Spring series round 5 (9th June)  results > IOM Spring Series Rd5 2019
Only 7 entered this round and raced in pretty light winds all morning. Nigel who easily won this one, Andy took 2nd place with John W in 3rd.

Wednesday night series round 3 (5th June) results > Rd3 IOM Weds Night Series 2019

7 skippers completed 8 races on the night. The racing was pretty close with all 7 racing together and 5 different winners. The Britpop boats took the top two places with Richard just nicking it scoring 12 points to Daron’s 13. Nigel finished 3rd on 15.

Spring Series round 4 (Sun 19th May) results > IOM Spring Series Rd4 2019

Only 6 skippers for this round as a few were on holiday or away racing in the PRACC series. There was a surprisingly good breeze coming from the west between the biggest trees. We raced a long zig zig course followed by a sausage leg with the finish line at the windward mark. The course made for a nice change though several skippers got lost more than a few times!
All 6 raced together taking it in turns to watch the start line which meant we completed 12 races in good time. After a recent run of poor results Scott found his racing “mojo” and won this round scoring 20 points with John W in 2nd place on 22 and Daron 3rd on 24.

Wednesday night series round 2 (15th May) results > Rd2 IOM Weds Night Series 2019
The meeting started with very light winds and it didn’t change that much all night! Scott had the No3 marker with No4 adjacent as a leeward gate a fair distance out into the lake as it was the one area that had some wind. No3 later became the windward marker when the wind switched 180 degrees and we ended up racing in the opposite direction – which confused many.
6 skippers struggled through 6 long races before the sun set and we could go home. The very fluky conditions and change of course threw up some unusual results – the most unusual was that I somehow managed to win it with a score of 8! Nigel finished 2nd on 10, and after a good start Ron picked up 3rd spot scoring 14.

Spring Series round 3 (Sun 5th May) results > IOM Spring Series Rd3 2019
Once again we had 11 skippers taking part on a fine dry morning with a fairly light westerly breeze which increased very slightly as the races progressed. Scott set a triangle/sausage course with the finish line at the windward mark which made for a long final leg and a chance to nick (or in my case) loose a few place! 10 races were run before we call it quits and turned our attention to the Bring & Buy sale.
Once again Nigel was in top form winning 4 races and 2 second places he easily won this round scoring just 8. John W was the best of the rest in second on 13. Doug and Andy tied on 18 but Doug nicks the 3rd spot on count-back.

Club district success –
well done to Richard Aucott for the win and Nigel Clarke who took 2nd spot representing Sedgemoor MBC in the IOM yacht SWDCS at Dartmoor last Sunday. Another great result for the club.

Wednesday night series round 1 (24th April) results > Rd1 IOM Weds Night Series 2019
11 skippers took part in the opening round of the series, we just about squeezed in 7 races before the light faded away. The course layout with a triangle/sausage and leeward gate was pretty much identical to Sunday’s round. The wind though was typically a Weds night affair as it drifted in and out and swung around in a moment – which always makes the racing “interesting” at times!
Nigel won the last 3 making it 4 race wins altogether so he was easily the nights winner scoring just 7 points after the 1 race discard. Richard did just enough to nick 2nd place from Bob on countback. They both scored 15, just behind were the two John’s; John Stone in 4th place on 16 points and John Woodman in 5th on 17. 

Spring Series round 2 (Sun 21st April) > IOM Spring Series Rd2 2019

We arrived to an almost completely flat calm lake and put the markers out more in hope than in expectation of doing that much racing! Scott set a triangle/sausage course with a fairly wide gate and the leeward end. 11 skippers turned up for this meeting which was a combined event for rescheduled Alice Trophy as well as round 2 of the Spring Series. With such little wind all 11 raced together taking it in turns to judge the start line.
By the 10am start time the very lightest of east/south east breeze had picked up which was just enough to keep the boats moving along, thankfully it gradually increased as it shifted to the south. Deciding which way to round the gate on the final leg often decided if you had a good or not so good race! Bob took an early lead and by the coffee break he was 2 points ahead of Nigel with Richard and John W tied for 3rd just 1 point back. From then on Nigel had a great run winning 3 races to Bob’s 2 plus a couple of 3rd spots, this was enough for him to win this event on a score of 18 points. Bob was 2nd on 24, John took 3rd on 29. I have to mention the final race as it was won by Rodney – he was very, very happy about that! 

