all reports & scores by Russ Chilcott

IOM Summer Series Rd4 Sunday 3rd July results> IOM Summer Series Rd4 2022

Weather; warm, bright sunshine, fairly strong west/north westerly breeze.
Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start middle, finish at windward marker. Skippers raced from the ramp/north side.
Entries; 9
Races; 10 (1 skipper off per race as RO, all together for race 10)

The weather conditions were pretty much identical to what we had at our previous Weds night meeting with a fairly decent breeze coming in from the north/westerly corner – not the best direction for Apex once again! Just like before everyone soon discovered they had to keep towards the middle or west side of the course to avoid a massive wind shadow covering the entire north/east side. Occasionally a few would try taking the northerly route which was slightly shorter but usually ended up losing out big time by the time they rounded the windward marker.

Before the coffee break I some good results with a couple of wins. Nigel won 1 race but had poor results in others. John was racing his “second” MX14 boat (it’s up for sale if anyone is interested?) and he was in the grove with a hattrick of 2nd places. Likewise for Daron as he picked up a hattrick of 3rd places.

After the coffee break, I lost my way and was up and down the fleet – sadly for me it was mostly down! Meanwhile Nigel found his racing “mojo” (we all knew it would be back soon!) and put together an impressive string of races which included 4 wins in a row. Daron and Scott both picked up a race win each and then after yet more 2nd places (5 in total) John finally won the very last race! Ed and Graham both had the odd good race but both suffered radio/rudder problems and had to retire from the last one.

10 races were complete and it seems after my little run of good results “normal service has resumed” with Nigel winning! He scored 13 points (after 2 discards). John took 2nd place (15) with Daron 3rd (18).
I had to settle for 4th (20) with Scott 5th (24). Graham was best of the rest in 6th (28) ahead of Henry (38), Rod (39) and Ed (52)

Well done to Nigel on the win.

IOM Wednesday Night Series Rd4 Weds 22nd June results > IOM Rd4 Weds Night Series 2022
dry, warm, light north/westerly breeze 8 to 10mph
Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start line centre, finish on windward marker.
Skippers raced from the ramp side.
Entries; 6 (all raced in one fleet taking turns to watch the start line)
Races; 9

Summary; We had half decent breeze but its direction meant the start line had a starboard bias so it could be seen by the skippers past the reed bed in the left side corner. As the evening processed the wind shifted slightly westerly so the best route coming back from the leeward gate was a little further out and well to the west side of the course. Those who were brave enough to take the more conventional/direct route often lost out.

Alan (Barnstable) was back racing a IOM boat with us for the first time for a long time. He’s been racing in the Clubs SYS (DF65) and the new DF95 series so has kept his racing skills tuned. He has Mike Cooke’s green “Rocket” boat and was getting on quite well in tricky conditions until a few minor technical issues forced him to retire. He will be back, and I suspect close to the front very soon.

I had a terrible start to my evening finishing dead last by some distance in Race 1 and then 5th in Race 2, thankfully (for me!) I then found my racing grove and strung together a few good results including two race wins. After 9 races I had done enough to win this round (yep, that’s two in row – what is going on?) scoring 14 points after 2 discards.

Nigel had a few poor races but a couple of wins and other good results towards the end meant he finished in 2nd place (16pts), much the same can be said of Richard who picked up 3rd spot (18).

Scott won 3 races and could have won more but once again his old bad habit of missing a marker at the worst possible times cost him dear. He finishes in 4th (19) just 1 point further back but will be kicking himself for a few very expensive errors. Daron started well picking up a few top places and a race win but struggled towards the end, he has to settle for 5th (20). Alan was 6th on 41pts as he had to retire and missed the last 4 races.

IOM Summer Series Rd3 Sunday 12th June 2022 results > IOM Summer Series Rd3 2022

Weather; warm, bright sunshine, fairly strong west/north westerly breeze.
Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start/finish middle. Skippers raced off the west bank side (4 races) then ramp side (6 races).
Entries; 10 (1 off per race as RO)
Races; 10

Summary; There was a decent breeze which stayed all morning but was coming from exactly the wrong direction meaning a course had to set at an angle so the leeward marker was always going to be a little way out. At the start the wind was mostly coming from a north/westerly direction so the OOD Scott set a triangle/sausage course with the skippers standing on the west bank. After a few races it had shifted slightly more westerly which meant all boats were now starting on port and all windward legs were being completed in one tack.

At the coffee break the entire course was moved around anti-clockwise so we raced from the ramp (north side) but it stayed much the same size and layout. This was better as there was more than one route to the finish line but after a while the wind shifted back to the west so we ended up with everyone starting on port once again!

Scott started off very well winning both the first 2 races, I followed that by winning the next 2. After the course was moved Nigel and myself won 2 races, Scott another 1. Graham finally collected a race win having led the fleet several times but losing out towards the end. Unusually both Richard and Nigel had a “poor” round by their high standards. Both struggled to find their normal form though Nigel picked up 2 wins and Richard went on a run of 3 x 3rd and 2 x 2nd places.

After 10 races everyone had taken it in turns acting as the RO and since it was approaching 12 noon, we called it a day. I had done just enough to win this round with a score of 17 (after 2 discards), just 1 point ahead of Scott (18) who in turn was 1pt ahead of Graham (19). Richard took 4th (20) with Nigel 5th (22). Ron was the best of the rest a little way back in 6th on 32, Daron nicked 7th from Rod on count-back (both 33). Henry took 9th (49) with Ed in 10th on 57.

Well done me!

IOM Wednesday Night Series Rd3 Weds 2nd June results > IOM Rd3 Weds Night Series 2022
Weather; dry, mild, light north/westerly breeze 5 to 8 mph

Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start line centre, finish on windward marker. Skippers raced from the ramp side.
Entries; 7 (all raced in one fleet taking turns to watch the start line)
Races; 8

Due to the wind direction we ended up with a course laid a little way out in the lake. Despite this most skippers still found the need to sail even further away over the south side of the course to find a constant breeze. On the odd occasion there was a little shifting breeze you could pick up closer to the ramp/north side but it was risky route to take and only paid off a very few times.

I found my mojo (it’s been missing for a long time!) and somehow managed to win 3 races in a row and pick up a couple of 2nd places. My last 3 races were not so great but I had done just enough to win this round scoring 11 points (after 2 discards).
“Mr Consistently” Richard was often close to the front, he finished 2nd on 12pts. Ron had a few good races and a few not so good but was best of the rest in 3rd (17). Nigel and Bob both had a bit of an “off night” by their high standards finishing 4th (19) and 5th (20) respectively. Scott could-have-should-have done better had his old bad habit of missing markers not spoiled several races for him. He finished in 6th (25). Rod had had a very long day at work and was never really in “racing mode” finishing last/8th on 34pts.

