Sunday 9th December – Round 8 (replaces round 2 cancelled due to snow)
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We had 12 skippers attend this meet on a cold blustery day; this round replaced the postponed Round 2 (remember the ‘Beast from the East?) There was a very strong wind blowing from the right of the slipway and so we tried to protect the small yachts by hugging the bank, and so, the course was set with a zigzag and an extended reach to a finishing gate.

The wins were spread out between Kevin (88), Alan (9), Russ (79) and John (60) and by coffee break (88) had a clear lead.  The course was changed slightly during coffee (the wind had decreased and moved slightly) this proved to be significant as the wins were shared between (79) & (9) for the remaining races.

In the end, Russ (79) just got the win he needed to try and overhaul John (60) for the series win (RTR) but only on count back from Alan (9) with Kevin (88) third. However, John did just enough to hold onto his RTR lead although in the end their scores were tied, it was decided by count back.
The 2018 Series winners:
RTR  – 1st John Woodman 114, 2nd Russ Chilcott 114 (count back) & 3rd Howard Ashenden 90.
MC – 1st Kevin Roberts 121, 2nd Rod Butler 102 & 3rd Rob McHutchion 101.

Congratulations to all. A big thank you to all the SYS skippers for making this year a pleasure to sail, I look forward to the new season starting the end of January.

Sunday 28th October – Round 7
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We had 17 skippers attend this meet, (the best turnout this year) for what should have been the last round in the series (postponed round 2 is in December). There was a stiff breeze from the NE and so the course (2 triangles and a elongated finish) was set on the right hand bank. The conditions gave a choice of A or A+ sails for the MC class with many opting for A sails. At first it seemed the correct decision as the A+ skippers struggling to control their boats.

No one skipper really had a complete grasp of the conditions and the fluky wind at times, the first 4 races having 4 different winners. After coffee break the wind gradually decreased and then A+ sailed boats came into their own. Races 9 to 12 were sailed within classes which showed that the RTR class and to a lesser extent the MC boats were evenly matched.
There were notable wins for Rob McHutchion (75) and for Howard Ashenden (RTR 6).
In the end, Alan Barnsatable (9) found his mojo and easily won the regatta from John Woodman (60) and Chris Lewis (43).

The next meet is the Elimination Race on the 25th November.


Sunday September 30th – Round 6
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We had 16 skippers (with a few of our regulars absent) for this round, which equalled the sections best attended meet for SYS. It was very nice to see a good variety of boats on the water beside the usual DF65s; we had a Victoria, 3 Graupner GR65s, an Affinity and one Aura.
With a NW breeze the course was set in a triangle along the left side of the slipway. The first leg offered a choice of routes either hugging the bank or tacking to the centre of the lake. The large tree on the right side of the lake once again made holes in the wind that made the tack from buoy 1 to 2 a real challenge at times.
The racing began at 10 o’clock with 14 yachts on the water, in the early stages and till coffee; it was a close between Howard (6) and Mike (22) in RTR. In MC class, Nigel (27) and Kevin (88) were tied on equal scores.

After coffee, the wind changed slightly which suited some yachts more than others. Russ (79) and John (60) started to take the lead once held by Howard (6) and Nigel with a run of 3 wins pulled ahead of Kevin (88).
With time quickly running out it was decided to make the last three races one-lap sprints, which produced 3 different winning skippers.
Congratulations to Russ Chilcott for winning the RTR and Nigel Clarke for winning the MC. Next meet is 28th October.

Sunday August 26th – Round 5
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This was possibly the wettest day SYS have ever had, which was a real shame as we had a good strong breeze blowing down and across the lake.  The course was set along the far bank with an option to turn to port or starboard between buoy 3 & 4.

We started with 12 skippers but soon lost Mike (22) who decided not to compete and then Dave (10) with mechanical problems. The A+ sailed boats struggled with the strong breeze, which opened the door for the other skippers. Unfortunately, we had several retirements due to either the weather or mechanical problems.

John (60) was the skipper who sailed the course the best and won three of the six races. Rod  (7 (loaned from Russ)), Kevin (88) and Robert (75) all won a race each.

By coffee break and after we lost the countdown box due to water damage, it was generally decided to bring the meet to an early end.
The next SYS meet is Sunday 30th September. Hopefully we’ll have a dry day!

Sunday 27th May 2018 – round 4
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Despite the heavy rain before the first race and the threat of a thunderstorm or two, Round 4 stayed dry and warm with sunshine towards the end of the meeting. What we didn’t have is a constant breeze. Again!
The course followed the slipway for the first few races but as the wind direction changed slightly and then decreased even more. It was decided to move the whole course to the right hand bank.

Sixteen skippers started the first race with a very difficult and frustrating first reach to buoy 1. As the races started to tick by the lead swapped and changed between Daron (72) and Kevin (88).
After the course was moved Daron had the more consistent results and managed to pull out a lead he never really gave up.  Daron and Kevin dominated this round, winning between them 9 of the 11 races. Rod (116) was the pick of the rest easily getting 3rd place.
Despite the inconsistent wind we managed to get 11 races before the end. Thank you to Alan and Nigel who helped with taking the results for a few races when we had 5 or 6 crossing the line together!

Congratulations to this month’s winners, Daron (MC) and John (RTR).

The next SYS meet is the TEAM RELAY on Sunday 24th June. REGISTRATION and draw for the teams will take place at 9:45am.

Sunday 15th April 2018 – round 3 
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The course was set with a long first reach, then two running legs and a sausage to finish, which took advantage of the fairly strong but variable wind from the south-east. 
A one minutes silence was held for an ex member of the club Brian Oldham before the first race began. With 15 skippers this was our best turnout this year despite the threat of heavy rain. The course proved to be a rewarding one, if you chose the right place to be on the water but a frustrating one if you chose wrong!

Kevin (88) and Chris (43) traded fleet first places for the first 4 races, with Alan (9) being consistent in third. For the remaining races (before a late coffee) the wind decided to do funny things causing the fleet to be quite condensed around the whole course. Richard (28) took advantage and won race 5 fairly easily.
By coffee, Kevin (88) had a 6 points lead over Chris (43) in the MC class and Alan (9) had a narrow lead of 3 points over John (60) in RTR.

After coffee, with a blustery wind and rain, Daron (72) won the first race. The remaining races were very much about managing the variable wind and the reach to the first buoy. By race 12 we were getting quite wet and so it was decided to close the round.
Well done to Alan Barnstable (9) for winning the RTR and Kevin Roberts (88) for winning MC class.

The next meet is Sunday 29th April for the Pursuit Race.

(Round 2 – 18th March was cancelled due to the “beast from the East” and will now take place on 9th December)