All reports, scores & photos by Russ

Wednesday Night Series Round 4 (15th June) score sheets & overall points table > FE Rd4 15th June 2022

Mini Mono RTR
Entries; 10 (split two heats of 5)
Once again we had a westerly breeze not as strong as the two previous rounds but enough to push any dead boats away from the drivers/pit side. The slight chop on the water does help to get some air below the hulls and with their race duration plus with the low sunlight is also produces a nice rainbow from the rooster tails.

There were two new drivers Dave John and Nige Wright racing with us for the very first time with their brand new Vector SR48 boats. Both had a little RC driving experience as Dave used to race i/c power boats in our club some 20 years ago and Nige has been racing DF65 yachts and flies planes.

I think they enjoyed their evening though both had their problems with Dave getting stuck capsized for a while in one race and Nigel finding himself driving “the wrong boat” for a while. Luckily for him his boat circled in the middle of the course so once he “found it” he could rejoin the race. This also happened to Richard but his boat headed off straight into the far bank at full speed! Nige also had a big collision which resulted in his nice new boat flying through the air before landing some distance away and carrying on – thankfully he had no damage – welcome to world of FE racing Nige!

Mark (Shipman) and Chris were in good form all night and were the ones to catch. In Race 1 they were separated by just 1 second in Chris’s favour. Chris went on to win Race 2 with an impressive 20 Lap, 6 second score.
He could have made it a hat-trick of wins but a collision with Kevin on the very first turn in Race 3 resulted in his boats top being removed, while Kevin was out with a broken safety loop.

Dave (Lowther) was also having a good night picking up a 3rd, 4th and then a winning Race 3. His win was by just 1 second with Mark once again being pushed into 2nd place by the narrowest of margins. Dave (John) had a great race finishing in 3rd just 4 seconds back – not bad for an old i/c power boat Racer!

The rest of the grid (including me) had mix fortunes with the odd good result and the odd very bad one. In my case sticking it in No3 marker one time and then hitting it again the next race and breaking the safety loop (DOUCH!).

Though Mark was very unlucky just missing out on a race win by 1 second TWICE he was very consistent clocking a hat-trick of 2nd places. He wins this round with a score of 54 points. Chris and Dave also had a good night both on 52pts. The rest were a little further back on points but all fairly close with Nigel and “new boy” Dave (John) tied on 39pts, John on 37, the other newbie Nige on 36 and myself on 35.

Kevin and Richard’s both had one race with a DNS for not completing a single race lap. Kevin’s first turn crash and Richard exit stage left cost them points. They finished on 31 and 24 points respectively.

Mini Hydro
Entries; 5 (split 2/3, then all 5 together)

As usual the mill start is an important part of the race as overtaking any boat with a similar speed is never easy. Race 1 did not start well as Nigel found himself in the reeds while trying to get around the first marker and Dave was out (not sure why) on just lap 1. I joined them on lap 3 having stuck it in my favourite No3 marker – once again (double DOUCH!) Nobody completed the full 5 min race time but Chris won it scoring 19L, 0s, with Kevin 2nd 14L, 0s.

We agreed to race all 5 together for Race 2. I went straight into the reed from the start with a failed rudder servo – it was not my night! It did at least mean I could enjoy watching a good race between the other 4 as they demonstrated what hydro racing should be like. All circled the course for most of the 5 min race time with not that much between any of them plus some very nice overtaking moves.

Right at the end Dave suddenly stopped and Kevin hit No3 marker (that one again!) trying to avoid him which took off his sponsor. Chris won it clocking a 20 lapper, Nigel got his started sorted and finishing 2nd on 18 laps, with Kevin and Dave 3rd and 4th on 16 and 15 laps respectively. A very good race – just a shame I was not in it!

Overall Chris has made a huge jump up the series table with his two wins and the maximum 42 points. Kevin collected 34pts, it looks like Dave has got his boat going nicely he picks up 30, with Nigel on 18 and me 16 a little way back having spent too much time in the reeds!

Outside my own dismal evening it had been a good FE meeting with 2 new members taking part. The racing is getting closer in both classes, so even small little error now will normally be very expensive on your points tally.
Mini Mono had some very close results, a good example was Race 3 when there were 5 boats all scoring 17 laps but separated by just 18 seconds.

Roll on round 5 on 6th July and more of the same – except for me hopefully! Russ

Wednesday Night Series – Round 3 (25th May) results & series overall table> FE Rd3 25th May 2022

Mini Mono RTR
Entries; 8 (split two heats of 4)

For the second meeting in succession, we had very strong westerly winds and very choppy waters – less than ideal for FE racing – again! I set a wider than usual course so the back straight was much closer to the bank and therefore in theory in slightly less choppy waters. This seemed to work ok, at least any dead boats on the far side of the course were much easier to spot.

Those with Mono X boats all struggled to keep them from spinning, no surprise as they really do not like any chop on the water. Dave’s lower profile Human Torch boat handled very well but had a tendency to dive below the water on occasions, if it capsized it took a while to self-right as its flood chamber has to fill.

Those with Vector SR48 boats had the advantage in the conditions, except that is for Nigel whose Vector did not handle at all well. It had the speed but pitched edge to edge, he had to continuously input rudder which then caused it to veer sideways even while going along the long straights. It was very entertaining to watch but a total nightmare to race!

I had a fairly average start in Race 1 when I finished in 6th place having spent most of my time trying to keep my Mono X pointing the right way. I then got the hang of it and (mostly) kept it below full speed to finish 2nd in Race 2. I actually tied with Chris as we both had exactly the same score of 17 laps, 12 seconds, though 10 of my seconds was for a missed buoy – UGH! Things got better for me in Race 3 when I won it, this time beating Chris by 10 seconds. I won on the night scoring 52 points in total.

Chris also had a poor start to this round as his boat capsized on only lap 2 but the wind stopped it from self-righting and it drifted away to the far side of the lake. He came back to tie with me for 2nd place in Race 2 and took another 2nd in Race 3. He scores 47 points along with Dave who won Race 1, but then managed only and 7th and then 5th places.

Somehow Nigel managed a decent point haul scoring 45 points having picked up a surprise 3rd in Race 1, then a 5th and 4th place. I think he should be happy just to be taking his boat home in one piece having had several scary moments – racing that boat would give me nightmares!

Mark (Shipman) was the best of the rest scoring 43 but he was improving race by race finishing 7th, 4th and then in 3rd place with his Mono X.