IOM Summer Series Rd2 Sunday 15th May results > IOM Summer Series Rd2 2022
dry, overcast, light southerly breeze swinging to the east and then the north!

Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, starting middle, finish windward end until course change then start/finish same place. Skippers raced off the west bank side.

Entries; 7 (all raced together taking turns to watch start line) 
Races; 9

Summary; The course was set while there was a light mostly southerly breeze but it swung after a few races and was coming more from the east side. Scott reversed the course 180 degrees after the coffee break as it had swung still further and was coming more from a north/easterly direction – at least for some of the time!

The far side No 2 marker was particularly tricky to judge when rounding it as you could find your boat changing tack all by itself! The lead in many races changed hands several times as someone got stuck in “irons” or had missed out on a sudden wind shift.

Ed was racing his homemade Nimbus boat in a club IOM event for the very first time. After a few tweaks he found his grove and managed to win Race 6 somehow coming past the entire fleet on the last leg and while on the leeward side? No one was quite sure how it happened, but he was very happy!

9 races were run by the midday cut-off time. Ron had a good morning often finishing in the top few places and winning 3. This was enough for him to win this round with a score (after 2 discards) of 13 points. I took second place (17), with Rod 3rd (19). Scott picked up 4th (23) but could have – should have, been higher if he’d not had to re-round several markers! Daron finished 5th (28), Graham 6th (30) and Ed 7th on 33pts.

Well done to Ron on a well-deserved round win.
…and, well done to Ed on winning his first ever IOM race.

IOM Wednesday Night Series Rd2 Weds 11th May results > IOM Rd2 Weds Night Series 2022
Weather; cool, dry, strong +20mph westerly winds

Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start line towards the leeward side, finish on windward marker. Skippers raced from the ramp side.

Entries; 6 (all raced in one fleet taking turns to watch the start line)
Races; 12

Summary; We arrived at Apex to see waves lapping across the lake driven by +20mph westerly winds with the occasional much stronger gust. Scott set a nice long course mostly to the east side with the windward marker/finish line away from the west corner close to the biggest tress. This should have meant we all had a great night’s racing, but that was not really the case I’m afraid – unless your name is Bob Conner!

The winds direction could not have been worse for Apex coming directly over and around the two massive trees in the west corner. This caused huge “holes” and swirls in the wind direction pretty much all over the course and never in the same place twice! Nigel likened it to racing in a tumble drier – and he was not wrong!
Somehow, Bob seemed to find the quickest way around the course from where ever he happened to be at the time. More-often-than-not he sailed off into the distance winning races miles ahead of everyone else. During one race he answered his mobile while racing and still passed several boats to win – now that really hurts!

Rod got his keel hooked up on one of the gate marker buoys, after he had freed his boat they ended up much closer together. This made the gate a little tight for more than one boat at a time but this just added to a “challenging” nights IOM racing!

We finished after completing 12 races with the light fading and everyone having watched the start line twice each. I had somehow managed to win 2 races, Richard and Scott won 1 each, but all the other 8 were won by Bob – most of them by some distance. No surprise that he won this round with a score (after 3 discards) of just 10 points. Richard was 2nd on 18, I was 3rd on 22.

Earlier in the meeting Rod’s boats RX failed (later found it was completely dead!). The skippers took a break and quickly all worked together to fix it and he was soon back racing once again. While the racing on the water is all about individual competition, when someone has a problem with a boat numerous club members are always willing to help out.

IOM Wednesday Night Series Rd1 Weds 20th April results > IOM Rd1 Weds Night Series 2022

Weather; mild, dry, 5mph southerly breeze dropping to zero mph!

Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start and finish on the same line. Skippers raced from the west bank.

Entries; 8 (all raced in one fleet, Alan Barnstable volunteered to act as RO)
Races; 4

Summary; There had been a half decent breeze most of the afternoon when the “Irregulars” DF65 skippers were sailing. Sadly, by the time the IOM’s were due to race in the evening that breeze had decreased in strength – a lot! Race 1; there was just enough breeze to keep the boats moving along. Nigel, Russ and Bob had a closely fought race until the final leg when Bob pulled away to win, ahead of Nigel and Russ.

Race 2; Nigel took an early lead but he was caught just meters from the finish by the entire fleet as the wind left his boat adrift. He did finally manage to struggle across the line just ahead of Rodney and Richard plus the rest of the fleet all very close together. Recording them all kept the RO Alan busy for few minutes!

Race 3; Bob got away from the start and was not seen again! He won easily, almost lapping some boats. Scott moved through the fleet nicely to take 2nd place, ahead of Richard in 3rd.

Race 4; this one was very painful for many as the wind dropped completely. Nigel and Scott got away and after quite a time they drifted across the line with Nigel the winner. These were the only two to actually get to the finish line – the other 6 agreed to be awarded “places on the water” as they were hardly moving at all by this stage! Plus, the light was fading fast.

All in all, a very frustrating night as the weather was really nice apart from a serious lack of any wind. Our thanks to Alan who acted as RO which allowed everyone to race (drift) together in one fleet.

Congratulations to Nigel for winning this round.

IOM Summer Series Rd1 & Alice Trophy Sunday 10th April 2022 results > Alice Trophy 2022 results

Weather; cool, sunny, light easterly breeze which swung southerly and increased in strength.

Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start and finish on the same line. Skippers raced off the ramp and then moved to the west bank.

Entries; 7 (all raced together, taking turns to watch start line)
Races; 11

Summary; This meeting was for the Alice Trophy as well as counting for round 1 of the summer series. We started with a very light easterly breeze so were racing from the ramp side. The windward marker was a little tricky at times but there just enough breeze to get around it ok.

During the coffee break the wind swung almost a full 90 degrees and was now coming from the south so the entire course had to be moved! This was not a bad thing as the wind also increased in strength and meant the suns reflection off the water was no longer an issue.

As usual Nigel racing his No55 boat was near the front most of the time, with myself and Scott giving him a few good races and nicking a couple of wins on occasions. Later in the morning Rod and then Daron got away from the fleet and picked up a race win each. Unfortunately, just after his win in Race 8 Rod’s rudder servo failed and he had to RTD. He kindly stayed on and acted as RO for the remaining races.

There were sudden wind shifts, especially later in the morning which were difficult to read at times but it did produce some good battles with places changing hands just feet from the finish line!

