder if your free this coming Wednesday 7th August we could really use some more helpers and boats to display static and/or on the water during the day. This is really big event (7000 children last year!) so you must be on site before 9.30am and won’t be able to leave until after 3pm. We could do with a few more volunteers to help with running the children’s have-a-go-boats, you’ll be doing it with another member for only 1 hour. For an idea of what the day is all about see the Playday page. 

FE Weds night series
– Chris Locke has won the 2019 Fast Electric Weds Night series with a round still to go.
Congratulations Chris


Arley’s funeral will be held on Monday 5th August at 10 a.m. at Sedgemoor Crematorium, Red Lane, Stretcholt, TA6 4SR. It’s between Highbridge and Bridgwater just off the A38. There will be family flowers only but if you wish to make a donation please do so to Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. The family has invited his friends to meet at The Pimpernel after the funeral. This is just along the A38 at 92 Main Road, West Huntspill, Highbridge TA9 3QZ.

28/7/19 For Sale – the “ISIS” IOM yacht has been SOLD

21/7/19 For Sale – the MX16 Yacht has been SOLD

I have some very sad news I’m afraid – our friend and club member Arley Bushill passed away yesterday afternoon. As some of you know last week he had a very serious accident while working at his home and never really recovered. Arley had been in the club right from the early days. A while ago he moved away and then back to the area and took up the hobby again from where he left off sailing and building boats and making new friends in our club.
He was very much “old school” having spent his working life as an engineer, skills he would then use whenever possible to construct everything himself from the keel up to making his own sails. He really enjoyed his time at the lake and we very much enjoyed his company and friendship. He really enjoyed his time at the lake and we very much enjoyed his company and friendship.

He will be very sadly missed by all of us who had known him. Our thoughts at this sad time are with his wife Celia and his family. 

For Sale; two small yachts & FE boat –
Steve Cole is selling his two small yachts and Fast Electric boat. See For Sale page for more info and photos

Welcome Aboard –
Terry Young who has just joined our club bringing our membership up to 61. Terry is completely new to the hobby and is building an aircraft carrier for his first ever project! 
Welcome to the club Terry

IOM Yacht Spring Series
– congratulations to Nigel Clarke who has just won the series for the fourth year in a row! Report and scores are on the One Meter Yacht latest results page.

Gloucester & District MBC Open Day (Sun 30th June)
– we have been invited to the clubs 30th Birthday Bash being held at the canal basin on the old Hereford to Gloucester Canal in Gloucester on Sun 30th June. There will be fun events for both sailing and motor model boats. Food and drink will be laid on including a barbecue and things for the children to do. I’m taking part in our Small Yacht Team Relay event on the day so won’t be there but if you wish to attend please contact their Club Sec Bryan. His email plus info and direction can be found on the Calendar page/Gloucester MBC Open Day.

Open Tug Towing
– a report, results and a few photos from the event are on the website, see Scale Models page sub-menu Tug Towing. The weather was pretty awful with the odd shower and very high winds making for choppy waters! New club member Geoff Norman joined Cliff from the Woodspring MBC, both had never done tug towing before but with directions from Chris they managed to win the event and went away with a box of chocolates each!
Congratulations guys! 

Welcome aboard
– Roger Fuge and Denzil Monis who have just joined our club bringing our numbers up to 60. Both were members of the Yate & Sodbury MBC which sadly folded last year. Roger and Denzil have a large and varied collection of scratch and kit built model scale boats including small yachts.
Welcome both of you to our club  

Open Tug Towing & Free sail this Sunday –
a reminder this coming Sunday 16th June from 1.30pm (following the morning’s Small yacht racing) we are running a one-off Tug Towing competition at Apex. It will follow the same format as we had last year with two tugs towing a tanker around an obstacle course. We can provide a tug boat if you don’t have anything suitable to use. There is no entry fee, just turn up and have a go. The course will be set out in the left-hand corner so the rest of the lake will be available for anyone who wishes to free sail a boat or two. We are hoping to be joined by members from other model boat clubs in the area.

IOM Yacht for sale
– just added an MX14 racing yacht ready to race for £500. See the For Sale for more details and photos. 

Yacht hulls FREE to a good home – t
he club has been donated 3 old yacht hulls which are free to anyone who wants them. See For Sale page for more info plus photos.