Kevin had his Vector setup perfect for the conditions. He finished 2nd in Race 1, followed that by winning Race 2 with a massive 19 lap, 21 second score, which was the best lap score of the night. He looked like one of the favourites for Race 3 but his boat stopped dead on at the very first turn. The cause is a possible ESC fault. This dropped Kevin’s points tally to 39 which ties with Richard and John, both racing Mono X boats and both struggling in the tricky conditions.

Richard was a little unluckily as he should have been racing his Vector boat but its shaft broke while doing a quick test run.

Mini Hydro
Entries; 5 (split 2/3, then all 5 together)

As usual these started off at the earlier time of 6.30pm and were the first boats to try out the flat/oval course. Some struggled to find the racing line but after a few laps most got into the grove – that’s if their boat had not flipped over and capsized!

I had a good result winning both races. Though Race 1 did not end well as I crossed the finish line and ran straight into the back of Kevin’s boat. I had not spotted it dead in the water and it happened while the Lap Counter and OOD were busy noting finish times so no chance for it to be called “dead” with its position. The crash broke my rudder arm, but thanks to Nigel providing me with a spare I was able to replace it.

Race 2 was particularly enjoyable (at least for me!) as all 5 boats started together and I was the only one left going after 4 mins so decided to stop as the race was won. I finished my night scoring the maximum 42 points.

Chris flipped out of Race 1 on only his 7th lap but did just enough laps before flipping out again in Race 2 to take 2nd place. He scores 32pts.

Nigel was 3rd in Race 1 and looked to be on for a very good result in Race 2 until his boat somehow got jammed below the No3/bottom right marker! Trying to free the boat with no reverse it lifted the marker and pushed it around in circles before he gave up. No damage was done except to his points score. He picks up 31 points for his night but it could have been much more had he not tried to move the course during a race!

Dave also scores 31 points and seems to have finally got his boat going at a reasonable speed. He was unlucky to finish in only 4th place in Race 1 having clocked a decent 17L, 17s, but was then lucky to finish 3rd in Race 2 having only done 11 laps before flipping over.

Kevin once again started well, he finished 2nd in Race 1 but there had been some damage to one of the sponsor rods after I hit his boat (sorry about that Kev!) at the end of the race. When he started Race 2 it became loose and capsized his boat before he had even completed the mill start – UGH!

Overall, despite the very choppy waters it had been a good night. As usual in the Mini Mono RTR class there was some pretty close racing with just 1 lap separating 5 boats in Races 2 and 3. It’s really bad luck to get such strong winds at Apex especially during the Weds evening series but it does add an extra challenge for everyone.

Unfortunately, the rescue boat outboard motor stopped working towards the end of the meeting, and to make matters worse one of the rowlocks then broke! Luckily “Jaws” came to rescue and used all its power to retrieve all the marker buoys including one with Nigel’s Hydro still stuck underneath it!

Thanks to the help of Chris and Nigel we managed to fix the outboard. It turned out to be only a broken propeller drive pin.

Roll on round 4 on 15th June – fingers crossed we finally get a nice flat calm lake to race on just for a change?


Wednesday Night Series – Round 2 (4th May) results > FE Rd2 4th May 2022

Weather; Mild, clear skies, strong westerly winds.

Mini Mono RTR
Entries; 8 (split two heats of 4)

Race 1; the very strong westerly winds made the far side of the course tricky in very choppy waters, many had to reduce their speed just to stay on a straight line. In heat 1 Chris was out on only his 2nd lap as he stuck it into the No2 marker. My boat stopped suddenly on its 10th lap (I later discovered the shaft had broken) on the right side of the course. It happened at just the wrong moment for Mark as he was following and ran over the top braking his rudder post support! This left Dave the only one running in the heat and he made the most of it clocking an 18 Lap, 13 second score. This turned out to be enough to win the race overall.

Heat 2 was led almost all the way by Kevin but he hit and got stuck in the No1 marker with just 25 seconds of the race left to run! Richard nicked the heat win and took 2nd overall scoring 17L, 24s. Kevin had to settle for 3rd on 16L, 0s.

Race 2; was a much closer over both heats – apart that is, for me as I out after just 2 laps having hit No2 marker which broke the safety loop plug (URGH!!!). All the others enjoyed some really good racing and all scored 17 or 18 laps with the lead changing places in both heats more than once. In the end Mark was the winner with his Mono X boat in its orange and blue “Gulf racing” livery colours. He scored 18L, 1s, just 19 seconds ahead of Chris in 2nd, with Kevin 3rd on 17L, 10s.

Race 3; the wind had dropped slightly which always suits the Mono X boats which could now race flat out. Chris set the pace in heat 1 clocking a massive 20L, 2s score with Kevin not too far behind with an impressive 19L, 21s. I was in heat 2 and pushed as hard as I could taking a few risks at times in an attempt to beat his score. In the end fell just short finishing 4 seconds behind on 20L, 6s (URGH!). This put Kevin in to 3rd place for the 3rd race in a row at this round!

Highest lap score; Race 3/heat 1 Chris really got into his grove clocking 20L, 2s.

Results; It was really close overall with all 8 drivers separated by just 10 points. Mark and Chris both tied scoring 50 points. Kevin was 3rd on 48 ahead of Dave (45), Richard (44), me (42), John (41) and Nigel (40).

Mini Hydro
Entries; 5 (split 2/3, then all 5 together)

Race 1; myself and Chris were racing in heat 1. I got away well at the start and we lapped the course for some time but half a lap apart. Chris’s boat struggled in the strong winds and he “ran out of water” rounding the bottom right turn and found himself parked in the reeds. He did manage to relaunch but the 2 laps lost he could never recover. I finished the race on 22L, 8s, Chris on 20L, 7s. This was enough to take 1st and 2nd places overall. In heat 2 Nigel and Kevin had a good race which in the end Nigel won scoring 18L, 3s to Kevin’s 17L, 6s. This gave Nigel 3rd place overall.

Race 2; as the light was fading, we agreed to race all 5 boats together. For the start and first compete lap it looked great with all 5 hydro’s racing at speed around the course. Sadly, that didn’t last beyond a second lap as I capsized in the choppy waters rounding the top right side of the course. Kevin clipped a marker and his sponsor rods became loose. He managed a few laps with them jammed over to one side against the centre tub but it became impossible to continue. He parked his boat and RTD on his 6th lap. Chris then stopped (he later found his boat was full of water as the transom was leaking) on lap 7. Dave was going quite well until his 11th lap when it stopped (not sure why). This left only Nigel circling the course all by himself trying to avoid the debris of dead boats! He carried on to win scoring of 17L, 1s.