Nigel was always the one to catch and only had 2 “poor” races which were discarded. He finished the meeting with 5 wins from the 11 races and won with a score of 14 points. Scott picked up 2nd place on 20 with myself 3rd on 25.

Congratulations to Nigel on winning this round and the Alice Trophy (once again!)

I couldn’t make it to this one, so thanks to Nigel for sending in the results.
IOM Winter Series Rd9 Sun 27th Feb + FINAL overall series points standing > IOM Winter Series Rd9 & Final overall points table 2021-22

I know the sun was out and there was forecast of 12mph winds, so it could not have been too bad as 7 skippers completed 10 races for the 9th and final round of the Winter Series.

Richard and Bob were away racing at Yeovil, so Nigel could have stayed in bed and won the series! Unfortunately for the other skippers he did turn up and by the narrowest of margins won this round scoring 11 points. Scott has to settle for 2nd place just a single point behind (12pts) with Daron best of the rest in 3rd on 18.

Final overall series standings.
As mentioned Nigel wins the overall series scoring 171 points. From the 9 round series he has won 4 and only once finished outside the top 3 places! That’s a hat-trick of Winter Series wins for him (not run in 2020/21 due to Covid) going back to the 2018/19 series.
Richard is the well deserved runner-up scoring 165. Bob missing this one allowed me and two others to leap-frog past him. I finish in 3rd place (154pts), Daron 4th (149) and Scott nicks 5th (146). Bob finishes in 6th on countback ahead of Ron as both tied on 142pts. Rod, Graham, John and Henry picked up the remaining places in that order.

Congratulations to Nigel on once again winning the “Brian Wiles Trophy” for 2021/22

IOM Winter Series Rd8 Sun 13th Feb results > IOM Winter Series Rd8 2021-22

Weather; cold, overcast, occasional light rain, strong southerly wind at least 20-25mph gusting much stronger at times.

Course; triangle/sausage with a leeward gate, start and finish on the same line. Skippers raced off the right-hand bank.

Entries; 7 (1 off per races as RO)
Races; 14

Summary; A few could not attend this round which was a shame as we finally had some decent wind for a change! There were two “channels” the strong south wind took around the windward marker; one coming slightly through the gap from the fishing lake, and the other over the bank by the side of the trees. The best route along these channels seemed to change constantly, huge gains and loses could be had depending on the route someone decide to take. Sometimes just sailing up the middle tacking several times was best!

All skippers raced on their top suit, a few were very occasionally over-powered running down towards the leeward gate but it was never enough to think about dropping down to 2nd suit.

Nigel, Richard and Bob set the early pace with Scott not too far behind. During the coffee break the windward marker which had been in a bit of a “hole” was moved out to a slightly better position. Bob carried on as before clocking up 2 more wins and a string of 2nd place, sometimes being pushed to the line by Richard.

Scott and Russ found their grove from Race 7 both getting into the top places a few times and picking up wins. Having twice lost the lead in previous races Rod finally got into his grove and lead Race 11 all the way from start to finish – he was very happy about that!

The 14th and final race looked to be a comfortable win for Richard but a sudden wind shift left his boat in irons just inches from the finish line. Battling with Bob for 3rd place Russ could not believe his luck as the same shift put his boat across the line to nick the win with Scott and Bob close behind. Nigel crossed just as Richard finally got going again. They were awarded equal 4th as no one could separate them in all the confusion!

Result; Bob seemed to find the best route more often than others over the 14 races. He won 3 and was 2nd in five others, he wins this round with a score of 16 points (after 3 discards). Richard was 2nd (18pts) with Scott just doing enough to nick 3rd place (23) ahead of Nigel (24).

Congratulations to Bob on the win.

Overall series; There is just 1 round left in the series and only 2 Skippers who can win it – Nigel or Richard. Nigel “only” needs to win or finish 2nd to guarantee he wins the series overall. Richard has to win and hope that Nigel finishes 3rd or lower for him to take it. If both finish lower than 2nd it goes to Nigel whatever happens. 3rd place is between Bob and Russ but with a 9 point advantage Bob is the clear favourite for that spot. 5th place is up for grabs between Daron, Scott or Ron with just 5 points separating them all.

IOM Winter Series Round 7 (Sun 31st Jan) results > IOM Winter Series Rd7 2021-22
Weather; fog clearing to bright sunshine, dry but once again (3rd meeting running) very little wind with only a slight easterly breeze max 5mph at times.

Course; 1 x triangle with leeward gate, finish at the windward marker, from Race 4 increased length to include sausage leg but finishing on start line. Skippers raced off the ramp side.

Entries; 9 (all racing in one fleet)
Races; 8

Summary; The fleet of 9 boats soon dropped to 8 as Graham had to RTD after just one race with a winch fault. Drifting fog and later bright sunshine reflecting off the water made spotting the boats and markers tricky at times. The lack of wind greatly limited the course layout and its length, as a result most of the time especially for the earlier races whoever rounded the first marker ahead was usually that race winner.

At the beginning Richard found the best lines winning Races 1 and 2 – Race 2 he almost lapped half the fleet! Scott and then Ron broke away from the fleet early on picking up wins in the next two races. As the wind “slightly” improved the course was lengthened to include a sausage leg.

Nigel took an early lead and held onto it to win Race 5. He was recalled (jump start) in Race 6 but with no others around was able to take a higher line through the start. This paid dividends as a slight wind shift meant he could stay on the same tack and sailed past the entire fleet on the very first leg! Nigel made the most of his good fortune holding onto the lead he won that race also.

After a nightmare race finishing down in 7th place Richard came back to win Race 7 but then his RX failed and he had to RTD from Race 8. Darron finished this round with a comfortable win for the mornings 8th and final race.

Results; Nigel’s 2 wins and four 2nd places with only 1 poor race (a 7th) means he wins this round with a score (after 2 discards) of 10 points. Though Richard’s RTD from the final race is discarded it cost him any real chance of catching Nigel. Richard is 2nd on 13pts.
The last race win for Daron made all the difference as he tied on 19 points with Russ, but Daron takes the 3rd place on countback due to that last and single race win! Scott was the best of the rest picking up 5th spot on 22pts.

Congratulations to Nigel on the win.

Once again, thanks to Martyn for recording all the race results.

IOM Winter Series Round 6 (Sun 16th Jan 2022) results > IOM Winter Series Rd6 2021-22

Weather; sunshine at times, dry, mild but zero wind for first 30 mins then a westerly breeze slowly gathered up to 10mph by the end.

Course; 2 x triangle with leeward gate, finish at the windward marker. Skippers raced off the ramp side.

