31/8/19 – confirmed Blue-Green is present in the lake.
The Environment Agency tests of the water (29/8/19) have confirmed potentially toxic blue-green algae is present. 
They will test the water again following a period of cloudy and wet weather when it normally begins to clear, how long that takes is anyone’s guess, last year that happened by mid-October.

23/8/19 – Possible outbreak of Blue-Green Algae in the Apex Lakes.
I have just been informed of a possible return of Blue-Green Algae in the Apex Lakes and we have been asked to implement our Blue-Green Algae Outbreak Policy with immediate effect. A copy (page taken from our full club rules) of the policy is here > SMBC Blue-Green Algea Outbreak Policy

This means as of today 23/8/19 until further notice any boats that produce spray, or amphibious type models are PROHIBITTED to use the Apex Lake.
For all club meeting listed on our calendar we will provide at least two hand wash dispensers plus a large container of fresh water to rinse off your boat. Hopefully it will have cleared by the time of our Wet N Dry Race in Oct and Winter Fast Electric Series which starts in Nov.
Our Club 500 racing boats are submerged drive and therefore not affected by the policy as they do not produce spray. If you are at the lake by yourself having a sail that’s fine, but please make sure to bring something to clean your hands and your boat.
I know it might be tempting to pop down and do a quick test run of your FE boat or amphibious Wet N Dry prototype but please leave them at home for now.
Please be aware and follow a few simple steps both for your own and the public’s safety when boating at Apex;

• Wash and thoroughly dry all models and any other items that have been in contact with the water. Items should not be stored wet or damp.

• Use the hand wash dispensers provided whenever you remove a boat from the lake.

• Do not launching or recover your model from any areas that have thick aggregations of algae or scum.

• Do not use the park benches as a boat stand when you remove your boat from the water.

• If your boat collects any excess water drain it off back into lake upon removal.