Highest lap score; Me in Race 1/heat 1 scoring 22L, 8s

Results; Nigel takes top spot overall scoring 37 points for this round. I was 2nd on 35, Chris 3rd on 34, with Kevin on 30 and Dave 18.

Summary; It had a been a good night’s racing with some closely fought battles. The strong wind made things tricky at times and its direction meant that any dead boats not stuck in markers soon blew over to the far side of the lake. This slowed things down quite a bit as the distance means Jaws couldn’t be used for recovery so it has to be done with the rescue boat every time.
Nice to see we had 3 different winners in Mini Mono and others getting some good results. This class is really competitive now, one mistake in a race can, and will, cost you many places and points.
It was good to be able to get in a second race for the Hydro class this time, just a shame we didn’t get to enjoy a 5 boat race for more than 1 lap – but I don’t think Nigel will care about that!

Roll on round 3 on 25th May

Wednesday Night Series – Round 1 (13th April) results > FE Rd1 13th April 2022
Report, scores and photos by Russ Chilcott

Weather; Mild, overcast, very little wind and an almost flat calm lake. Mini Mono RTR

Mini Mono RTR
Entries; 9 (split two heats of 4 & 5)

Race 1; there were very closely fought battles through both heats of Race 1. Nigel was racing his brand new Mono X boat which comes supplied in black. He had added gold coloured JPS livery with the words “Just Plain Speedy”…and it was! He won the first race scoring 19 laps, 42 seconds. The next 4 places were all very close between Dave, Richard, Chris and Mark (Shipham) with them all separated by just 22 seconds – finishing in that order. Mark (Sutton) and Kevin both had a race to forget with Mark stopping (not sure why) before the first turn and Kevin suffering a rudder servo fault on his very first lap.

Race 2; there was long battle between Chris and Dave who changed places several times. After the 5 minute race they had both completed a massive 21 laps and crossed the finish line with Chris just 1 second ahead of Dave to take the win. Kevin finished 3rd place (having switched boats) on 19 laps, with Nigel holding off Mark (Shipman) to take 4th. Mark was lucky to finish at all as he had a split in his hull following a collision with me which resulted in my boats safety loop being broken off.

Race 3; another very close race but this time involving all but two of the boats in the field – and it finished in seriously poor light! Terry RTD with battery problems and Mark (Sutton) again had issues with his run time and speed but the 7 others all had a good race and were all separated by just 2 laps with the top 6 just a single lap apart! Chris racing his favourite blue/white Mono X made few if any errors and took the honours scoring 20L, 6s, with Mark (Shipman) 2nd 20L, 42s. The next 4 all clocked 19 laps with myself 3rd on 0 secs, Dave 4th on 9s, Kevin 5th on 13s and Nigel 6th on 21s. Oddly despite the majority of the races being run in very gloomy conditions, 3rd to 6th places in this race would have been enough to win race 1!

Highest lap score; Race 2/heat 1 Chris being pushed all the way by Dave he clocked an impressive 21 laps, 22 seconds.

Results; Overall winner for this round was Chris scoring 57 points. Dave was 2nd on 51, with Nigel 3rd on 49. Mark (Shipman) took 4th place (46) with Richard and me tied on 5th both on 41pts.

Mini Hydro
Entries; 6 (raced 2 heats of 3)

There was only time for 1 race for this round as it gets dark fairly early at this stage of the series. Weather permitting there should be plenty of time for 2 races at all the following rounds.

Myself and Chris enjoyed a close race in heat 1 with nothing between the two boats, we changed places twice during the race. In the end it was settled by battery duration as I was able to complete the full race time while Chris’s boat “died” with just 30 seconds left to run!

In heat 2 Nigel racing his black “Scorpio” boat looked favourite to win the heat and maybe the race overall as his boat had good speed and lapped both Mark (Sutton) and Dave within the first minute. Unfortunately, he clipped the No1/far left marker on his 5th lap which flipped his boat and removed one sponsor – OUCH! Shortly after Mark hit the No2/far right marker which resulted in one sponsor rod being broken but he could continue on at half its usual speed with one sponsor dragging along behind the boat! Dave then stopped on his 12th lap (not sure why), leaving just Mark’s boat “limping” around the course – but at least it was still going! He just about managed to match Dave’s 12 lap score before the boats cells expired.

Highest lap score; Only one race so my winning score of 24 laps, 10 seconds was the best.

Results; Obviously the same as Race 1 results; I finish 1st scoring 21pts, Chris 2nd 18, Kevin 3rd (16) with Dave and Mark (Sutton) tied in 4th both scoring 15pts. Nigel has to settle for 5th (13) but at least he knows he has a very quick boat.

Summary; It had been a very good start to the Weds night series. The weather was almost perfect for FE racing, a few like me prefer a slight breeze and ripples on the water but it really could not have been much better. Even the ducks seemed to comply as none of them decided to paddle across the middle of the course during a race – that rarely happens! Somehow with everyone doing their bit we managed to complete a total of 8 heat races finishing with very little daylight left.
The next round in 3 weeks time we will have much time so it will not be quite as frenetic between the races!

Winter Series Round 5 (Sunday 6th March) results > FE Winter Series Rd5 results & FINAL overall table 2021-22

Weather; Very cold, dry, light north/easterly breeze which increased in strength during the morning.

Mini Mono RTR
Entries; 10 (split two heats of 5)

We started the meeting with only small chop on the water which as always gives the Mono X boats the edge. This changed by race 3 as it picked up which suits the SR48 and Human Torch boats slightly better.

In Race 1 I was “gifted” a win after Mark (Shipman) had made a nice move midway through the race to pass me for the lead. Sadly, for him he then went on to miss 4 buoys for the remaining part of the race! The 2 lap deduction plus 20 second addition to his score cost him any chance of the win and left him down in 5th place – DOUCH! I won scoring 19L, 32s. Chris nicked 2nd place (18L, 39s), with Kevin racing his trusted SR48 taking 3rd (17L, 4s) and another Mono X driven by Richard taking 4th (17L, 16s).