Entries; 9 (all racing in one fleet)

Races; 9

Summary; This round can only be described as awful for first 30 mins with a fleet of 9 boats adrift in the lake! Then the lightest of breeze allowed for a single lap race which took over 20 mins to run! At that point an early coffee break was called by the stand-in OOD Russ. Thankfully after coffee the wind slowly picked up allowing for 3 more single lap races to be run, then the course was lengthened to 2 laps as it continued to increase race by race.

John was robbed of a possible win while leading Race 2 when his boat picked up a very large tree branch. Many other skippers also picked up the odd piece of reed, leaf, etc which cost them a place or two. This became less of an issue as the wind blew most of the debris well clear of the course during the morning.

Nigel, John and Russ had quite a few good races in close company right to the finish line. After a few poor starts Bob and Richard joined them with Ron often near the front as well. Graham had to RTD from Race 5 with radio problems.

Despite the first hour being mostly “lost” due to no wind we did manage to get things going once it picked up and completed 9 races. This was done with the help of Martyn recording all the results which saved a lot of time.

Results; Nigel only had 2 really poor races which were both discarded, he is the winner of this round on 14 points. John was 2nd (17) with Bob 3rd (23). Russ nicked 4th place (24) from Ron on countback (2 wins to 0).

Congratulations to Nigel on the win.

IOM Winter Series Round 5 (Sun 2nd Jan 2022) results > IOM Winter Series Rd5 2021-22

Weather; very mild, dry (except for very light drizzle midway through the last race) southerly wind 5 to 15mph.
Course; 2 x shallow triangle with leeward gates, finish at the windward marker. Skippers raced from the righthand bank.
Entries; 9 (1 off each race as RO)
Races; 9

Summary; Race 1 was in a steady 15mph breeze across the entire course but sadly that didn’t last long! By Race 2 it had dropped 3/5mph around the windward and No2 markers but it did gradually pick up again after an early coffee break. Richard was racing a home built yellow coloured “Alternative” boat for the very first time. It seems to be “ok” as he won Race 1 and was in the top 3 for the majority of the remaining races! He was joined by Nigel and Bob battling it out at the front fairly often with all three of them taking 2 wins.
John got into the action after the coffee break with a string of 3rd places and 1 win. Ron was having a mixed bag that included a 2nd and 3rd place but then had to RTD after race 5, it was later found that his rudder servo had failed.

Results; The 9th and final race turned out to be the decider, Nigel won it which was enough for him to nick the win from Richard by just 2 points! Nigel finished on a score of 11 points (after 2 discards). Richards must be very happy with his maiden boats performance finishing 2nd (13pts). Bob was just another 2pts back in 3rd place (15) the same points spacing for John who was 4th (17).

Congratulations to Nigel on the win.

IOM Winter Series Round 4 Sun 19th Dec results > IOM Winter Series Rd4 2021-22

Weather; very cold, overcast, 1 to 5mph winds north/east plus drifting mist!
Course; Triangle then sausage both with a leeward gate. Skippers raced from the ramp/left side bank.
Entries; 9 (Alan B acting as RO for all races)
Races; 8

Summary; The course was laid with no idea of the wind direction so we ended up with fairly bias Port start line and a gate at a bit of an odd angle. Not perfect, but it was the same for everyone. An occasional light breeze was enough for some good close battles but sadly it never stayed for an entire race. At times the whole fleet were left adrift waiting for it to return, which boat happened to be were on the course sometimes made all the difference!

John was racing his No49 Chris Dicks designed Widget boat which in his hands seemed to relish the conditions. He had a run of 4 wins in a row, in one he was heading way off towards the wrong marker but still managed to maintain his lead and win that race – sometimes it is just your day! Nigel, Richard, Bob and Russ enjoyed some close races and a few very close finishes.

Results; John’s run of 4 wins plus a 2nd and 3rd was easily enough for him to win this round scoring just 9 points (after 2 discards). Nigel won 3 races taking 2nd on 14pts just 1 ahead of Richard who didn’t win a single race but took a handful of 2nd and 3rd places. Bob was the only other skipper to win a race, he was the best of the rest taking 4th (20) with Russ in 5th (22)

A big thank you once again to Alan Barnstable who was not racing but volunteered to act as the sole RO so all 9 skippers could race. His help meant we were able to complete 8 races in very light winds. He had quite a few very close finishes to judge which hopefully helped him forget just how cold it was!

Congratulations to John on the win.

IOM Winter Series Rd2 (Sun 5th Dec) results > IOM Winter Series Rd3 2021-22

Weather; Strong north/west wind 20-21mph, very cold but dry.
Course; Triangle then sausage both with a leeward gate, finishing line at the windward marker. Skippers racing off the ramp/left side bank.
Entries; 10
Races; 11

Summary; Henry Westphal made a welcome return to the club after a few years away, he was racing an Olympic boat. The occasional strong wind gust overpowered the boats at times especially heading down towards the leeward gate. It could be very challenging but was not quite enough for anyone to consider switching down to their B rigs. The windward marker/finish line was in a bit of a hole which could make or break a Skippers race – and often did! Daron started off well winning 2 of the first 3 races but after that he found himself fighting in the midfield most of the time. Rod had a few good results after the coffee break when his boat was “Tweaked” by Richard. Nigel picked up just 1 win but was very consistent never finishing outside the top 5 in any race. Richard and Bob won all the other races between them, with Richard having a superb run from Race 6 onwards as he won 4 and was 2nd in two others.

Results; A total of 5 wins and three 2nd places for Richard was easily enough to win with a score of just 11 points (after discards). Bob was the best of the rest winning 3, he scored 21, just ahead of Nigel in 3rd place on 23. Russ had to settle for 4th on 24, with Daron 5th on 28.

A big thank you to Alan Barnstable who was not racing but recorded the results for all races. This helped to keep things moving along very nicely on a very cold morning.

Congratulation to Richard on the win.

IOM Winter Series Rd2 (Sun 21st Nov) results > IOM Winter Series Rd2 2021-22
Weather; Steady north wind 17/19mph, cool, dry with (very) bright sunshine.
Course; Triangle then sausage with a leeward gate, start/finish on same makers middle of the course.
Skippers racing off the right-hand bank.
Entries; 9
Races; 12
Summary; A fairly constant breeze coming across the car park made for some excellent racing conditions and some very close finishes between several skippers. The decision on which way to round the gate especially on the final leg could make or break your race! Bob’s sheeting line hooked up in Race 2, it was a quick fix but meant he had to drop out that one. In Race 9 Nigel made a rare error while on port he collided hard into John’s boat while it was on starboard. Nigel was able to continue afterwards, but John had to retire with a broken jib. Graham and Rod did well to hold onto 2nd places a few times while under stiff pressure from others right up to the finish line. Bob, Russ and Nigel were the only skippers to win a race over all 12 that were run.

