Elimination Race – Sunday 10th November 2019 

Our annual Elimination Race was held today (10th Nov), where the idea is to avoid coming last through a series of gates and thus being eliminated from the rest of the race. Once again, Apex’s fluky wind played a part in the proceedings.
The course was set to run parallel to the right bank and proved a real test especially gates 3 & 4. Although normally, for this event, classes usually sail separately, it was decided to sail together and take turns at being RO.
The first three races took a long time with quite a few boats having technical problems. We held coffee early so that we could have a minute’s silence at 11:00am since it was Remembrance Sunday. By this time, it was anybody’s event to win with no skipper really being consistent. The races passed by with the wind decreasing to almost a completely flat lake by race 8.

The last two races were painful with very little wind. Congratulations go to Russ (MC) and Alan (RTR) in winning this year;

RTR Class
1. Alan Barnstable 11
2. Mike Lewis 18
3. Howard Ashenden 20
4. Richard Harris 25

MC Class
1. Russ Chilcott 15
2. Chris Lewis 17
3. Kevin Roberts 19
4. Rob McHutchion 22

The next meet is in two weeks time (27th Nov) which is the final SYS round for 2019.  

Alan (left) receiving the RTR trophy from OOD Kevin & (right photo) Russ the MC trophy