Race 2 was led all the way by Chris who clocked a massive 20L, 35s score. The next 7 places could not have been much closer with all scoring 17 laps and just 30 seconds separating them all! It was actually even closer than this as many had picked missed buoy penalties adding 10 or 20 secs to their time. I did just enough to take 2nd (17L, 10s) a mere 1 second ahead of 3rd place Richard (17L, 11s), who in turn was just 3 secs ahead of Dave (17L, 14s) in 4th. The next 4 places down to 8th were; Daron was on 22s, Mark on 25s, Nigel 34s and Kevin on 40s.

The wind had increased quite a bit for Race 3. Chris’s had his blue Mono X boat setup perfectly for conditions as it seemed unaffected by the chop. He only spun once during the entire race and went on to win it scoring 19L, 25s. Dave racing his Human Torch took 2nd (18L, 3s) with Kevin taking 3rd (18L, 27s) place. Nigel was the best of the rest in 4th scoring 16L, 6s.

The Race 2 results really shows how close this class has become. Just a single missed buoy or two could, and did, cost some drivers 3 or 4 places! Amazingly, though a few buoys were hit at various times, no one got their boats stuck into any of them and only 1 parked it in the reeds requiring the rescue boat to go out to recover.

Highest lap score;
Race 2/Heat 1 Chris kept himself well clear of the closely fought battle for 2nd place by scoring an impressive 20 laps, 35 seconds.

Overall winner for this round was Chris scoring 60 points. I took 2nd on 53, with Dave and Kevin tied on 3rd both picking up 43pts. Richard was 5th on 42 with Nigel 6th on 40.

Overall series FINAL points standings;
Dave wins the series overall scoring a total (after 3 race discard) of 171 points. He has been very consistent all series winning 4 races and finishing 2nd on 4 other occasions. Chris’s good result at this round moves him up into overall 2nd place on 165 points, with myself in 3rd on 158. Mark had an outside chance of a series win but things just did not go his way at this round. He has to settle for 4th overall on 149 with Nigel placed 5th place on 140. Others had missed at least one round and this was reflected in their scores.

Mini Hydro
Entries; 5 (all raced together)

After a short debate it was decided to race all 5 boats in one heat since Dave said he didn’t feel his boat was going to go for that long – and he was right! Race 1 – myself, Nigel, Daron and Chris all enjoyed a good first part to the race with all getting away cleanly and fairly well spread out over the course. Racing along the back straight Chris “tripped over” Nigel boat while trying to lap him, as a result his boat capsized minus one sponsor. It was really tricky trying to avoid his boat as it was impossible to see! I went on to win the race scoring 22L, 5s, with Daron 2nd (20L, 25s) and Nigel 3rd (19L, 5s)

Race 2 did not start well for Daron as he stuffed it straight into the No1 marker on the very first lap – DOUCH! Chris took the lead into the first turn and gradually pulled away finally far enough to lap myself and Nigel. He won it scoring 22L, 3s. I had struggled all race with very little rudder control, afterwards I discovered the turn fin was at an odd forward angle! Almost certainly due to it being caught on the trolley frame when I picked it up – DOUCH! Nigel was using a better lipo pack for this race and it showed as he finished 3rd once again but this time clocking a much better 21L, 29s score. Highest lap score; 22 laps, 2 seconds was scored by Chris in Race 2.

I finish this round in 1st place scoring 39 points. Chris is 2nd on 36, Nigel 3rd 32, Daron 4th on 18 and Dave on 15

Overall series FINAL points standings;
I win the overall series scoring 123 points (after 2 discards) having won 5 races from the 8 in the series. Chris takes runners-up spot on 117 having picked up the other 3 race wins. Nigel finishes in 3rd on 102pts, with Dave in 4th on 75pts having still to get his boat sorted. The rest had all missed several rounds in the series.

It had been a very good mornings racing and a suitable finish to a very good series. It was a shame the 4th round in Feb had to be cancelled due to very poor weather, but that’s the risk when running a series in the winter months.

My thanks to all for their help setting up, packing away, doing duties, recovering dead boats, feeding the ducks, etc, etc.

There is now a little break before the Wednesday Night Series starts on 13th April.

Winter Series Round 3 (Sun 9th Jan) results > FE Winter Series Rd3 2021-22 results

Weather; Cool and dry apart from a short light shower between heats of Race 2 but VERY strong westerly winds!

Mini Mono RTR

Entries; 8 (split two heats of 4)

The very strong winds meant the back straight and especially the top right No2 marker were at times a real handful for everyone. The slightly heavier SR48 and Dave’s low profile Human Torch boats had the advantage on this part of the course, while the Mono X’s came into their own around the sheltered nearer side. There was a very light and thankfully short shower between heats in Race 2 but it was not really a problem except for keeping the score sheets dry! Thanks to Mark (Shipman) for that.

One highlight was Race 2/heat 1 when Dave and Chris enjoyed a really good race. Chris had spun a few times early on which allowed Dave to pull away by almost a full lap. Chris then gradually closed the gap lap by lap until he was within one straight away from Dave’s boat on the very last lap! Trying a little too hard Chris clipped the No4 (bottom left) marker spinning his boat it looked to be over – except Dave had spun at almost the same time while rounding the No1 (top left). Dave just managed to get his boat pointing the right way and stayed out ahead of Chris as they both came around to the finish line separated by just 1 second! Amazingly in Heat 2 Russ managed to tie with Dave scoring the exact same score, so that 1 second ended up costing Chris 2 places – sometimes it’s not your day!

The choppy waters on the far side caused a few collisions with boats losing control either diving below the water or suddenly taking an unexpected hard turn. This happened a few times and the boats involved got away with it, but not always. Russ clipped a spinning boat in Race 1, that resulted in the rudder mount being broken clean off and he was out. In Race 2 Nigel’s boat dipped below the water while out on the far side. It resurfaced just as John boats was passing by and was hit. The contact punched the smallest of holes in the underside of Nigel’s hull right against its stern. Exactly how the hole was made in that place is hard to work out but the boat filled with water and stopped a lap later!

By Race 3 most were getting the hang of the tricky conditions. Dave won it with a very good 16 lap score but 3 boats clocked 14 laps and the next 3 were all on 13 laps, so 2nd to 7th places were separated by just 1 lap!

Highest lap score; Race 1/Heat 1 racing his SR48 (without a hole!) Nigel clocked an impressive 17 lap, 11 second score. He was the only one to score over 16 laps.

Results; Overall winner for this round is Dave scoring 57 points (4th, =1st & 1st) which stretches his lead in the series overall. Russ was 2nd scoring 51pts, with Nigel 3rd (48pts) ahead of Chris (46), John (44), Mark (42) and Richard (41). 8th was Terry but he missed Race 1 (23).

