all reports & scores by Russ Chilcott

IOM Wednesday night series round 4 (21st July) results > IOM Rd4 Weds Night Series 2021
After another scorching hot day, it was still very warm by the time we started the evenings races. There was a very light breeze coming from the north west, the usual course was set but diagonally from the ramp side with the windward marker/finish line in the righthand corner.

For various reason a few of the regular skippers could not attend this one, so we had only 5 with all on the water racing together. The very light wind vanished completely for fairly long periods but despite this there was still some good close racing at times. In one race all 5 boats were together heading down the final leg. We managed to get in 6 races before the light faded.

Both John and Graham had retired early from Sunday’s meeting but both had fixed their boats in time for this round. They were in good form especially in races 4 and 5 finishing 1, 2 in close formation by a very wide margin over the rest. John RTD at the start of race 6 (suspect low RX battery) which left the way open for his “team mate” Graham to win the race. Graham continues to improve race by race and is really finding his way with his new red MX16 boat.

All 5 skippers won a race each with John winning 2 with his newly acquired Widget boat. His last race RTD didn’t really matter as that was his one poor result and therefore his discard. John easily won this round scoring just 9 points. I was 2nd on 12 just ahead of Graham on 13.

Richard had a nightmare round by his high standards finding all the Apex “holes” in most of the races – he ended up finishing in 5th and last! Nigel missed this one but once again it is between these two for the overall series with just one round left to go. I have a mathematical chance to win the series but only if I win the final round and they both finish outside the top 3 places – so I’m not holding out any hope of that happening!

Once again it will be winner takes all for the series between Nigel and Richard at the final round on Weds 11th August.

Well done to John on winning this one.

IOM Spring Series round 5 (18th July) results & final overall points table > IOM Spring Series Rd5 & final overall standings 2021
Unfortunately, we started with very little wind for the second time in a row but this time it did at least increase as the morning progressed. We started with 7 skippers but after just one race that dropped to 5 as both Graham and John retired with boat problems. Scott set the usual triangle/gate, sausage/gate course and with all skippers racing together we did manage to get through 9 long races.

It was the hottest day of the year so far and we felt it by the last few races moving under the trees for some shade! This was the last round in the series and it was winner takes all between Nigel and Richard for the overall Spring Series title. Nigel looked to have it all wrapped up early on as he won 3 of the first 4, but Richard had scored 3 second places in a row and then went on to win Races 5 and 7 so it was a bit too close to call. By the end they tied both scoring 13 points (after discards) but Nigel takes the round win on countback – 3 wins to Richard 2. Scott was the best of the rest picking up 3rd place on 19 points.

The win for Nigel means that he also wins the series overall ahead of Richard again only courtesy of countback (both on 98 pts) as he has won 3 rounds to Richard 2. I picked up 3rd place overall on 88 with John taking 4th (87) ahead of Daron in 5th on countback.

Congratulations to Nigel on winning this round and also the 2021 Spring Series.

IOM Spring Series round 4 (4th July) results > IOM Spring Series Rd4 2021
We were joined by our newest club member Steve Gleed who was racing Ron’s old MX16 (yellow boat with teeth!) with us for his first time. His entry brought the numbers up to 11 but sadly we had almost no wind for him or anyone to enjoy. The course was the usual one (see previous reports) but with so little wind the fleet mostly drifted around with the odd boat occasionally catching the odd puff.

By 10.30am and with only 3 races run Scott called for a coffee break. Luckily, it was just in time as we got back to our cars the heavens opened, thankfully it did stop as we resumed racing but it had killed off what wind there had been before. After the break Scott’s radio would not work. He later discovered rain water he thinks running off the back of his car boot had found its way into his boats RX box and drowned its electrics!

Races 4 and 5 were more long “painful” affairs with skippers sailing further and further off the course in an attempt to try and find the wind – any wind! A slight breeze did pick up just as we planned to finish, since it was a few minutes before 12 we ran one final race – but that still meant only 6 had been run in total.

John and Ron had the odd moment both winning a race each, but it was Richard, Nigel and Bob who found their way to the front most of the time. In the end all 3 of them tied on 9 points. On countback Richard and Nigel had an exact tie both scoring two 1st a 3rd, 4th and 6th places so they cannot be split and share the win. Despite finishing every race in 2nd or 3rd Bob misses out as he had no wins, so he is a little unlucky and has to settle for 3rd spot.

