Besides the main four competition sections (IOM yachts, small yachts, fast electric racing and the Scale Challenge series) we also have a large variety of other marine RC models which will often been seen on the lake from time to time. These vary from a wide range of models including tugs, ships, working boats, cruisers, patrol boats, amphibious ducks, ribbed inflatables, steam launches, landing crafts, wet bikes, submarines, hovercrafts, plus at special events very large RC dragon!
The club holds a few “Free Sail & Scale” meetings on several Sunday mornings 9.30am to 12pm – see Calendar page for actual dates.
These meeting are for members with any scale or sail (yacht) boat BUT not for any Fast Electric or speed boat. There will be no markers on the lake, no point scoring, etc, just a chance for members to float their boats on the lake along with other like-minded members. The clubs rescue boat (and a person who can use it!) will be available but it would only be brought out if required, ie; someone’s boat gets stuck in the reeds!