Update 1/5/21 – The Small Yacht classification is under review THESE RULES MAY CHANGE SHORTLY. 
The Small Yacht section skippers are currently deciding if they wish to change the class rules removing the MC class altogether and making the RTR class for Dragonforce restricted boats only using A (not +A) sails.
Nothing has been decided yet, please contact the Club Secretary for info if you are interested in entering this class.

A “Small Yacht”
All yachts must be 800mm or less from bow to stern, to allow in as many as possible there are 2 classes outlined below.

RTR Class – there are many of these around nowadays, often known as “Ready to Run” (RTR) or “Almost Ready To Sail” (ARTS) many also include 2.4G radio. The model must not cost more than £200 (excluding TX & RX) and must be currently available “off-the-shelf” and pretty much ready to sail straight out of the box. No changes can be made to the boat which may improve its performance.

Modified/Kit Class (MC) – as above, but you might like to “improve” your boats performance in some way by changing the sails, lengthen the keel, or other things which make it go better – that’s all fine, but you’ll then be racing in this class! This also includes any models that are no longer manufactured or available.

Full class rules are here > small yachts classifications 2019

Racing rules > SYS Racing Rules 2019

How the scoring works > SYS meeting & scoring 2019

There are 5 one-off Small Yacht events held throughout the year, here are the rules for each event;

SYS Endurance Race rules 2019

SYS Pursuit Race Rules (updated June 2019)

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