For the overall series with just 1 round to go it’s really only between Richard on 74pts and Nigel on 73 (after a round discard). Bob is on 69 and has a mathematical chance to leap-frog them both but that’s fairly unlikely (sorry Bob!) and he might have a battle on for that place with three other skippers just a few points behind him.

Hopefully we have a decent breeze for the 5th and final round of the Spring Series which is on 18th July.

Weds Night Series round 3 (30th June) results > IOM Rd3 Weds Night Series 2021
8 skippers entered this one so each took it in turns once to be the RO. At the end of the 8 races there was still enough summer evening light left to get in just a couple more so we all raced together for Races 9 and 10.

Scott set the usual triangle/sausage course with a leeward end gate since the westerly wind was so light and shifting he didn’t want to complicate things as just finding a steady breeze was difficult enough!

Oddly the start didn’t really matter too much as places were swapping around throughout the field depending where you happen to be at the time. This was particularly true of the long final leg from the leeward gate to the windward finish line. It was often a real struggle to keep moving forwards with any degree of boat speed, sometimes coming along close to the ramp was the place to be – sometimes it was not!

The score sheet reflects the tricky conditions with 7 skippers all winning at least 1 race and also finishing in 6th or lower more than once. I was having a very good evening finishing in the top 4 and winning 2 races, that was before the last 3 when I managed to find all the “holes” and finished those in 5th, 8th and then 7th! Luckily for me the last 2 races were removed as discards and I had secured enough good results and managed to win this round on 18 points. Richard and Nigel tied on 19, but Richard nicks the 2nd spot on countback (2 race wins to 1).
Well done me for winning this one!

Spring Series round 3 (20th June) score sheet > IOM Spring Series Rd3 2021
There was a very light northerly breeze coming across the car park, so we sailed from the lower pathway on the west side of the lake. The meeting OOD Scott set his usual triangle/sausage with a leeward end gate – he has promised to do something a bit different next time!

Once again, we had 10 skippers entering so there were 2 and at times 3 off the water as RO’s, all drawn randomly from a rather neat app on my phone. As usual the starts were all important, on the odd occasion the sudden light wind shift meant a boat or two could slip through the line and get away on a port tack. A few skippers found the wind by taking the much longer route going across the far east side of the lake which sometimes paid off big time – and sometimes it really did not!

Nigel had a very good run making the most of the tricky conditions he won Race 3, was RO for Race 4, then had a hat-trick of wins in Race 5, 6 and 7. This was enough for him to secure top spot for this round scoring 12 points (after discards). Bob was the best of the rest finishing 2nd on 17 with Daron having one of his best mornings for while taking 3rd spot on 19. John, Scott and Ron were all tied for 4th on 22pts but on countback it was the number of wins that separated them; John takes 4th (2 wins), Scott 5th (1 win) and Ron 6th (0 wins). Despite the really light winds we managed to complete 9 long races starting the last one just 1 minute before our 12pm deadline!

Well done to Nigel for winning this one. Once a round discard is taken into account (comes into effect from round 4) the overall series has really closed up now.

Weds Night Series round 2 (9th June) results > IOM Rd2 Weds Night Series 2021
We’ve had a run of IOM meetings with a pretty decent breeze staying with us though all our races but tonight it was a return to “service as normal”! Things started off ok with a light westerly wind, it swung slightly so it was coming from the north/west corner but at the same time dropped away to little more than the odd “puff” – and if you boat happened to catch that puff it was great while it lasted!
We raced a triangle/sausage course with the usual leeward gate and windward finish line set out from the ramp side. 8 skippers entered this one, so 1 was off each race as RO. For the last two races the very unpopular and becalmed far side No2 marker (making the triangle) was dropped, instead we raced twice around the other markers making for a sausage course keeping parallel to the ramp were the little breeze left could be found. Many found themselves racing up and down the fleet, sometimes while on the same leg of the course! In fact all the skippers had at least 2 races finishing down in 5th or worst places!

Finding the best line more often than most was Nigel who won this one scoring 14 points. Richard and Ron tied on 17 but Richard takes the 2nd place on countback – 2 wins to 1. There was also a tie for 4th between me and Bob (21), but Bob nicks it on countback after going all the way to compare our 4th places – OUCH!
Well done Nigel.