Results; 6 wins for Bob was easily enough to win this round scoring just 12 points. Russ won 4 races and takes 2nd place on 22pts. Nigel won the other 2 races, scoring 31 points he was 3rd.

A big thank you to John who was kind enough to stay on and do RO duties for the last few races.

We have not seen him for a while but he has still “got it” – well done to Bob on winning this one.

IOM Dickie Bird “Starboard” Trophy 2021 (also includes Winter Series Rd1) Sunday 7th November
Full score sheet > Dickie Bird Trophy 2021

Weather; Gusty 15-20mph WNW, dry with bright sunshine.

Course; Triangle then sausage with a leeward gate and windward finish line. Skippers raced from the left corner/ramp side.

Entries; 8
Races; 12

Summary; Gusting winds made things tricky at times, a few skippers got caught out at the start line and were recalled. The windward marker/finish line was in a bit of a “hole” which could be very frustrating! Russ dropped from 2nd to last place (Race 2) after getting hooked up on the starboard gate marker for a while! Richard’s boat had to be recovered after its jib broke (Race 2), but he was able to make a quick repair and only missed one race. John’s jib also broke (race 8) but he was not able to fix it and had to RTD. Daron did very well to hold onto his lead and win Race 11 with Nigel closing the gap to him all the way to the finish line.

Results; 4 race wins for Richard, 2 each for Nigel, Daron, John and Russ. Richard and Nigel tied on 22 points but Richard wins it on countback (4 wins to 2). Daron was 3rd on 30 points just 1 ahead of Russ in 4th and Scott 5th both on 31pts separated by countback.

to Martyn Chappell who not racing this morning but helped out with recording the race results and was the RO for the last 4 races.

IOM Summer Series 2021 Round 6 (10th October) results > IOM Summer Series Rd6 & FINAL overall points table 2021
This meeting started with a nice northerly breeze coming down the lake from the car park which slowly dropped as the morning progressed. The sun got warmer allowing the normal Sedgemoor holes and slightly fluky conditions to appear.

Racing started with just 4 skippers as a number of the regulars happen to be away for this one. The fleet size did increase to 5 from race 2 when Andy Harding arrived lakeside – he had forgotten that we now start at 9:30 instead of 10:00! Great to see that Andy was back racing with us again, I hear he plans to return more often now the M5 is not so congested.

Nigel setup Graham’s boat during the coffee break and it seemed to work as he then went on to win 2 races in the remainder of the morning. There must have been a half decent breeze since 10 races were completed by the usual midday cut-off time.

Scott and Daron had a few good results and both won 2 races, but Nigel with 4 wins is this rounds winner with a score of 12 points. Scott took 2nd place on 16, with Daron picking up 3rd on 18. Nigel’s win means he has won the summer series racing a 25 year old boat bought on eBay for £60! Though it did require quite a lot of restoration plus new sails to make it competitive.

Well done to Nigel on winning this one.

Overall series
Nigel had already won the series before this round was run; he finishes with a total of 122 points. 2nd to 4th places were held by Ron, Russ and John but all of them missed this one which meant Ron holds onto his runners-up spot on 110pts. Russ keeps his 3rd place on 109, while Scott moves up to take 4th (101) with Graham in 5th not too far behind scoring 98.

IOM Summer Series Round 5 (26th September) results > IOM Summer Series Rd5 2021
Once again, we arrived to an almost flat lake BUT this time the wind slowly pickup and stayed fairly consistent at around 7 mph all morning.
Scott was away for this one so Nigel and I set a narrow triangle course with a leeward end gate and windward finish line to make the most of the breeze coming across the lake from the south corner. Since the wind was fairly good we decided to race this course for two full laps.

A few skippers were away but we still had 7 entering this one. We all raced on the water together taking it in turns to watching the start line each time. The first skipper over the finish line noted the results – which was mostly done by Richard and Nigel!

We managed to complete 9 races on a beautiful sunny morning, finishing a few minutes earlier than usual as a big family event was due to be taking place in the park. The fairly consistent wind it did allow for some good tactical races. The decision to go either port or starboard through the gate on the final leg could make or break your race. Richard and Nigel found their grove right from the start and were out front most of the time having their own private battles. I managed to nick a win in race 7 but all the others were won either by Richard or Nigel; the final tally was 5 to 3 wins in Richard favour.

Almost as impressive when Richard didn’t win a race he was 2nd – every single time! He wins this round with a 9 point score after discarding TWO 2nd places! Nigel takes 2nd scoring 13, with Ron 3rd on 21.

Well done Richard on winning this one.

Overall Series
Nigel’s 2nd place and 24 point haul at this round means he now has an unassailable lead in the series overall. He has won it no matter what happens at the 6th and final round in two weeks time. Runners-up place is still up for grabs between myself, Ron and John.

Congratulations to Nigel on a well-deserved series win.

IOM Summer Series 2021 Round 4 (12th September) Results

We arrived to a flat clam lake with almost zero wind – something that seems to happen at almost every IOM round this year! It was tricky to decide in what direction any breeze was actually coming from so Scott and I laid a large circle of markers from the ramp side so we had “options”!

There were 7 skippers for this round, so we decided with such light winds for all to race together taking it in turns to watch the start line. We raced a simple triangle/sausage course 3 times before the usual 10.30am coffee break. After the break the course was moved so we could race from the right-hand bank as the only wind was mainly along that side, plus it was closer/easier for the skippers to see.

It was a particularly frustrating morning for everyone. On occasions a light breeze came across the lake but sadly never stayed around for too long, and sometimes when it did appear it came from a completely unexpected direction!

Myself, Ron and Nigel found ourselves in the right place at the right time more often than most. After 7 very long races and 1 discard we were all tied on 15 points but on count-back Ron nicks it (2x wins + 2x 2nd places), Nigel takes runners-up spot (2x wins 1 x 2nd place) and I have to settle for 3rd (1 x win) – ERRGGH!

Ron has had an eventful few weeks after falling into the lake at the last one, amazingly his TX survived and so did he to come back and win this one!
Congratulations Ron.

IOM Summer Series 2021 Round 3 (29th August) results > IOM Summer Series Rd3 2021
We had decent northerly breeze coming in straight over the car park it filled the middle and southeast side of the lake. A triangle/sausage course with a leeward gate and windward finish line was laid, but racing clockwise with all markers to starboard which was a little unusual.

