2021 series round 1 (30th June) results > Club 500 Series Rd1 2021 scores
Report by Russ

5 entered the opening round of the series. We raced an anti-clockwise oval shaped course with a tight turn leading into a chicane just before the start/finish and lap counting gate. With hindsight this layout was a little too much for these boats especially now we are using lighter/faster lipo packs. Most spun around while others missed the chicane marker or gate altogether meaning they had to re-round – either way the following boats usually ended up hitting them!

This happened to Howard in Race 2 when he spun just in front of Richard boat resulting in a “hard contact” which punched a sizeable hole in Richard’s bow. I then hit Howard’s boat seconds later. One or both hits were enough to joint its motor out from its mounting ties and it was left dead in the water. Richard repaired his boat with some gaffer tape and after missing Race 3 Howard’s motor was strapped back into its mount, so they were both able to race again.

While all this was going on Kevin was having his own problems in every single race as his boat kept stop/starting and/or suddenly speeding up all by itself. Despite all attempts the fault could not be fixed but he did get to start the races and was able to score a place in all – though he was very frustrated doing so!

Richard, Chris and I kept going most of the time and enjoyed some very close racing, once we had figured out how best to make the chicane turn.

In Race 4 Chris’s boat stopped dead all by itself, unfortunately Jaws would not work so it could not quickly be recovered as the club rescue boat was not out. At this point with a group of DF sailors waiting to get onto the lake I decided not to run Race 6 as it would take another 30 mins.

After 5 races I was the winner scoring 96 points, Chris was 2nd on 90, Richard 3rd (82) Kevin 4th (76) and Howard 5th (62). The series still has a very long to go with a potentially 24 more races over 4 rounds.

2020 series update – for obvious reasons our 2020 series soon came to a halt by late March! Even though only one round had been run for the 2020 series it was agreed Dave Behennah should be awarded the series trophy.
Well done Dave

The 2020 series is go!

Round 1 – Weds 26th Feb results > Club 500 Series Rd1 2020 scores
This was the opening round of the 2020 series and the first time out racing with lipo batteries. The extra speed combined with very choppy waters made the boats handling a bit more tricky for all with several making small errors that cost them lots of places.

After a fairly poor start Dave suddenly got into the “grove” going on to win 3 races, he won this round by quite a margin. Richard had his share of bad luck; being capsized on his very first lap of Race 1 and then again in Race 6 on the very last lap just a few yards from the finish line! Kevin and Russ had their issues with water and connection problems, while Howard kept it going nicely picking up the pieces/points. Overall the switch to lipos was a great success, most will have used less than 50% of their battery capacity.
6 races down and another 42 more to go!

Hopefully we will see Ian racing with us soon and maybe Alan as well?
7 boats racing at once should be fun – I can’t wait! 


Drivers and boats at the opening round in 2019