Mini Hydro

Entries; 4 (all raced together)

Despite all 4 boats racing together in such choppy and very unfriendly Hydro boat conditions there was just one collision and not one boat got stuck into a marker – that must be a record! Though a few didn’t make it to the finish having capsized.

Russ got the 10 second countdown start just right twice and made the most it taking the lead which he held onto on both occasions. Once again Chris had the quickest boat but had to reset his rudder during Race 1, when he did get that fixed it capsized! He got things sorted for Race 2 but another poor start meant Russ took an early lead. Chris did close the gap forcing them both to push their luck especially along the choppy back straight. Russ did manage to hold on to win the race.

Nigel seems to have his steering issues sorted and was fairly quick clocking decent lap scores in both his races. Dave continues to have “problems” with his yellow Italian designed boat, it was never really on the pace.

Highest lap score; 19 laps, 8 seconds was scored by Russ in Race 2.

Results; Russ’s 2 race wins means he scores the maximum 42 points, this also leap-frogs him ahead of Chris in the overall series. Nigel finished 2nd scoring 34, just 1 point ahead of Chris (33) with Dave 4th on 31pts.

Big thank you once again to Martyn who kept the race course clear by feeding the ducks. 


Winter Series Round 2 (Sun 12th Dec) results > FE Winter Series Rd2 2021-22 results

Cool but not too cold, light drizzle for the first few races only with a light SW breeze.

Mini Mono RTR

Entries; 9
(split two heats 4 and 5)

Best Race;
Race 3/heat 3 was a good one with Mark (Shipman) and Daron swapping places several times, while Nigel and Richard were doing the same about half a lap behind. Unfortunately for Daron and Richard their lipos gave up in the last 30 seconds which was very costly against such close competition.

Racing incidents; 3 boats came together just before the first turn in a race (sorry not sure which one it was now) with one boat flying through the air! Amazingly once each had worked out which way their boats were pointing they all continued with no obvious damage. John hitting the No2 near side marker very hard – twice! He got away with it the first time but suck the boat into properly the second time which almost split the marker in half!

Summary; The drizzle at the start meant no public were around to feed the ducks which normally keeps the course fairly clear. Race 1/heat 1 had to be stopped for a while for them be cleared but no other races were really affected that badly because Martyn started to feed the ducks. Overall, the racing is getting much more competitive and its harder to overtake with everyone taking a much better/tighter racing line. This is reflected in the scores; Race 1 there were 7 boats separated by 3 laps, in Races 2 and 3 it was 7 boats separated by just 2 laps!

Highest lap score; Race 1/Heat 1 Chris scored 19 laps, 47 seconds. He was the only one to clock over 18 laps.

Results; Overall winner for round is Chris scoring 53 points (1st, 2nd and 5th places). Dave was 2nd scoring 52pts (2nd, 1st & 6th) with Mark 3rd on 49pts (4th, 6th & 1st). The next 4 drivers scored 40 or more points.

Mini Hydro
Entries; 6 (split two heats of 3)

Best Race; Race 1/Heat 1 saw some very close racing at the start with Russ holding off Chris for a few laps before Chris squeezed past with a nice move approaching the bottom right/No3 corner.

Racing Incidents; Race 1 – Russ sticking it into No2 marker, then in heat 2 Kevin doing the same into No3! Dave parking in the reeds when he lost control. Race 2 Kevin accidently found himself racing the “wrong boat” for several laps before it was pointed out to him his boat was actually stuck in the reeds!

Summary; The hydro class is a tricky boat to build, setup and race but the field is closing up – at elast when they are not stuck in markers! Chris has the quickest boat but it does not handle so well at full speed so he has to take a wide/safer racing line. While others are not so quick (right now) they can race a tighter line which makes for closer racing. Race 3 saw the top 3 places separated by just 2 laps with 4th place only 2 laps further back.

Highest lap score; Race 1 Chris clocked 22 laps, 44 seconds.

Results; Chris completes the double-double winning both classes with the highest lap score! He is top scoring 39 points (1st & 2nd). Russ is 2nd (36pts) with Nigel 3rd (33)

Next meeting; Round 3 of the series is on Sunday morning 9th January

Winter Series Round 1 (Sun 14th Nov) results > FE Winter Series Rd1 2021-22 results

Weather; Bright sunshine, very light NW breeze. Perfect for the Mono X boats and all Hydro’s but not so good for the SR46 boats which like a bit of chop on the water.

Mini Mono RTR
Entries; 9 (split two heats 4 and 5)
Best Race; Several to pick from but Mono 1/heat 1 was close all race and went right to the last few seconds. Dave did just enough to win it scoring 19 laps, 5 seconds, Chris and Russ finished just 7 seconds behind him side by side across the line and awarded equal 2nd places!
Best Crash; Nigel and Mark (Sutton) rounding bottom left No4 marker while trying to use the same piece of water. Nigel’s boat went airborne several feet in the air, landed and he carried on! Mark almost got away with it also but the hatch tape was dislodged and water got in the boat a few laps later. It sank with just the bow showing but Daron was able to recover it.
Race highlight; Seeing 4 boats coming down the righthand side of the course with all of them side by side. Mark’s (Sutton) boat coming back to life after being dead in the water most of the race. He was so surprised he did half a lap and then promptly stuck it into the top marker next lap! Highest lap score; Dave’s 19L, 5s in Race 1/heat 1
Results; A tie for 1st place between Mark (Shipman) and Dave both having a great meeting and scoring 57 points each. Russ was 3rd (49) just ahead of Nigel (45) with Chris 5th on (44).

Mini Hydro
6 (split two heats of 3)
Best Race; A lot of RTD’s so not much to pick from, but best of them was Race 1/heat 1 for first 17 laps with Chris and Russ well matched though on opposite sides of the course most of the time.
Best Crash; 3 to pick from; Race 2 – Russ sticking into No1 marker square on. Mark (Sutton) parking his in a tree over the far side of the lake following radio problems. Chris going a bit wide and sticking into what was left of the reed bed – twice!
Meeting highlight; Nigel trying to keep his “black scorpion” boat going in a straight line which was entertaining as he was racing by himself most of the time! Nothing else springs to mind with so many RTD’s and DNS.
Highest lap score; Russ Race 1/heat 1 scored 23L, 1s
Results; Chris wins this one scoring 39 points, Russ 2nd (36) and Nigel 3rd (34)

Next meeting; Round 2 of the series is on Sunday morning 12th December

Weds Night Series Rd 5 (1st Sept) score sheet & FINAL overall points table 2021 > FE Rd5 Weds 1st Sept & FINAL overall points table 2021

Finally, we had a meeting with almost zero wind, so a flat lake which suits me and the other Mono X drivers! Unfortunately, a few guys missed this round for various reason with one who forgot it was on!

