IOM UK National Championships 2022
Castle Semple Loch, Scotland 29th April – 2nd May
Report by Richard Aucott, photos by Sue Brown


The Bank Holiday 3 day event took place in Scotland this year.
Bob Conner from Woodspring, Peter Cropper from North Devon and myself from Sedgemoor club all participated.
Tony Edwards from Yeovil & Craig Richards who is SWD Secretary also participated but tended to sail in higher fleets than us.

Arrival on Friday afternoon greeted us with wonderful blue skies and bright sunshine. That quickly changed on the Saturday when we started racing. Continuous rain in driving wind ensured that we all got wet.
5 fleets of 16 skippers started the seeding races which was quickly followed by 4 fleets of 21 skippers to increase the amount of racing.
The course tended to be 2 large circuits of a windward, spreader mark & gate with a long start line.

The end of Saturday saw the three of us very close with Bob 1 point ahead of myself & Peter just 2 points behind.
That all changed on the Sunday when although the rain had disappeared the wind direction had changed. The windward mark was directly sailing away from you which makes it very difficult to judge.
Fortunes changed for all of us. I went down into D fleet, Bob went up to B and then down to C and Peter went to B and stayed a while.

Monday saw a day of little wind and calm waters. A lot of time was spent on shore side waiting for enough wind to race. I managed to get back into C fleet but no higher. Bob spent what little time there was sailing in C whilst Peter managed to finish in B.

The overall winner was Brad Gibson who borrowed his Partners Britpop.

Despite it being very cold at times I enjoyed the Weekend and was very fortunate in having Bob as my chauffeur for the trip and the company of his wife Sue.

Of the 3 of us Peter was on top in 33rd place Bob in 42 and myself in 48.
Sailing in large fleets takes a bit of getting used to but is gratifying if you can get to the front.

There are lots of videos on Youtube (search IOM Castle Semple) and photos on flickr here;