Update 1/5/21 – The Small Yacht classification is under review THESE RULES MAY CHANGE SHORTLY. The Small Yacht section skippers are currently deciding if they wish to change the class rules removing the MC class altogether and making the RTR class for Dragonforce restricted boats only using A (not +A) sails. Nothing has been decided yet, please contact the Club Secretary for info if you are interested in entering this class.

The Small Yacht Section (SYS) is still pretty new in the club having been formed only a few years ago. It is for any smaller yachts which has a hull length of 800mm or less, many are ready to run “out-of-the-box” models. The class specification and racing rules are all fairly short and simple and there as a guide only. For more details see Small Yacht Rules page.

The racing for these yachts is all very relaxed, if you like really competitive yacht racing then please look to our clubs IOM Yacht series – this section is not for you!

If your interested in taking part or for more info please contact the Small Yacht Section Secretary Russ Chilcott; russellchilcott@aol.com