Mini Mono RTR
Only 6 racing, split into 2 heats of 3 boats but we still managed to have some great races and a few light “contacts” and one which was not so light!

Race 1; Chris went from the start line straight out and into the No1 marker and was out of the race with a disconnected ESC plug! He had lost sight of his boat in the rooster spray. Having not completed a single lap he gets no place and no points – not a great start to his evening. Meanwhile Mark (Shipman) with his racing Gulf livery Mono X boat looks to be getting to grips with their handling. Driving very smoothly with very few errors he went on to win the race with a 21 lap, 5 second score, with Dave also right in the grove with his Human Torch just 4 secs behind (21L, 9s). Kevin racing his Vector was once again in the mix picking up in 3rd place scoring 20L, 13s.

Race 2; This was the best race of the night with Dave and Mark in the same heat fighting it out lap after lap until the very last 30 seconds of the race. It was a shame Chris dropped down to heat 2 as he was on an identical pace. In the end they all finished on the same 21 lap score with Dave 1st crossing the line at 3 seconds, Chris 2nd just 4 seconds behind and Mark 3rd another 18 seconds back due to a dying lipo pack on the very last lap.

Race 3; Once again Dave was in the grove, his boat also prefers a flat lake and he made the most of it clocking a massive 22L, 32s score, the highest of the night and easily the winner of this one. Mark clocked a 21L, 7s to take 2nd place and complete a very good night, while Chris took 3rd place with a 20L, 47s.

The conditions at this round favoured the slightly faster and but less well handling Mono X and Human Torch boats but a Vector in the hands of Kevin still nicked a 3rd place on the night. Had there been more boats racing in each heat and therefore more chop on the water I think it would have levelled the field and we would have had even closer results.

Dave took the honours at this round scoring 60 points for his two race wins and a 2nd place. Mark scored 55pts for his 1st, 2nd and 3rd with Kevin just ahead of me scoring 44 to 43pts respectively.

Final overall points table
Kevin’s 3rd place in Race 1 was enough for him to secure the series overall no matter what happened the rest of the night. He finished on 225 points, a very well-deserved series winner. He has made the fewest errors over the 15 races and has consistently been at or near the top in each.

This brings to an end a 15 year long run of either Chris or myself winning it! In fact, over the last 32 years only the late Pete Fisher had won it twice, every other year it was either Chris or me who had won it.
I finish the series in runners-up spot (202pts) with Chris in 3rd (197) just 1 point ahead of Mark (Shipman) in 4th on 196 with Dave leapfrogging a few places to take 5th on 192.

Vice Chairman Chris Locke presenting Kevin Roberts (right) the Mini Mono trophy 

Mino Hydro
4 boats for this round, to play safe we raced in 2 heats of 2.
Heat 1; Myself and Chris enjoyed 18 laps racing at times a bit too closely for comfort until I hit the top No2 marker trying a bit too hard! I thought I had got away with it as the boat kept going but I had broken a sponsor rod and once full power was applied it capsized.

Heat 2 was also fairly close for a while between Dave and Kevin, until Dave dropped out (not sure why) on lap 12. Kevin was going along nicely until he clipped a marker, again it looked like he got away with it but lap by lap the boats inside sponsor slowly dropped lower into the water until it became almost impossible to drive. He kept going in an attempt to catch my score but he missed out by just 10 seconds. Most of that in the extra penalty time for missed markers as the boat was so awful to control! Chris was easily the race winner on a huge 26 lap, 4 second score. I was 2nd 18L, 20, with Kevin 3rd (18L, 30s).

Overall points table
I had already won the series before this round, with Chris secure in runners-up spot, though he will be the first to admit he had the quicker boat but hit the markers slightly more often than me! 3rd place however was up for grabs and Kevin nicked it scoring 63 points, just ahead of Nigel on 61 with Dave just a few points behind on 59.

In summary
It has been a slightly shorten Weds night series than usual for obvious reasons but the 5 rounds (15 races for Mono and 5 for Hydro) had provided some great racing throughout the field with the usual lakeside banter – something I for one had really missed during the 2020 lockdown.

Roll on the Winter Series which kicks off in just over 9 weeks time on 14th November – I can’t wait!


Weds Night Series 2021 Round 4 (18th August) score sheet & overall points table > FE Rd4 Weds 18th August 2021
Once again, we had a fairly breezy night, not quite as strong as we’ve had at some earlier rounds but enough to get the boats up out of the water and make their control a little tricky at times. The ducks seemed particularly keen to gather in the middle of the course so Jaws (RC rescue boat) had to be used a few times to “encourage” them to move clear!

Mini Mono RTR
We had 9 racing in this class, so they were split into heats of 4 and 5.
Race 1 was very competitive across both heats with the race lead changing several times. In the end the top 3 places were separated only by their additional 10 second penalty times added for missed buoys. Dave had his best result of the series winning this race with a very good score of 21 laps, 14 seconds. Just 6 seconds behind him was Chris in 2nd place scoring 21L, 20s and a mere 3 secs behind Chris was Kevin on 21L, 23s in 3rd. So only 9 seconds had separated all the top 3!
Terry’s racing his Vector 48 had a lucky escape after its boat top was removed following one pretty hard collision, the boat carried on and its top was recovered after the race.

Race 2 was another close one, this time just 1 lap separated the top 4. Mark (Shipman) won this one scoring an impressive 21L, 12s, which turned out to be the best score of the night. Once again, he was a first time series winner and I think the first time he has won a race since joining our club? Though he didn’t get any credit for it at the time as I mistakenly announced lakeside that Chris had won that one – opps, sorry Mark! Chris actually finished 2nd just 16 secs behind, with Dave taking 3rd place (19L, 3s) 1 lap behind them both.

Race 3; The evening light was starting to fade by the time the night final heats races got underway, but we did just manage to get them completed. Though rounding the far makers was a bit of guess work at times! I managed to win this one scoring 20L, 8s, a score that would have only placed me 4th in Race 1 but I didn’t care – a win is a win! Kevin wrapped up another good night taking 2nd spot (19L, 21s) and Nigel finally got his boat into a top place finishing in 3rd on 18L, 20s.