The course direction and layout seemed to confuse many skippers and sometimes even the RO, on a few occasions thinking they had finished while passing through the leeward gate! For a change we adopted the SYS section format for duties with the highest placed skipper in each race coming off the water to be the RO for next the one. This worked well and kept things moving along nicely.

It turned out just about everything that could happen did happen during this very unusual meeting;
Firstly, I won Race 1 and Daron Race 2 – that alone is unusual!
Before Race 3 got underway Scott had problems with his winch tension spring coming adrift after he replaced his TX battery. Graham was also out with some rigging issues. Then a big splash – Ron had slipped while launching his boat and fell into the lake! He was unhurt but completely soaked head to foot. His boat was undamaged but his TX went into the water and showed no signs of life. At that point we called for an early coffee break to sort everything out!

Ron decided to withdraw so he could go home and dry off properly. Despite his best efforts (helped by Nigel and Richard) Scott’s winch was not repairable lakeside, so he was also out. Graham’s rigging just needed a tweak so he was back making up a fleet of 7 for the remaining races.

Race 3, 4 and 5 saw Richard, Rod and Nigel all win in that order, Rod’s by just inches! Richard was well on his way to an easy win in Race 6 sailing on his last leg but Nigel coming back on his penultimate leg misjudged the space while passing and they tangled. By the time their boats had separated Richard was left to finish in 4th.

In Race 7 I was holding a sizeable lead with just a quarter of final leg to the finish line when my jib leach line hooked up on the spreaders. This pretty much “strangled” my boat while the entire fleet caught and then passed me – UGGHH! Coming through from dead last place Daron took the furthest line out picking up a nice wind shift he passed everyone to win the race!

I did go on to win the last two races (think I mentioned it lakeside!) This as it turned out was just enough for me to win this round scoring 12. Richard finishes in 2nd on 13pts. Daron pipped Nigel to 3rd place (16pts) on count-back, while Rod pipped John to 5th also on count-back.

All in all, it was a very usual meeting with a skipper falling in the lake, normally reliable boats breaking, normally reliable skippers misjudging others and what looked like easy wins being lost in usual circumstances – but most unusual of all – I won it!

IOM Summer Series 2021 Round 2 (15th Aug) results > IOM Summer Series Rd2 2021
We started this round with a light southerly breeze, so Scott set the usual course with the skippers standing on the right-hand bank.

After just 2 races the wind dropped to almost zero so it was agreed to take an early coffee break in the hope it might picked up – and it did! The wind had increased but also swung around coming across more from the west, so much so the entire course had to be moved and we were then sailing from the ramp side. Not that it took too long to move all the markers with the new faster outboard motor on the dinghy!

9 skippers had arrived for this round but that became 8 even before the racing got underway as Graham had winch/radio problems which needed workshop repairs. The 8 then became 7 as Steve had to leave early, and then it really became 6 as I was sailing like a complete doughnut most of the time way off the back of the fleet!

Meanwhile out at the front it was John and Nigel who were in close company trading race wins, with Daron occasionally splitting them apart. By the time we finished after 8 races John had won 3 to Nigel’s 4 with Scott being the only other skipper to win a race all morning. John was slightly more consistent overall which meant he had done enough to win this round scoring 10 points to Nigel’s 11 (after a race discard). Daron was the best of the rest taking 3rd place scoring 18.

Well done to John on winning this one.

IOM Wednesday Night Series 2021 Round 5 (11th Aug) results > IOM Rd5 Weds Night Series & FINAL overall points table 2021
Finally, we had a decent breeze for a Weds night meeting, unfortunately it was very overcast so the evening light faded a little sooner than usual – but at least we had some wind and the forecast of rain did not appear.

Scott set a very long course which was the usual triangle/sausage shape with a leeward end gate and windward finish line. The course length allowed you to recover from a bad start, or for guys like me to throw away some decent results! We completed 6 races before it got a little too dark, though I did manage to win the very last one (think I may have mentioned that lakeside a few times!) but by the end we were almost left to sail by our RX lights to navigate!

Of the 9 skippers it was Bob with his trusted blue No4 that managed to find his way to the front most of the time. On a few occasions with Scott or Richard in close company. He won 2, was second in 2 more and discarded his one bad result, so he easily won this round with a score of just 6 points. Scott had a good night as he avoided a recent bad habit of hitting markers while sailing all by himself. He finished 2nd on 8pts, with Richard scoring 11 and nicking 3rd place from me on countback. Nigel had by his standards a poor night finishing in 5th, not helped by picking up a 6ft long reed in one race!

Well done to Bob on the round win.

Overall series
This was the final round in a shorter than usual 5 round series. As has happened recently it ended as a two-horse race once again between Richard and Nigel. Whoever finished above the other at this round would win the series overall. Richard’s 3rd to Nigel 5th place is enough for Richard to secure himself first in the series scoring 96 points (after 1 round discard). Nigel has to settle for runners-up spot this time with a score of 93. Somehow, I managed to finish in 3rd place on 92. I may have to mention that lakeside next meeting!

Congratulations to Richard on the series win in some very testing/flat clam conditions at more than a few rounds this summer.

IOM Les Watts Shield & round 1 Summer Series (1st Aug) results > IOM Les Watts Shield 2021
We arrived to a completely flat calm lake and very angry black clouds all around us! The air was so still the OOD Scott decided to set out all 5 markers in a large circle with a start gate in the middle. This meant he could decide on the course once the wind made an appearance! Thankfully, it did with the lightest of breezes coming from the west so we were able to race a triangle course.
It soon increased so the course was extended to include a sausage leg. After the coffee break the course was moved as the wind had shifted more towards the northwest and a windward finish line was added.
We had a couple of showers during a couple of races and again a short one as we packed up but overall, it was not too bad.

Nigel was presented his Spring Series Trophy before racing got underway. There were 8 entering this one, so all raced together in one fleet with one being selected at random to watch the start line each time.

After 5 races Bob and Ron were tied for first place, but Bob was then forced to retire as his winch line had lost its tension and came off its drum. Scott was out at the same time as he had to get away early due to family commitments. This left 6 boats still racing. We managed to get in 3 more races before the 12pm deadline. During these 3 Nigel found his mojo and strung together a 1st, 3rd and 1st place which was enough for him overtake Ron and win this event scoring 13 points. Ron held on to 2nd place on 16pts, just 1 point ahead of Richard in 3rd. So, we finished the meeting as it had started with Nigel being presented a trophy!

