(amended May 2021)

The definition of a “small yacht” for this section is the DragonForce 65 yacht. It must comply to the current DragonForce 65 Restricted Class Rules which can be viewed here > dragonforce-65-restricted-class-rules

There are 3 deviations applied by SMBC to the official class rules:
1 Section E – Rigs:
The larger A+ rig is not permitted.

2 Section H – Rule H.9
Sail numbering It is recommended this is followed; however, this will not be enforced as long as a unique sail number within the SMBC SYS section is displayed on both sides of the sail. This must be clearly visible lakeside, for identification of individual yachts during a race. Club sail numbers are allocated on a first-come-first-severed basis, contact the Section Secretary for further details.

3 Rule H.10 Class Emblem. This is not required.

Additionally, any boat that has been raced previously in the RTR Class between 1st January 2019 and December 2020 will be permitted to continue to race, however that boat may not be replaced. Repairs may be carried out but they must all comply to the original RTR Class rules (copy available on request from Section Secretary).

For the purpose of club competitions series and one-off events the applicable RTR Class trophy will competed for this class and awarded to the winner.

Racing on the water
 The “on-the-water-racing rules” for this section are all very relaxed but we do expect Skippers to understand and follow the 7 simple rules when racing their boats. These rules can be viewed here > SYS Racing Rules

Information on how the meetings are run, point scoring, discards, etc, can viewed here > SMBC Yacht meeting & scoring rules v2

There are 5 one-off Small Yacht events held throughout the year, here are the rules for each event;

This is a 1 Hour long race and has become one of the most popular SYS events of the year 
SYS Endurance Race rules

Skippers are drawn into teams of 2 racing as a relay – always good fun! 
SYS Team Relay rules

The finishing order after each race is reversed – making for some very close racing 
SYS Pursuit Race Rules

The last placed boat at a given point on the course is eliminated each time until just 1 is left 
SYS Elmination Race rules

Skippers take it in turns to race each others boats – always interesting to see how your boat goes when sailed by someone else!
Skippers Challenge rules