Spring Series round 1 (Sun 31st Mar) > IOM Spring Series Rd1 2019
We had pretty good conditions with a decent north/easterly breeze which gradually increased race by race. It was a bit cooler than expected so a few woolly hats, coats and gloves appeared after the coffee break. We sailed from the right hand bank around the usual triangle/sausage course with a gate close to the bank in the right hand corner at the leeward end. Picking the right course to take on the long leg up to the No 1 windward mark proved to be the tricky bit and the quickest route was never the same one twice!
Nigel arrived with his nice new, light blue “Sedici” yacht (No55). I think Sedici means “collects debris floating in water” as he picked up something on his keel in 4 of his 11 races! Unfortunately that didn’t stop him beating me in all of them!
The good breeze meant we got through 12 races in total and in good time with 6 different skippers winning one or more of them. Doug had a good run winning races 4, 5 and 6 and took the lead for a while, then Richard came back winning 8, 9 and 11 which was enough for him to win this round scoring 17 points to Doug’s 20. John took 3rd place on 23.

Winter Series round 9 (sun 24th Feb) > IOM Winter Series Rd9 & FINAL overall standings 2018-19

Our run of nice windy meetings came to an abrupt halt this morning as we arrived at the lake to find it cloaked in fog! It had lifted by the time of the first race and the odd whisper of a breeze came in across from the east side – it was a really quiet whisper for a long time! As there were only 8 skippers for this one and such little wind it was agreed for all to stay on and take it in turns to watch the start line. Though Rod took over this duty when his rudder failed on race 3. By late morning the wind had switched around completely and was coming in from the west (through the trimmed tree!) and increased so the course was flipped 180 degrees and we could enjoy some really decent races in amazingly warm sunshine.

Nigel (left) collecting the Winter Series shield from section Secretary Scott Smart

Nigel showed why he is 2018/19 Winter Series winner as he seemed to always find the shifting wind better than all others and won this round by quite a margin of 11 points. Ron took 2nd place ahead of Doug in 3rd.

For the overall series Nigel increased his points tally to 171. I just did enough to nick 2nd place (150) ahead of Daron in 3rd (147). Ron’s good result at this one moves him up into 4th overall (139), Bob and Scott tied on 138 but its Bob who takes 5th spot on count-back.

Winter Series round 8 (Sun 10th Feb) results > IOM Winter Series Rd8 2018-19

Once again we had a good strong westerly breeze which gradually increased race by race. There were 12 skippers for this round with 2 off the water each race as RO’s. We raced the usual triangle/sausage course with a gate at the far leeward end, the gate was a bit tricky at times when sun came out as its reflection was right on top of it! For the last few races the wind was getting a bit too strong for many on their top suits, so after 12 races as everyone had been the RO twice we agreed to finish.
The green “Rocket” in the hands of Mike was in the grove right from the start winning 6 from his first 7 races, he was never going to be caught and won this round easily with a score of 13. Richard picked up 4 wins and took 2nd place scoring 18, with Doug taking 3rd on 27. Well done to Mike for winning this round.

In the overall series with just one round to go Nigel has increased his lead and cannot now be caught whatever happens at the final round in 2 weeks time. He is the 2018/19 IOM Winter Series winner. Congratulations Nigel.

Winter Series round 7 (Sun 27th Jan) results > IOM Winter Series Rd7 2018-19

It was windy – very, very windy (even by Apex standards!) coming from a north/north westerly direction with the occasional “rig breaking” gusts! Scott set the usual triangle/sausage course with a leeward gate and for the first time in a very long time everyone started on their B rig. To make the tricky conditions a bit more testing at times we had to contend with the sun reflecting off the water right across the leeward gate buoys. The first few races went pretty well then we had a run of breakdowns/bad luck. Race 3 I lost RX, though I did manage to fix it and get back for Race 6. Also in Race 3 Doug’s winch bracket broke, despite his efforts it could not be fixed – he was out. Race 4 Andy’s rudder servo failed, he did try to replace it but couldn’t – so he was out. Midway through Race 5 Scott’s jib broke, it was beyond repair and he didn’t have a C rig – so he was out. Having just finished Race 5 Bob and Richard’s jibs also broke, both switched down to their C rig and after a short delay they could continue.

Back to the racing; Bob and Richard started well, Nigel, John and Daron all had a few good results, but despite having to use his C rig from Race 6 onwards Bob finished this round in 1st place with a total of 5 wins and a score of 19. Bob is a deserved winner especially when he was on his C rig in conditions that really suited those on B. Nigel was 2nd on 22, with John 3rd on 24.

