Sunday 17th February
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With a decent wind coming from the south, the course was set along the far bank now having the benefit of more useable water since the hanging branches were cut. The racing today was all about maintaining a steady speed and keeping the boat running as fast as you could, without finding a wind hole or taking a wrong tack. As the hour began the wind dropped (it moved to SSE) and finding the correct place on the water was more and more important.

In RTR, Howard (6) took an early lead ahead of Russ (79) and Robert (53) while John (60) got into a tangle at the start line, he was in last place. About a third of the way into the race, Russ (79) and Robert (53) caught and passed Howard (6), closely followed by John (60) who had closed on all. By the 40-minute mark, John (60) took the lead for the first time, which he gradually increased to the finish. Russ (79) finished 2nd, Mike (22) had a great last lap and nicked 3rd place ahead Howard (6). (Report from Russ)

Meanwhile in MC, Chris (43), Nigel (27) and Daron (72) were vying for the lead and went well ahead of the others, followed by Kevin (88) and Tony (185). As the laps passed by Chris (43) had sailed out to a half lap lead, followed by Daron (72), Kevin (88), Tony (185) and Alan (9). With only 10 minutes to go Alan (9), Tony (185) and Kevin (88) were quickly closing the gap to Chris (43). With two minutes to go, the first four in MC were within 5 metres of each other, all rounding buoy 1. In the end Chris (43) just about held off Alan (9) with Kevin (88) coming third.

• 19 skippers took part in the one-hour race today, the biggest SYS fleet ever!
• We sailed 186 completed laps in the hour + any tiebreak laps.
• It was very quiet lakeside, no banter or comments just silence and 19 skippers concentrating upon sailing their yachts, such fun!!
• A big thank you to Graham Fright for lap counting and time keeping the event.

Photos; Graham (in blue) presenting the trophies to Chris and John (in the hat) and all the skippers ready for the start.