Well done Nigel on winning the Les Watts Shield and round 1 of the Summer Series.

IOM Wednesday night series round 4 (21st July) results > IOM Rd4 Weds Night Series 2021
After another scorching hot day, it was still very warm by the time we started the evenings races. There was a very light breeze coming from the north west, the usual course was set but diagonally from the ramp side with the windward marker/finish line in the righthand corner.

For various reason a few of the regular skippers could not attend this one, so we had only 5 with all on the water racing together. The very light wind vanished completely for fairly long periods but despite this there was still some good close racing at times. In one race all 5 boats were together heading down the final leg. We managed to get in 6 races before the light faded.

Both John and Graham had retired early from Sunday’s meeting but both had fixed their boats in time for this round. They were in good form especially in races 4 and 5 finishing 1, 2 in close formation by a very wide margin over the rest. John RTD at the start of race 6 (suspect low RX battery) which left the way open for his “team mate” Graham to win the race. Graham continues to improve race by race and is really finding his way with his new red MX16 boat.

All 5 skippers won a race each with John winning 2 with his newly acquired Widget boat. His last race RTD didn’t really matter as that was his one poor result and therefore his discard. John easily won this round scoring just 9 points. I was 2nd on 12 just ahead of Graham on 13.

Richard had a nightmare round by his high standards finding all the Apex “holes” in most of the races – he ended up finishing in 5th and last! Nigel missed this one but once again it is between these two for the overall series with just one round left to go. I have a mathematical chance to win the series but only if I win the final round and they both finish outside the top 3 places – so I’m not holding out any hope of that happening!

Once again it will be winner takes all for the series between Nigel and Richard at the final round on Weds 11th August.

Well done to John on winning this one.

IOM Spring Series round 5 (18th July) results & final overall points table > IOM Spring Series Rd5 & final overall standings 2021
Unfortunately, we started with very little wind for the second time in a row but this time it did at least increase as the morning progressed. We started with 7 skippers but after just one race that dropped to 5 as both Graham and John retired with boat problems. Scott set the usual triangle/gate, sausage/gate course and with all skippers racing together we did manage to get through 9 long races.

It was the hottest day of the year so far and we felt it by the last few races moving under the trees for some shade! This was the last round in the series and it was winner takes all between Nigel and Richard for the overall Spring Series title. Nigel looked to have it all wrapped up early on as he won 3 of the first 4, but Richard had scored 3 second places in a row and then went on to win Races 5 and 7 so it was a bit too close to call. By the end they tied both scoring 13 points (after discards) but Nigel takes the round win on countback – 3 wins to Richard 2. Scott was the best of the rest picking up 3rd place on 19 points.

The win for Nigel means that he also wins the series overall ahead of Richard again only courtesy of countback (both on 98 pts) as he has won 3 rounds to Richard 2. I picked up 3rd place overall on 88 with John taking 4th (87) ahead of Daron in 5th on countback.

Congratulations to Nigel on winning this round and also the 2021 Spring Series.

IOM Section Sec Scott Smart presenting Nigel Clarke (right) the 2021 Spring Series Trophy 

IOM Spring Series round 4 (4th July) results > IOM Spring Series Rd4 2021
We were joined by our newest club member Steve Gleed who was racing Ron’s old MX16 (yellow boat with teeth!) with us for his first time. His entry brought the numbers up to 11 but sadly we had almost no wind for him or anyone to enjoy. The course was the usual one (see previous reports) but with so little wind the fleet mostly drifted around with the odd boat occasionally catching the odd puff.

By 10.30am and with only 3 races run Scott called for a coffee break. Luckily, it was just in time as we got back to our cars the heavens opened, thankfully it did stop as we resumed racing but it had killed off what wind there had been before. After the break Scott’s radio would not work. He later discovered rain water he thinks running off the back of his car boot had found its way into his boats RX box and drowned its electrics!

Races 4 and 5 were more long “painful” affairs with skippers sailing further and further off the course in an attempt to try and find the wind – any wind! A slight breeze did pick up just as we planned to finish, since it was a few minutes before 12 we ran one final race – but that still meant only 6 had been run in total.

John and Ron had the odd moment both winning a race each, but it was Richard, Nigel and Bob who found their way to the front most of the time. In the end all 3 of them tied on 9 points. On countback Richard and Nigel had an exact tie both scoring two 1st a 3rd, 4th and 6th places so they cannot be split and share the win. Despite finishing every race in 2nd or 3rd Bob misses out as he had no wins, so he is a little unlucky and has to settle for 3rd spot.

For the overall series with just 1 round to go it’s really only between Richard on 74pts and Nigel on 73 (after a round discard). Bob is on 69 and has a mathematical chance to leap-frog them both but that’s fairly unlikely (sorry Bob!) and he might have a battle on for that place with three other skippers just a few points behind him.

Hopefully we have a decent breeze for the 5th and final round of the Spring Series which is on 18th July.

Weds Night Series round 3 (30th June) results > IOM Rd3 Weds Night Series 2021
8 skippers entered this one so each took it in turns once to be the RO. At the end of the 8 races there was still enough summer evening light left to get in just a couple more so we all raced together for Races 9 and 10.

Scott set the usual triangle/sausage course with a leeward end gate since the westerly wind was so light and shifting he didn’t want to complicate things as just finding a steady breeze was difficult enough!

Oddly the start didn’t really matter too much as places were swapping around throughout the field depending where you happen to be at the time. This was particularly true of the long final leg from the leeward gate to the windward finish line. It was often a real struggle to keep moving forwards with any degree of boat speed, sometimes coming along close to the ramp was the place to be – sometimes it was not!

The score sheet reflects the tricky conditions with 7 skippers all winning at least 1 race and also finishing in 6th or lower more than once. I was having a very good evening finishing in the top 4 and winning 2 races, that was before the last 3 when I managed to find all the “holes” and finished those in 5th, 8th and then 7th! Luckily for me the last 2 races were removed as discards and I had secured enough good results and managed to win this round on 18 points. Richard and Nigel tied on 19, but Richard nicks the 2nd spot on countback (2 race wins to 1).
Well done me for winning this one!

Spring Series round 3 (20th June) score sheet > IOM Spring Series Rd3 2021
There was a very light northerly breeze coming across the car park, so we sailed from the lower pathway on the west side of the lake. The meeting OOD Scott set his usual triangle/sausage with a leeward end gate – he has promised to do something a bit different next time!

