Round 8 – Weds 2nd October, results & FINAL overall series table > Oct 19 club500 & FINAL overall series standings 2019
Round 8 and the final round for this year was held in brilliant sunshine and a slight breeze. The racing was typical 500, with bumps and spills the norm. Kevin made the running in the first set of races with Richard H close by. Russ lost his cabin and was capsized and had a disaster in the first two races.
After changeover, in race 4 Kevin and Richard had a coming together and didn’t reach the first buoy, which gave an easy victory to Russ. The last two races were really close between Russ and Kevin with only half a metre distance in one race (close for 500s). That’s it for this year, there will be some slight changes to the rules for next year and some talk of having a winter and summer competitions. Series winner was Kevin 12pts, second Richard H 25pts and third was Howard 26pts.
If you’re interested in taking part next series contact Russ or myself.
Cheers… Kevin.

Round 7 – Weds 28th August, results & overall series table > Club500 August 2019 results
Round 7 started as the rain came, 5 skippers took part but by the end only 3 skippers finished. Dave had trouble with his ESC and Ian lost complete control of his steering. Russell drove the most consistent lines around quite a tight course and nearly had a clean sweep of firsts. Howard had one of his best series of races for a while. Kevin had trouble with his rudder sticking and then a feather wrapped around his prop which overheated his motor which then made his boat very slow. Kevin has already won the series but Howard has now taken second place with one round to go.

Round 6 – Weds 10th July, results & overall series table > Club Class Rd5 July 2019
Round 6 saw another new recruit to 500 racing and he wasn’t disappointed. The wind blowing across the course made buoy 3 and the chicane quite tricky and quite a few places were won and lost in this part of the course. Dave had the round of his life winning one race and having a string of seconds.
Russ decided to race his boat like a dodgem and I had two races where my boat ended upside down! Fairly common in this formula racing. Howard, Russ & I had race wins and Richard H had just one of those days where everything went wrong that could!

Round 5 – Weds 12th June. Results > Club 500 results June 2019
Round 5 took place in near ideal conditions. Richard H designed a large course with a difficult chicane and so each race was only 4 laps duration. The first 3 races produced some very close racing between Richard H and Kevin. Races 4 -5 had a few bumps and bangs with Dave banging a buoy and losing his prop. On the plus side for Dave he won his first 500 race. Well done mate! Howard’s boat was definitely more competitive but suffered from a few mistakes and wide lines. In the end, Kevin completed 4 wins and won after a few mistakes in race 3-4. Richard H was a comfortable second.

Round 4 – Weds 8th May. Results > Rd4 results May 2019 club 500
Round 4 took place between very heavy rain showers. Russ (OOD) set the course with a cut back and a long first reach to test the straight line speed of the boats. With a few missing and Richard H’s boat refusing to arm the first three races were a little like a procession. After changeover, Richard H got his boat running and the racing became more interesting. Kevin had a lousey race 5 and made several mistakes, with his boat lacking power. Richard L taking full advantage to complete his first ever 500 win. With the rain getting lighter and the wind disappearing the boats tended to bounce more which had a marked effect upon the boats especially Howard’s.
Congratulations go to Kevin for taking the win with Richard L and Howard taking the minor placings

Round 3 – Weds 17th April. Results > Club 500 Rd3 2019
Round 3 took place in near ideal conditions. Russ (OOD) set the course with a very difficult chicane at the end of the lap. The racing was once again frantic, resulting in quite a few collisions, hitting & missing the marker buoys and upturned boats. In-fact, there was quite a few non-finishers which meant that by mid racing break there was a number of drivers still vying for the round win. After changeover, Richard H and Kevin had some close racing, with mistakes being the deciding factor. Richard Lincoln raced his new 500 for the first time and found his boat very different compared to his other fast electric boats. In the end Kevin won the round with Richard H and Dave claiming the lesser places.

Round 2 – Weds 13th March. Results > Rd 2 Results MAR19 club500
Round 2 took place on a very windy Apex lake. The course was set with a tight buoy 3 and a chicane into the breeze. The wind was howling across the lake at 40+ mph and Russ had trouble keeping the boats in the starting gate. The racing was frantic, the wind affecting the boats considerable at times; resulting in a few collisions, hitting & missing the marker buoys etc. Richard took an early lead winning 2 of the first 3 races. After the changeover, from race 4 on, Kevin found his mojo and made Richard earn his points. In the end Richard won the round by being the more consistent. Well done Richard.

Club 500 is go!!! 
Round 1 – Weds 13th Feb. Results > Results feb19 club500
This new class which is currently only raced on Wednesday afternoons had its first outing on 13th Feb. 5 boats entered the first round and everyone enjoyed their 6 x 5 lap races during the afternoon. Kevin Roberts reigned supreme winning all the races. A group photo and the new start gate below.