The auction has now finished. 

Many thanks everyone who took part in the auction.  All the winning Bidders have now been contacted and once the current restrictions are lifted I will make arrangement for their items to be collected/posted. For the time being everything is safely stored in my spare room. 
Malcolm’s wife Peggy and her family have asked me to pass on their sincere gratitude to everyone for taking part and raising so much money. This is very much appreciated.
It is great to see almost all the items have gone to people who knew Malcolm and will remain in the area.

  Item Bidder Winning Bid
Drone Russ Chilcott £99.00
Hydro 2 Dave Lowther £44.00
20 x metal props Russ Chilcott £35.00
Dremel set Mark Sutton £10.00
Sanderson Modelling set Daivd Spicer £30.00
Little Lucy  Stephen Heath £100.00
Cabin Boat Mark Sutton £25.00
Turnigy (data) RX & voltage monitor Scott Smart £6.00
Meerkats paddle boat Maurice Edwards £15.00

2 x Turnigy RX’s Chris Mancrief £15.00
B&D power file Scott Smart £14.00
Coal Supply Boat Russ Chilcott £40.00
Flysky TX & 2 x RX’s David Spicer £40.00
Large Tug Peter Rutsch £80.00
Alloy case (w foam insert)  Russ Chilcott £10.00
Volvo Nitro car & TX Howard Porthero £30.00
ORCA fishing boat Stephen Heath £150.00
26 mixed props Daron Maynard £5.00
Mini Hydro Daron Maynard £40.00
B&D jig saw Howard Porthero £4.00
20 wheels Mark Sutton £3.00

Subaru nitro car Ian Fitzgerald £35.00
Alloy case David Spicer £10.00
Planet TX Bob Smith £14.00
Scale fishing boat kit Mark Sutton £36,00
Clarke 6″ grinder Kevin Roberts £8.00
Mini Hydro  Mark Sutton £38.00
20 x alloy props Russ Chilcott £35.00
Scale endurance boat Daron Maynard £80.00
Steam Launch Roger Clarke £300.00
Mini Lathe Chris Locke £260.00
2 x Turnigy RX’s Chris Mancrief £15.00
Robbie Sea-Jet David Stephens £130.00
Shovel Nose boat Russ Chilcott £210.00
Turnigy TX & 2 x RX’s Bob Bryant £40.00