It had been a good night for the class overall with a mix of Super Mono X, Vector 48 and an old Human Torch boat all up at the front at different times as well as a few new faces getting into the top 3 places. That’s only good for the future of this class.

Overall points table
Kevin now all but has his name on the trophy, he only needs a 6th place or higher in just one race in the final round to guarantee an overall series win. Chris and I are now left to battle for runners-up spot, it is mathematically possible we could be caught by someone else but it would be very unlikely.
4th place is also very close between Mark (Shipman), Nigel and Dave. So, outside the series winner there will be many places to be decided at the final round, I suspect it will go right down to the final race result.

Mino Hydro
A couple we not able to attend this round but we still had 5 boats entering which is not too bad for this fairly specialized class. The 5 were split into two heats of 3 and 2, same as for Mini Mono this was decided by their previous race finishing places. Only 1 race was run due to time/light constraints.

Heat 1 started well with Kevin getting away and briefly leading ahead of Chris and me. If was very brief as after just 1 lap he turned a little too hard and his boat flipped over – he was capsized and out. His boat then slowly drifted towards the No3 right bottom corner marker.

After a massive hit on a buoy Chris was still going (somehow?) and was gaining to lap me, but he’d also missed another marker so was carrying a 10 second penalty. With a lap taking not much more than that we were actually racing for the lead and neither of us were going to give it up that easily! Both taking the shorter and much more risky line through the gap between Kevin’s dead boat and the No3 marker, knowing any contact of Kev’s boat meant immediate disqualification from the race. After 20 or so laps and both taking the tightest line possible it all ended in the final 30 seconds when we collided rounding the top right marker. Though we both kept going with only slight damage, Chris had lost boat speed for some reason so I managed to unlap myself and win a hard-fought race. It finished 23L, 5s to 23L, 20s in my favour – phew!

Heat 2 started off well with Dave looking to have finally got his hydro going at a decent pace while Nigel’s boat was really going very quickly, once he got the handle of it after a few laps. All was going well until 2 mins into the race when two ducks decided to play “chicken” paddling out right across the finish line! Dave capsized trying to avoid one, while Nigel ripped a sponsor off after hitting the rescue dinghy outboard trying to avoid the other! A great shame and very unlucky for them both. Nigel finished 3rd scoring 9 laps, Dave was 4th on 8. It would have been interesting to see what lap scores they may have achieved, but avoiding contact with ducks, dead boats and the markers is all part of FE racing.

Overall points table
The win for me at this round means I have secured the series overall no matter what happens at the final round and Chris has the runners-up place tied up. 3rd place in the series is still all up for grabs between Nigel, Kevin and Dave separated by just 4 points (after a race discard). Roll on the 5th and final round on 1st Sept. Fingers crossed for no cloud cover so we get some decent light – we will need it!


Weds Night Series 2021 Round 3 (28th July) score sheets > FE Rd3 Weds 28th July 2021

There had been a 6-week long break since the last round as we had voted to reschedule that meeting (to 1st Sept) so we could watch England play their Euro 2021 semi-final match. We had 9 drivers taking part, all of them in Mini Mono RTR and 6 also racing a Mini Hydro class boat. The Mono class was raced in heats of 4 and 5, the Hydro’s in 2 x heats of 3. Yet again we had unusually windy weather which at times produced waves almost as large as the boats! This made their handling very unpredictable, especially for those racing Super Mono X’s if they pushed them anywhere near to their maximum speed.

Mini Mono RTR
Race 1; everyone found the racing on such choppy conditions very tricky, with many spinning around and diving below the water. Nigel’s boat really didn’t like it at all and after just 2 laps he ended up in the reeds! Chris lost 5 laps capsized in the middle of the course by the time his boat finally self-righted the raced was almost over. Afterwards he discovered the foam normally attached to the number plate was missing, on the Mono X boats this is essential to make them self-right. I went on to win this race with my Mono X ahead Mark’s (Sutton) Human Torch and in 3rd place Kevin with his Vector SR48 boat.

In Race 2 we all took things a bit easier and it resulted in all 9 boats finishing the race – something that doesn’t happen very often! The racing was very close in both heats, in the end the top 4 places were separated by just 35 seconds. A few places were changed when the 10 second “missed buoy” penalties were added. Kevin won this race, with Chris just 7 secs behind and Nigel (avoiding the reeds!) a mere 3 secs further back to take 3rd place.

By the 3rd and final race of the evening the wind had dropped very slightly which was reflected in the higher lap scores. Kevin and Nigel enjoyed a great race from start to finish in very close company. They both clocked an impressive 20 laps score, but Kevin nicked it finishing just 14 seconds ahead of Nigel. Chris was best of the rest in 3rd (19L, 19s).
All 9 boats would have finished this race as well had John not hit No3 marker which dislodged one of the connectors between the motor and ESC – DOUCH!

For this round we were joined by Terry (Greenslade) who was racing with us for the very first time. Unfortunately, he was not able to get in much practice at the previous meetings due to not one, but two faulty rudder servos! So, he was in at the deep end racing against 4 others and in very difficult conditions. He did very well overall, finishing all 3 races with no damage to his Vector boat, though he did run up the ramp a few times and created his own race course on occasions!

Overall points table
Kevin’s 2 wins and a 3rd place at this round scores him 58 points and has stretched his lead in the overall series. He has won 6 of the 9 races run so far and its is looking hard to catch him now. I’m holding 2nd place 9pts ahead of my old nemesis Chris, but I think we may only be fighting for the runners-up spot this year – something that has not happen for a very, very long time!

Mino Hydro
As agreed at the previous round we raced this class just once and completed both heats before 7pm in time for the Mono class to have their races. The racing was very challenging as Hydro boats really don’t like any chop on the water and cannot self-right. Chris set off from the start flat out and pulled out a half lap lead, this forced me to do the same to avoid dropping too far behind, but on his 13th lap his luck ran out and his boat flipped. Nigel’s black “scorpion” had already done the same but on just his 3rd lap. This left the way open for me to win the heat 1 race.

In heat 2 Kevin took a few chances while lapping other boats to keep up the pace. On one occasion while fairly close to bank it hit a wave turned 90 degrees in the air, landed and with the throttle still on he managed to get it back pointing the right way all in one move! My heat 1 score of 22L, 12s won the race overall, Kevin was 2nd (17L, 11) with Mark (Sutton) racing one of Malcolm’s old boats taking 3rd spot clocking 16L, 10s.

