Team Relay Race – Sunday 30th June
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The Team Relay event began with the all-important draw for teammates; with only 10 skippers attending the draw produced five teams of two. The teams: RED Jan/Tony, GREEN Russ/ Arley, PINK Kevin/Robert, ORANGE Howard/ Mike L & YELLOW John/ Dave.

The course was set in a rectangle with a double length start/finish line. The first few races (with little wind) was painful at times with the race winners usually being the first to finish leg one of the two-leg race. The course was changed slightly due to the lack of a breeze and then the wind gradually increased and turned slightly which improved the racing considerably. By coffee time, Green (Arley/Russ) were 1 point in the lead, followed by Yellow (John/Dave) and then Pink (Rob Mc/ Kevin) 3pts behind in third place. With the change in course, Pink produced a run of seconds and firsts with Green slipping back slightly. Yellow with only a few races to go were in a clear lead now but then had two bad races. In fact, all the teams managed to win at least one race during the meet. The racing now was close with some excellent starts and changeovers making the difference in places. In the last few races we decided to have all teams racing and in the last hour we managed 7 races.

When the scores were totalled, we had a tie for first between Yellow, Pink and Green all on 18 pts. So, the count back ruled applied and with the most wins it was Arley & Russ who became the Team Relay Champions for 2019.

1st GREEN, Arley & Russ 18pts***(4 wins)
2nd YELLOW John & Dave 18pts**(3 wins)
3rd PINK Rob & Kevin 18pts***(2 wins)
4th ORANGE Howard & Mike L 25pts (2 wins)
5th RED Jan & Tony 29pts (1 win)
** count back

Well done to all the skippers for making the sailing very enjoyable.

Team Relay Winners 2019 – Arley Bushill (left) & Russ Chilcott