Welcome aboard
– Mark Shipman who has recently moved to the south west and joined our club. Mark is a seasoned Fast Electric racer and former Secretary of Electra and SWARM (FE racing district & regional series). He is looking to join our Mini Mono RTR series very soon. Welcome to the club Mark


Club district success – well done to Richard Aucott for the win and Nigel Clarke who took 2nd spot representing Sedgemoor MBC in the IOM yacht SWDCS at Dartmoor last Sunday. Another great result for the club.

Welcome aboard
– Mick Perkins (No57) who has just joined our club. Mick is an experienced RC scale boat builder who has recently taken up small yacht racing. He has a Dragonforce RTR yacht and plans to be joining the “Irregulars” sailing on a Wednesday afternoon. Welcome to the club Mick

Bring & Buy 5th May –
A reminder this coming Sunday 5th May from 1pm we have our annual Bring & Buy sale at Apex. If you have anything RC related collecting dust in your workshop why not bring it along and make yourself a few quid? I would advise you put a sticker on with your name and an asking price. There will be a gazebo and a few tables out which members are free to use.
Also, the same afternoon it is one of our Free Sail & Scale afternoons. The numbers attending these meetings so far has been pretty poor so we need to see some members with there boats on the lake to justify keeping them on the calendar.

the RG65 yacht listed below has been sold

For Sale
– Dragonforce RG65 yacht (small yacht) in very good condition, ready to sail just requires TX & RX.
Only £90, See For Sale page.

A record breaking Fast Electric racing day at Apex!
On Weds 17th April we had 6 Club 500 boats racing in 6 races in the afternoon with a large crowd enjoying the free show. (plus 8 small yachts and 2 scale boats sailing in between the races) Then in the evening round 1 of the Weds night series we had 12 Mini Mono RTR boats in non-stop action racing 8 heats before dark. Sorry no video or photos – we were all to busy!

31/3/19 Club Class to be called Mini Mono RTR
– the FE Drivers have agreed to change the name Club Class for Mini Mono RTR from the Weds night series onwards. The new name is to avoid any confusion with the Club 500 class. The class rules remain exactly the same as before – only the name changes.

27/3/19 BST starts this weekend –
for those coming along for the IOM Spring Series round and/or Free Sail and FE racing this Sunday 31st March don’t forget British Summer Time starts this weekend so put your clocks forward an hour the night before.

18/3/19 SOLD – the boat listed below has been sold
15/3/19 For Sale
– HydroPro Affinity RG65 (small yacht) ready to sail and only £50, see For Sale page.  

2/3/19 Safe use of the Rescue Boat – the rules regarding the use of the Rescue Boat have been amended. From now on any member wishing to use the boat must consider themselves to be a competent swimmer, have been given instruction on its safe use and complete and sign a “Safe use of the Rescue Boat” form. All members have be notified of this change. The new amendments regarding 7.10 (Rescue Boat Safety Policy) are included in the full rules which have now been indexed, these can be viewed on the “Contacts” sub menu page. 

2/3/19 IOM Alice Trophy 10th March has been CANCELLED – we have had to cancel this meeting because almost everyone who would normally attend is either on holiday or away at other meetings! The Alice Trophy will be run on another date TBC.

1/3/19 SOLD –
the Spectrum DX6i recently listed on the For Sale page has now been sold.

24/2/19 Welcome aboard – to Geoff Norman who has recently joined our club. Geoff is new to the hobby and has a Rother class RNLI boat. Welcome to the club Geoff

24/2/19 Fast Electric Winter Series – with 1 round to go in the series Russ Chilcott has won the Club Class 2018/19 Winter Series and Chris Locke the Mini Hydro class series.
Congratulations to both  

19/2/19 Dragonforce yacht has been SOLD – only the Spectrum DX6i + RX is left for £40. See For Sale page.

18/2/19 Small Yacht 1 hour endurance race – we had a record entry for the Small Yacht section with 19 skippers taking part in this annual event. It was fairly busy at the start with some good close racing for the entire hour. Well done to the class winners Chris Lewis (MC) and John Woodman (RTR). Thanks to Graham Fright for Lap Counting and Kevin Roberts as OOD. See Small Yachts page for full results, report and photos. 

14/2/19 trees trimmed at Apex – After several months, many emails and a few meetings the Council have trimmed the branches on the trees in the right hand corner of the lake. Many thanks to the Friends of Apex Park group, Cllr Janet Keen and Scott Mason for their help in getting this done. Below a “before” and “after” photo.