Overall points table
I have a decent lead in the series on 60 points having scored 2 wins and a 2nd from the 3 races run so far. Chris holds 2nd place on 54 with Nigel on 45 just ahead of Dave on 43. It is still anyone’s to win as there are still 2 races left to run in the series, 1 race discard and a possible 42 points up for grabs.


Weds Night Series 2021 Round 2 (16th June) score sheets >FE Rd2 Weds 16th June 2021
There was 8 altogether entering this round with all of them in Mini Mono RTR class and 5 also racing their Mini Hydro boats which were being run for the very first time in our Weds night series. Yet again we had perfect weather for yacht racing with a pretty strong westerly breeze – not so great for the rather twitchy Mono X boats like mine!

Mini Mono RTR
nce again Kevin was in top form racing his Vector SR48 boat faultlessly he won Race 1, but it was by a very narrow margin of just 17 seconds ahead of Dave back from his holiday. Mark (Shipman) also drove a tidy line to take 3rd spot just 1 lap back.
Race 2 saw a few surprise DNF’s, firstly with Chris losing his shaft on his very first lap, and then Nigel’s speed controller came unplugged after a collision moved the battery on lap 8. My lipos died a full minute before the finish time, leaving the way open for Kevin to take an easy win this time by a huge 3 lap margin over myself and Mark.

For Race 3 Kevin switched to his 2nd brand new Vector boat – this turned out to be a big mistake as this boat never had any speed. He finished the race in 7th place but his 54 point haul made him the nights overall winner. Chris took the honours in this race and with a 22 lap score was the nights highest lap tally for this class. I finished in 2nd with Mark once again picking up 3rd spot making it 3 x 3rd places in a row for him.

John (Peacey) was racing with us for his very first time and improved race by race scoring 11, 15 and then 17 laps. In fact, his 17 lap score would have been much higher had his rudder not picked up a piece of twig. He had a few near misses with other boats, a couple of missed buoys, bounced off No 3 buoy and briefly dived to the bottom – but that’s all part of FE racing! His boat required a quick repair (thanks to Mark & Chris) of its safety loop so he was able to get it back and start all the races. It’s a steep learning curve but he did very well overall and his brand new Mono X boat was still in one piece when he finished!

For the overall series Kevin’s 4 wins from the first 6 races means he has opened up a sizeable lead, which due to a late start because of lockdown is only 5 rounds/15 races this year. Others (including me!) will have to up our game very quickly if we have any plans to catch him now.

Mino Hydro
It was agreed in advance to run Race 1 (2 heats) for this class before our normal 7pm start time. This was achieved with 5 mins to spare, but unfortunately most of the time was actually spent out in the rescue dinghy picking up dead boats or pieces belonging to them!
Race 1 was won by Chris clocking 23 laps, knocking me into 2nd place by a mere 8 seconds (ERRR!). Nigel picked up 3rd place 5 laps back but he was the only other to get his boat going properly.
Chris and I switched places in Race 2 with me winning it scoring 25 laps, Chris taking 2nd place (23) and once again Nigel (18) was the best of the rest taking 3rd spot.

The less said about the performance of Kevin’s and Dave’s boats on the night the better!

At the end of the meeting all the Mini Hydro Drivers agreed the rush to squeeze in 2 races and 4 heats of the class was a little too much in one evening meeting. It was agreed in future that just 1 race (2 heats) would be run from 6.30pm to 7pm. Then we had the rest of the evening for 3 races (6 heats) for the Mini Mono class plus time for repairs and most importantly a good old chin wag!


Wednesday Night Series Round 1 (19th May) score sheet > FE Rd1 19th May 2021
Report by Russ Chilcott, photos by Mark Sutton

We had 9 entries for the opening round of the 2021 Weds night series. It was a pretty cool with a very strong westerly breeze which made the water very lumpy. As usual the Mono X boats don’t like too much chop on the water and most of them found it very tricky.

Kevin racing his Vector boat took full advantage, he drove a nice tidy line making very few, if any mistakes (it hurts me to write this!) easily winning Races 1 and 2. He then finished with a 2nd place in Race 3. In total he collects 60 points and takes a valuable early lead in what will be a fairly short 5 round series this year.

I did the best from the Mono X fleet, after a poor start, I managed to tame my boat and driving to win Race 3. This moved me into 2nd place for the night scoring 51 points. My Race 3 score of 21 laps/5 seconds was also the evenings highest – I had to mention that!

Another Vector driver Bob (Mr Consistency) was the best of the rest finishing in 3rd, 4th and then 5th places he took 3rd overall scoring 45 points, just ahead of Chris (44), Nigel (43) and Richard (42). There was a little gap back to the last 3 headed by Mark Shipman (38), Daron (35) and Mark Sutton (22).

Highlights from the evening; First race back and 8 of the 9 boats were separated by less than 4 laps! Race 3 watching Nigel trying to control a massively overpowered Vector boat which had a mind and direction all of its own!

A year with no racing but some things never change; boats hitting markers, boats hitting each other, boats diving below the water, boats crawling along desperately trying to get to the finish line.

Great stuff – roll on round 2 on 16th June


After a year we no race meetings – WE ARE BACK!
From 19th May we resume the Weds night series, see 2021 Calendar page for details. 

A few short videos of the FE “testing” sessions under Covid 19 rules is now on the Club’s Youtube channel;SMBC Youtube channel

Winter Series round 5 (8th March) & FINAL overall points table > Winter Series Rd5 & FINAL standings 2019-20
We didn’t know it at the time but due to the Covid 19 outbreak this turned out to be the last race meeting for us for well over a year!

This was the 5th and final round of the Winter Series and the conditions were pretty much identical to the previous round with strong and gusting westerly winds making the far side of the course very choppy. Russ won the Mini Mono RTR class, he had already won the series for this class and finishes on 162 points. Dave took 2nd place which meant he keeps hold of runners-up place in the series on 138 just ahead of 3rd place Kevin (133) with Chris (132) and Mark Shipman (129) taking 4th and 5th respectively . 

Russ also won the Mini Hydro class which was enough to secure the class series overall on 157 points. Bob finished in 4th at this round but keeps runners-up place in the series on 149. The racing was close with many personal battles, some would decide places in the overall series, but not the top spot as that had been secured by Chris Locke at the previous round. Russ won on the night and secured 2nd place overall, with Dave taking 3rd place in the series.