Winter Series round 6 (Sun 6th Jan 2019) results > IOM Winter Series Rd6 2018-19

As the Weatherman promised last night it was a dry but a very windy morning – perfect for some IOM racing action! The strong westerly wind was pretty constant with an occasional gust usually coming across the lake at just the wrong moment and catching a few out! We had 9 skippers taking part and all sailed on their top suits around a triangle/sausage course with the finish line in the right hand corner at the windward mark. The good breeze meant we were able to completed 14 races quite comfortably, even allowing time to replace the No1 marker after our OOD hooked it up and dragged it around for a while!
John W set the early pace with 2 wins and two 2nd places from his first 5 races, while Daron was the one to beat towards the end of the morning as he won 3 of his last 5 races. Meanwhile Doug sailing his wooden boat was rarely outside the top 3 places, he picked up 2 wins and as it turns out did just enough to win this round with a score of 19. John finished 2nd on 21, with Daron 3rd on 22. Congratulations to Doug.


Winter Series round 5 (Sun 30th Dec) results >IOM Winter Series Rd5 2018-19
We had a very light westerly breeze which meant we could race off the ramp side of the lake. Scott set a fairly long triangle/sausage course with a gate at the leeward end and an extra buoy next to windward mark for a finishing line. Many skippers gained and lost places in the long final leg run to finished line with a few having some very close finishes. For the last 3 races as the wind dropped away the course was shorten so we raced a single triangle. More often than not it was the blue and orange boats of Nigel and Andy out front in close formation, sometimes joined by Doug and/or Bob. After 9 races Nigel and Andy tied for first place both scoring 13 points, but Nigel nicks it on count-back as he had 3 wins to Andy’s 1. Doug finished in 3rd place on 18 with Bob 4th on 20. Well done to Nigel – and hard luck Andy!

Winter Series round 4 (Sun 16th Dec) results >  IOM Winter Series Rd4 2018-19

The forecast said we should have 11 to 12mph winds from the south/south west but instead we had 0 to 3mph from the North! After 2 long, painfully slow and very cold races the OOD Scott called for an early coffee break – a big cheer all around! Thankfully it picked afterwards and continued to increase which made for some very enjoyable and close racing. It was good to see Nick out sailing with us again and Clive popped along to say hello and wish us all a Merry Christmas. Right from the start Nigel Clarke was in good form, he won 3 of the 8 races and with a score of 8 points was this rounds winner. Bob Conner won 2 races and took 2nd place scoring 10, while Russ Chilcott won one race and finished in 3rd on 12.

Winter series round 3 (Sun 2nd Dec) results > IOM Winter Series Rd3 2018-19
We had a good westerly breeze which swung very slightly by the coffee break but stayed pretty constant all morning. The Section Sec. Scott Smart was away so Russ Chilcott was standing in as the OOD with Nigel Clarke and Richard Aucott helping with the course layout which consisted of two laps with a gate at the leeward end and the finish line at the windward mark. Thankfully the rain stayed away and it looks like all the autumn leaves on the lake have gone so with a decent breeze we managed to complete 13 very enjoyable races. After a slight hiccup finishing in 8th in Race 1, Richard then went on to finish in the top 3 in every race! He was by far the most consistent skipper and wins this round and by a good margin on 14 points. Nigel’s first (10th) and last (7th) races were both his discards, in between them he was best of the rest finishing in 2nd on 24 points with Bob Conner 3rd on 27.

Winter series round 2 (Sun 18th Nov) results > IOM Winter Series Rd2 2018-19
There were 11 entries who enjoyed a nice sunny morning and a decent northerly breeze which picked up slightly through the 12 races. The OOD Scott Smart set a long triangle/sausage course with a gate at the leeward end which provided a few very closes finishes at times.  Bob Conner was in great form winning his first 4 races, after the coffee break Richard Aucott and Nigel Clarke won a few and closed the gap but Bob wins this one scoring 10 points. Richard and Nigel tied on 13 but Richard takes 2nd spot on count-back as he had 3 wins to Nigel’s 2.

Winter Series round 1 (Sun 4th Nov) results > IOM Winter Series Rd1 2018-19
There were only 6 entries for the opening round of the Winter Series as some were away at district events and others may have been put off by the poor weather forecast. The meeting OOD Scott Smart set a fairly long Zig-Zag shaped course plus a gate which made it quite interesting when we started in a pretty decent southerly breeze. The wind and rain came and went in short burst throughout the morning, which made some of the races very “interesting” at times!  Nigel Clarke won the first four, but was pushed close to the line in a couple. After the coffee break he didn’t have it all his own way as others nicked a win or two, but his good start was enough for him to win this round with a score of 16. Russ Chilcott was 2nd on 19 points, with Daron Maynard 3rd on 24.

Sedgemoor are 2018 Champions! – the club has been the top scoring of the 9 clubs that entered MYA south west district IOM events in the district. Thanks to Richard Aucott, John Stone, Scott Smart, Daron Maynard, John Woodman, Mike Cooke and Nigel Clarke for making the effort to take part in the district events and putting the Sedgemoor Club into the top spot!