13/2/19 Club 500 boats are go!!! – the club is now holding meetings for the popular Model Slipway Club 500 class boat. Currently it is planned to only race these boats about once a month on Wednesday afternoons. See the Fast Electric pages for more info and class rules. 5 members entered the very first race meeting on Weds 13th Feb and all enjoyed their first race experience. Kevin Roberts was the one to beat as he won all 6 races run! 
Photos below show the drivers, the new start gate and the boats in action.


13/2/19 SOLD – Richard’s Dragonforce V5 small yacht and some other items have been sold but he still has the V6 (newer model) complete and ready to sail including a Spectrum TX and RX, all for only £120. See For Sale page

10/2/19 IOM Yacht Winter Series – Congratulations to Nigel Clarke who has won the 2018/19 Winter Series with a round to go. 

9/2/19 For Sale – IOM “Isis” racing yacht complete and just needs radio. See For Sale page for details and our Facebook page for more photos.

27/1/19 Welcome Aboard
– to Roger Keen who joined our club today. Roger is a regular dog walker at the Apex Park and has just purchased a 5ft long Frigate warship as his first model boat – going in at the deep end! Welcome to the club Roger

22/1/19 Welcome Aboard – to Howard Prothero who has just joined our club. Howard has recently retired and is getting back into the hobby and plans to start with a Billings kit crab boat. Welcome to the club Howard

14/1/19 For Sale – two Dragonforce small yachts ready to race including transmitter, boat stands, spares, tool box and instruction books. All for £250.00. See For Sale page for more info plus photo. Wishing all Club members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Boating New Year

22/12/18 A reminder we have one final meeting this year on Sunday 30th December, in the morning it’s IOM racing (round 5) and in the afternoon it’s FE racing (round 3) plus Free Sail & Scale. 12 noon to 2pm our mobile kitchen will be out and we will be serving hot teas, coffees and soups – if you have any Christmas treats left over please feel free to bring them along!

21/12/18 Full boating calendar for 2019 has been published – see the 2019 Calendar page.

28/11/18 Wet n Dry Race – congratulations to Chris Locke on winning the annual amphibious race.

1/11/18 Sedgemoor are 2018 Champions! – the club has been the top scoring of the 9 clubs that entered MYA south west district IOM events in the district. Thanks to Richard Aucott, John Stone, Scott Smart, Daron Maynard, John Woodman and Nigel Clarke for making the effort to take part in the district events and putting the Sedgemoor Club into the top spot!

31/10/18 Winter Boating Calendar is out now – the Clubs full Winter Boating Calendar running from November right through to the end of March 2019 has been published. See Winter Calendar 2018/19 page.

16/10/18 Blue-Green Algae has gone – some good news, algae levels at Apex have dropped sufficiently and as from today we have permission to use the lake “as normal” once again. The extra hand wash, boat cleaner and signs will all be put away – hopefully not to be seen again for a very long time! We will continue to leave out one hand wash dispenser normally kept in the front of the rescue boat at all future club meetings. We would strongly advise you always clean your hands especially if you have something to eat lakeside after using your boat on the lake.

The Wet N Dry Race will be run at 2pm on Sunday 18th November. Why not build something and join in? See the Wet N Dry page for more details and the rules.

7/10/18 IOM Yacht racing Summer Series – congratulations to John Woodman on winning the series with a score of 97 points. Russ Chilcott was runner-up on 93 just a single point ahead of Scott Smart who finished in 3rd. Full score sheets and reports for every round and the overall series is on the One Metre Yachts / Latest Results page.

24/9/18 SYFRC meeting 14th Oct –  our club will be hosting the final round of the SYFRC (Small Yacht Friendly Racing Club) series on Sunday 14th October. It was due to held at Woodsrping MSC but they had to cancel due to very low water levels. We had nothing on that date and have many members who take part in the series. The SYFRC meetings are run pretty much to the same format as our own Small Yacht Series with “relaxed racing rules” the only difference is that this one will continue on until mid-afternoon.

21/9/18 IOM Sunday 23rd Sept CANCELLED – due to the awful weather forecast for the weekend it has been decided to cancel this Sunday’s (23rd Sept) IOM Summer Series round.