Spring Series round 2 (6th June) results > IOM Spring Series Rd2 2021
We raced a long triangle/sausage course with the gate at the leeward end and the finish line right up at the windward mark. There was a light westerly breeze which remained fairly constant (by Apex standards!) all morning. The forecast of rain never materialized, in fact after 10 races we finished in bright sunshine. We had 10 skippers entering this one, so 2 were drawn to be off each race to act as RO’s.

Somehow I just about managed to win it! I scored 12 points, Richard and Nigel tied on 13 but Richard takes 2nd place on countback as he had 3 wins to Nigel’s 2.

Weds Night series round 1 (26th May) results > IOM Rd1 Weds Night 2021
A decent breeze meant the 6 skippers could get in 12 races before dark. Richard Aucott (13) won this round just 1 point ahead of 2nd place Nigel Clarke (14), with Bob Conner (18) taking 3rd spot.

Spring Series round 1 (23rd May) combined with the Alice Trophy 2021
Report, scores & photos by Russ Chilcott
Results > Spring Series Rd1 & Alice Trophy 2021  

We had very strong SW winds which stayed with us all morning, occasionally it gusted and was over-powering the A rigs at times. The course was a long triangle/sausage with a gate at the leeward end and the finish line was up at the windward marker. The long course and sudden gusts plus the usual Apex wind shifts gave everyone lots of opportunities to gain, or in my case, loose plenty of places!
We had a 15 min coffee break, had to slightly over-run the 12pm finish time so everyone had done an equal number of RO duties but we did manage to miss any proper rain with only a light shower as we packed up. 14 races were completed with 6 of the 7 skippers winning at least 1 each.

“Mr Consistency” Richard Aucott as usual was always near the front end and with a score (after discards) of 17 points he won this round plus the Alice Trophy. John took 2nd place on 20, with Scott 3rd on 22.

Well done Richard.

WE ARE BACK! Starting from Sunday 23rd May 2021 competitive racing resumes – see 2021 Calendar page for details.

A few skippers “free sailing” under the Rule of 6 during late summer 2020.

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak all IOM competition meetings have been suspended until further notice.

Spring Series round 1 (15th March) results (combined with Alice Trophy) > Rd1 IOM Spring Series 2020
This meeting was for the Alice Trophy as well as round 1 of the Spring Series – not that it felt much like spring as it was cold and wet – very wet! There was a light westerly breeze which came and went from time to time but the rain stayed pretty constant all morning. 7 skippers entered this one, that soon dropped to 6 as Graham had radio problems. We raced a triangle/sausage course with a gate at the leeward end and finish using the windward mark. This made for a nice long race with several opportunities to gain places and had it not been quite so wet it would have been very enjoyable.

Each skipper took it in turn to be the RO but after 7 races with the wind dying and everyone soaked through we agreed to call it quits. We didn’t know it at the time but the last race between Nigel, John and Richard would decide who won this round and the trophy.
Nigel won the race with John just ahead of Richard crossing the line. This result gave Nigel the trophy and round win scoring 9 points, with John and Richard tied on 10 but John takes 2nd place on count-back.

Well done Nigel, he gets to keep the Alice Trophy for another year.

Winter Series round 9 (23rd Feb) results > IOM Winter Series Rd9 & FINAL overall points table 2019-20
Having had to cancel the last round due to the storms it was nice to back out racing again and the conditions meant we really were racing!
There was a very strong westerly wind with an occasional gust, despite some large grey clouds it stayed dry all morning. Scott set a long triangle/sausage course with a gate at the leeward end and the finish at the windward end which made for a nice long race. We had 9 entries for this one, 8 of us decided from the start it was windy enough for our B rigs, while John W alone thought as this is Apex his A suit would be ok – he was wrong! After one race totally overpowered he was forced to switch down and so missed the 2nd race – his gamble had not paid off.

The strong winds stayed which allowed us to get through 14 races in good time. The usual suspects Bob, Richard and Nigel were out in front most of the time, in fact only those three won a race and they left quite a gap back to the rest of us mere mortals! In the end Bob nicked it winning this round with a score of 12, Richard was only 1 point behind on 11 with Nigel in 3rd place on 19.
Well done Bob on winning this round.

For the overall series Nigel has done it again! He has won 4 of the 8 rounds and finishes top of the table on 146 points, Richard takes the runners-up spot on 142. I’m in 3rd on 134, with John W 4th (129).