Team Relay Race 2018 – Sunday 24th June.
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The Team Relay event began with the all-important draw for teammates; with 15 skippers attending the draw produced six teams of two and one team of three.

The teams: RED – Alan/Richard H, GREEN – Rod/Arley, PINK – Kevin/Robert, BLUE – John/Mike, ORANGE – Russ/Jan, WHITE – Daron/Howard &  YELLOW – Tony/Dave/Richard L.

The course was set in a triangle with a double length start/finish line.  The first few races produced varying tactics from different teams, some choosing to sail their seeded skipper first and hopefully build a lead before the relay and others choosing the opposite.  Leads were hard fought for and then lost and vice versa.
Team Red had the best results of the first few races with Team White producing steady second places.
By coffee time four teams were locked closely together with only 2 point separating them.

The course was changed slightly as the 5mph breeze both lessened and changed direction. It was obvious that we were only going to get a few more races in before 12:45pm. With the change in course Team Pink (Kevin & Robert) had a sequence of two wins, which saw them pass Team Blue & Team Orange (John & Mike and Russ & Jan).

The leaders (White & Red) were tied on equal scores going into the final race of the day. Alan & Rich H needed a win and hope for others to help them beat Daron & Howard who had more consistent scores. Team White produced their best result of the day in a close battle for the finish line with two other teams.

The format worked really well, with five different teams winning one or more races. Although it was a shame that we had little to no wind which then limited the number of races we could do. Maybe a change of date for next year?

Well done to WHITE team in winning (in the end) comfortably the inaugural Team Relay.

1st Daron/Howard 10pts
2nd Alan/Richard H 13pts**
3rd Rod/Arley 13pts
4th Kevin/Robert 14pts
5th John/Mike 16pts
6th Russ/Jan 18pts7th Tony/Dave/Richard L. 25pts
**  count back

 The winning Team (left) Howard & (right) Daron, in the middle the event OOD Kevin.