16/09/18 S.W.D.C.S. 5 The results of the SWD MYA event have been added to the IOM section. Congratulations to Richard Aucott on being the top Sedgemoor skipper finishing 2nd overall. 29/8/18 IOM Yacht Weds night series – tonight was the final round of the series, the scores and overall points table have been added (see IOM Yacht results). Congratulations to Richard Aucott on wining the series with a score of 123 points. Nigel Clarke takes runners-up spot on 118, with Scott Smart finishing in 3rd place on 110. 26/8/18 Wet N Dry Race 2nd Sept cancelled Due to the recent Blue-green algae outbreak the Wet N Dry Race due to take place next Sun 2nd Sept has been CANCELLED. We hope to run it on a later date – watch this space! 26/8/18 MYA IOM south west series 16th Sept – our club will host round 5 of the IOM south west district series on Sunday 16th September. It was due to held at Bideford MBC but they had to cancel due to very low water levels. As we had nothing on that date we have stepped in to host it. This meeting is for MYA members with IOM measured yachts only. Info on entry will be on the MYA south west website soon.

10/8/18 Scale Challenge Series – the final round scores, report and the overall points table have been added. See Scale Challenge page. The 2018 series was won my me! (Russ Chilcott) on 167 points, only 5 points ahead Chris Locke (162) in 2nd place, with the Scale Sec. Rob Arlett in 3rd on 140. 4/8/18 Meeting @ Ritz Social Club Mon 6th Aug – A reminder it’s our bi-monthly club meeting on Monday 6th August at the Ritz Social Club, Burnham-on-Sea at 7.30pm.

2/8/18 Playday 2018A really great day, over 50 models on display, over 300 kids during the day on the have-a-go-wet bikes running (almost) non-stop for 7 hours and by the end 12 very tired club members! A big thank you and well done to all. See the Playday page for photos, more photos and some video are on the Clubs Facebook page



28/7/18 Playday is on next Wednesday 1st August – Our club has been given approval to run the Children’s Have-A-Go-Boats during the event. We can also run our own boats on the lake during the day but obviously not ones that might produce spray from the water or amphibious models. To play safe we are not going to put Lucinda the dragon on the lake but she will be “doing her thing” alongside our club stand. If you are free next Weds you will be most welcome to join us. Due to the numbers attending (said to be biggest in UK!) vehicle movement is restricted so you’ll need to be on site before 9.30am and cannot leave until after 3pm. As usual we can park on the grass right behind our stand which will be at the top of the ramp on the left hand side.

We could do with a few more volunteers to help out running the have-a-go-boats. You’ll be doing it with another member for only for 1 hour. If you can help out let me know. For the first time this year right opposite our stand will be the South West RC Truckers club with their impressive RC trucks and diggers on display.

If you are interested in attending or want more info please contact the Club Secretary Russ Chilcott 24/7/18 For the time being and until further notice we cannot use the Apex Lake. The Environment Agency have this morning confirmed that there is an outbreak of Blue-Green Algae in the Apex Park Lakes. Hopefully we will be allowed to continue to use the lake for our meetings with some additional precautions in place and once a risk assessment and safety policy we have provided to the Council has been approved. 24/7/18 Blue-Green Algae Outbreak in Apex Lake – Statement below from Sedgemoor District council; We have received confirmation from the Environment Agency that we have blue-green algae at levels exceeding the threshold in the lake at Apex Park. Weekly sampling will now take place and I’ll update you all accordingly. Our advice is:

· no dogs should be allowed to drink, swim or paddle in the water · fishing is not permitted · fish caught from the water should not be eaten · swimming is not allowed · all contact with water should be avoided and notices surrounding the water should be observed and abided by.

A position statement has been released by us in addition to warning signs being placed around the lake perimeter and in the park noticeboards. The paddle boarding and fishing taster sessions have been cancelled for Playday next week and a revised event risk assessment has been approved by Jo Coles, our Health & Safety Advisor.

Parkrun and the Model Boat Club have/will also provide a revised risk assessment as regular users of the park.

23/07/18 We have just been informed that there is an outbreak of Blue-Green Algae in the Apex Lake. Sedgemoor District Council is awaiting scientific test results to establish the type of algal bloom present.

15/7/18 Playday volunteers wanted! If any members are free on Weds 1st Aug 10am to 3pm we are looking volunteers for the 1 hour slots to help to run the children’s “Have-a-go-boats”. Please contact Russ Chilcott if you can help.

8/7/18 So everyone can watch England win their semi-final World Cup match – IOM Weds night 11th July has been CANCELLED and will take place on the reserve date on 29th Aug instead.  The afternoon free sail 3.30pm t0 5.30pm will go ahead as usual.

6/7/18 Fast Electric Racing – last Weds night meeting saw a record entry with 13 taking part.  FE Drivers class of 2018

25/6/18 Small Yacht Team Relay Race – this was the first time we ran this event and despite very little wind it went very well and produced some good races. Report and scores have been added (see Small Yacht sub pages)