SYS Skipper Challenge (Sunday 22nd July 2018)
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skipper challenge results 2018

There was a fairly good turnout of twelve skippers for this one-off event. With the usual Apex light winds the course was set along the left hand side of the slipway ramp. The challenge was to sail each other’s yachts around the course and score the results in each race.

The first race everyone sailed their own yachts and then the swapping of transmitters and boats began. So, twelve transmitters changing hands, twelve boats to watch on the water. It sounds worse than it actually was, as everyone got into the routine fairly quickly.

After that, it was easier?  Trying to race against the fleet with a strange boat and transmitter may sound easy but it was quite surprising the differences in very similar equipment, hence the challenge! One or two people then decided to try and sail the wrong yacht and there was some hectic starts with a few ‘coming together’ but on the whole the racing was good fun and close across the whole fleet.

By coffee, Alan B had a clear lead over everyone else and it looked like he was going to win easily. However, John W then put together a very consistent set of results and pulled away from the rest of the field.

We only had to use the SMBC loan boat for two races and as far as I know we had no damage to equipment. So it was a win, win day! I think that this event may well become part of next seasons calendar, what do people think?

Russ has tabulated the results with the boats sailed. It makes interesting reading, the top three boats all being DF65 A+ boats, my Graupner GR65 being the best of the rest.

Congratulations to John Woodman for winning the event and the chocolates donated by Russ.

A big thank you to Russ for all his help on the day and for John and Daron for putting the rescue boat away.