Round 7 (Sun 20th Oct) results 7 overall points table > SYS Rd7 scores 2019
9 skippers sailed this round. The course was set on the right of the lake to sail into the breeze from the slipway. Well that was the plan! The wind fluctuated from one direction to another and it was the case of hope that you were in the right place at the right time. Alan (9) seemed to master the course and won every race he took part in. After coffee, the wind remained fluky, the RTR fleet had some close battles with 4 different race winners.
The fleet result was decided by Russ (5/79) having 2 DNFs, John (60) finishing the last 2 races well down the fleet and Rod (69) sneaking the last race. Well done to Rod (69) in RTR and Alan (9) in MC, this round winners.

The next SYS meet is the Elimination Race on Sunday November 10th.

Small Yacht series (round 6) meeting due to be held tomorrow 22nd Sept has been CANCELLED. Due to awful weather forecast of 91% chance of rain and only 8mph winds we have decided to cancel this round. It will be rescheduled for another date.

Round 5 (Sun 14th July) results & overall points table > SYS Rd5 scores 2019
10 skippers sailed this round. The forecast breeze from NNE never really appeared and so we were left to drift around the triangular course. It was a day for A+ sails with the 3 MC skippers usually leading the fleet. In MC, it was very close between Alan (9) and Kevin (88) with very little points difference by coffee. In RTR, Russ had a more comfortable lead. After coffee, the wind changed direction slightly and unfortunately decreased to almost nothing. The drifting continued with all the skippers on the water together. By race 9, with little wind and close to finish time we decided to call it a day.
Well done to Russ in RTR and with no way of separating the MC skippers a tie for first between Alan and Kevin.
The next SYS meet is the Skipper Challenge on Sunday August 25th.

Round 4 (Sun 16th June) results > June SYS Rd 4 2019 results
overall points standing after 4 rounds > SYS series 2019 totals after 4Rds

With the wind blowing down the lake the course was set on the right bank. 13 skippers began the meet with a strong breeze blowing down the course. The first few races were dominated by the A sailed boats with A+ really struggling with the conditions. Then the wind decreased and the A+ sails came into their own. It was strange how the breeze increased and then decreased all day resulting in clutches of different sails winning a race and then struggling the next. We had one of our skippers feel ill so an early break was called. By mid-meet is was very tight in MC class with only 2 points separating Chris (43), Kevin (88) and Alan (9). In RTR, Russ (79) had a clear lead over John (60) with Mike (22) a close third. The racing across the whole fleet was very competitive with and number of boats vying for a win. Mike (22) had one of his best meets with 3 wins. Rob (53) came from nowhere and produced some good results towards the end (coming a creditable 3rd at the end of the day). By the end of race 11, it was close to finishing time and so it was decided to end the meet at race 12. I don’t think anyone was really sure who was in the lead and the final race proved to be the decider. Alan finished with an easy win, Kevin’s boat clearly in second on the last buoy had a rudder failure and DNF. John snatched a win from Rob, leaving Russ in 3rd . The results in both classes needed count back to provide the winners. Well done to Kevin (88) in MC and John (60) in RTR this round winners. But a big well done to all skippers for producing some great racing.

Round 3 (Sun 28th April) results > SYS Rd3 2019
Overall points standing after 3 rounds >
SYS series @ Rd3 2019
Report & scores by Section Sec’ Kevin Roberts 
Thirteen skippers started this round, which was slightly disappointing considering our average turnout of the 2019 SYS Series so far. However, with a steady to strong N/NE wind and sunshine, the day promised some good racing. The course was set in a large rectangular shape (or a rhombus for Russ) parallel to the landing ramp.
In RTR, Russ (79/28) & John (60) set the early pace with a smattering of good results for Howard (6) and Mike (22). In MC class, Kevin (88) took an early lead till coffee, with a run of 3 wins. After coffee break, Alan (9) and Chris (43) shared the wins and gradually passed Kevin. The racing was very close, as it always is with small yachts and this reflected in the total numbers of race winners. The wins were scattered around across both fleets, MC… Alan 5 wins, Chris 3 wins & Kevin 4 wins. RTR… John 5 wins, Russ 3 wins & Howard 2 wins.
Consistently producing top two finishes was the order of the day and which in the end separated the final positions.

In all, a very enjoyable days sailing with fine weather, a breeze and plenty of banter and laughs. Congratulations go to John Woodman (RTR) and Alan Barnstable (MC) winners of round 3.
The next meet is on the Pursuit Race on Sunday May 26th.

Round 2 (Sun 17th March) results > March 2019 round 2
Overall points table after 2 rounds > series 2019 totals2
Seventeen skippers started this round of the 2019 SYS Series. The round before we had no wind and this round we had too much! The course was set in a ‘M’ shape (or W if you were Howard) parallel to the landing ramp. In RTR, Russ (79) set the early pace and maintained his lead until coffee, followed closely by Rod (69) and John (60). In MC class, all the skippers suffered from A+ ittus; too much sail and too much wind!!! Daron (72) produced the best set of results with Alan (9) following closely.
After coffee, a clear pattern of results began to develop, with the A sails having the best of the conditions. John (60) producing his usual late charges with a string of 1st places eventually passed Russ (79) to win RTR. It was closer in MC but Alan (9) just did enough to stay ahead of Chris (43).

Round 1 (Sun 20th Jan) results >  SYS Rd1 2019
Fifteen skippers started the first round of the 2019 SYS Series. The skippers turned up but unfortunately for us the wind didn’t!  The course was set in a squashed rectangle parallel to the landing ramp, as the wind (what little there was) was coming from the NE.

At 10:00am the first race began with the yachts drifting along the lake, progress was painful at times; the first race took twenty minutes to complete. For the next few races there was enough of a breeze to get the boats going if you were in the right place at the right time!

In RTR, John (60) had a clear lead throughout the meet but the real battle was between Russ (79) and Howard (6) with Russ having the better scores initially and then Howard making a strong finish. Further down the fleet Rob A (61) and Robert M (53) also had some close results.

In MC class there was also some close racing, especially between Daron (72) and Kevin (88). Arley (111) with his new boat had a good day, with a tied first in the fleet and a class first!

After coffee, the wind decreased and turned slightly and the sailing grew even more painful; a good quote summed up the feelings of many, ’Good practice for the Endurance Race this!’  Even the seagulls decided that the boats and the buoys were fair game to be pecked!

By race 6 most of us decided that it was time to finish.

Well done to all the skippers for staying focused and also cheerful with some good banter!

Congratulations go to John Woodman (RTR) and Kevin Roberts (MC).

They next meet is the 1 hour Endurance Race on 17th February starting at 11:00am.