Once again, we had 10 skippers entering so there were 2 and at times 3 off the water as RO’s, all drawn randomly from a rather neat app on my phone. As usual the starts were all important, on the odd occasion the sudden light wind shift meant a boat or two could slip through the line and get away on a port tack. A few skippers found the wind by taking the much longer route going across the far east side of the lake which sometimes paid off big time – and sometimes it really did not!

Nigel had a very good run making the most of the tricky conditions he won Race 3, was RO for Race 4, then had a hat-trick of wins in Race 5, 6 and 7. This was enough for him to secure top spot for this round scoring 12 points (after discards). Bob was the best of the rest finishing 2nd on 17 with Daron having one of his best mornings for while taking 3rd spot on 19. John, Scott and Ron were all tied for 4th on 22pts but on countback it was the number of wins that separated them; John takes 4th (2 wins), Scott 5th (1 win) and Ron 6th (0 wins). Despite the really light winds we managed to complete 9 long races starting the last one just 1 minute before our 12pm deadline!

Well done to Nigel for winning this one. Once a round discard is taken into account (comes into effect from round 4) the overall series has really closed up now.

Weds Night Series round 2 (9th June) results > IOM Rd2 Weds Night Series 2021
We’ve had a run of IOM meetings with a pretty decent breeze staying with us though all our races but tonight it was a return to “service as normal”! Things started off ok with a light westerly wind, it swung slightly so it was coming from the north/west corner but at the same time dropped away to little more than the odd “puff” – and if you boat happened to catch that puff it was great while it lasted!
We raced a triangle/sausage course with the usual leeward gate and windward finish line set out from the ramp side. 8 skippers entered this one, so 1 was off each race as RO. For the last two races the very unpopular and becalmed far side No2 marker (making the triangle) was dropped, instead we raced twice around the other markers making for a sausage course keeping parallel to the ramp were the little breeze left could be found. Many found themselves racing up and down the fleet, sometimes while on the same leg of the course! In fact all the skippers had at least 2 races finishing down in 5th or worst places!

Finding the best line more often than most was Nigel who won this one scoring 14 points. Richard and Ron tied on 17 but Richard takes the 2nd place on countback – 2 wins to 1. There was also a tie for 4th between me and Bob (21), but Bob nicks it on countback after going all the way to compare our 4th places – OUCH!
Well done Nigel.

Spring Series round 2 (6th June) results > IOM Spring Series Rd2 2021
We raced a long triangle/sausage course with the gate at the leeward end and the finish line right up at the windward mark. There was a light westerly breeze which remained fairly constant (by Apex standards!) all morning. The forecast of rain never materialized, in fact after 10 races we finished in bright sunshine. We had 10 skippers entering this one, so 2 were drawn to be off each race to act as RO’s.

Somehow I just about managed to win it! I scored 12 points, Richard and Nigel tied on 13 but Richard takes 2nd place on countback as he had 3 wins to Nigel’s 2.

Weds Night series round 1 (26th May) results > IOM Rd1 Weds Night 2021
A decent breeze meant the 6 skippers could get in 12 races before dark. Richard Aucott (13) won this round just 1 point ahead of 2nd place Nigel Clarke (14), with Bob Conner (18) taking 3rd spot.

Spring Series round 1 (23rd May) combined with the Alice Trophy 2021
Report, scores & photos by Russ Chilcott
Results > Spring Series Rd1 & Alice Trophy 2021  

We had very strong SW winds which stayed with us all morning, occasionally it gusted and was over-powering the A rigs at times. The course was a long triangle/sausage with a gate at the leeward end and the finish line was up at the windward marker. The long course and sudden gusts plus the usual Apex wind shifts gave everyone lots of opportunities to gain, or in my case, loose plenty of places!
We had a 15 min coffee break, had to slightly over-run the 12pm finish time so everyone had done an equal number of RO duties but we did manage to miss any proper rain with only a light shower as we packed up. 14 races were completed with 6 of the 7 skippers winning at least 1 each.

“Mr Consistency” Richard Aucott as usual was always near the front end and with a score (after discards) of 17 points he won this round plus the Alice Trophy. John took 2nd place on 20, with Scott 3rd on 22.

Well done Richard.

WE ARE BACK! Starting from Sunday 23rd May 2021 competitive racing resumes – see 2021 Calendar page for details.

A few skippers “free sailing” under the Rule of 6 during late summer 2020.

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak all IOM competition meetings have been suspended until further notice.

Spring Series round 1 (15th March) results (combined with Alice Trophy) > Rd1 IOM Spring Series 2020
This meeting was for the Alice Trophy as well as round 1 of the Spring Series – not that it felt much like spring as it was cold and wet – very wet! There was a light westerly breeze which came and went from time to time but the rain stayed pretty constant all morning. 7 skippers entered this one, that soon dropped to 6 as Graham had radio problems. We raced a triangle/sausage course with a gate at the leeward end and finish using the windward mark. This made for a nice long race with several opportunities to gain places and had it not been quite so wet it would have been very enjoyable.

Each skipper took it in turn to be the RO but after 7 races with the wind dying and everyone soaked through we agreed to call it quits. We didn’t know it at the time but the last race between Nigel, John and Richard would decide who won this round and the trophy.
Nigel won the race with John just ahead of Richard crossing the line. This result gave Nigel the trophy and round win scoring 9 points, with John and Richard tied on 10 but John takes 2nd place on count-back.

Well done Nigel, he gets to keep the Alice Trophy for another year.

Winter Series round 9 (23rd Feb) results > IOM Winter Series Rd9 & FINAL overall points table 2019-20
Having had to cancel the last round due to the storms it was nice to back out racing again and the conditions meant we really were racing!
There was a very strong westerly wind with an occasional gust, despite some large grey clouds it stayed dry all morning. Scott set a long triangle/sausage course with a gate at the leeward end and the finish at the windward end which made for a nice long race. We had 9 entries for this one, 8 of us decided from the start it was windy enough for our B rigs, while John W alone thought as this is Apex his A suit would be ok – he was wrong! After one race totally overpowered he was forced to switch down and so missed the 2nd race – his gamble had not paid off.

The strong winds stayed which allowed us to get through 14 races in good time. The usual suspects Bob, Richard and Nigel were out in front most of the time, in fact only those three won a race and they left quite a gap back to the rest of us mere mortals! In the end Bob nicked it winning this round with a score of 12, Richard was only 1 point behind on 11 with Nigel in 3rd place on 19.
Well done Bob on winning this round.

For the overall series Nigel has done it again! He has won 4 of the 8 rounds and finishes top of the table on 146 points, Richard takes the runners-up spot on 142. I’m in 3rd on 134, with John W 4th (129).