The majority of Scale boats in our club are electric powered models. There are a few steam-powered boats (but you must have a valid Boiler Test Certificate and your own PL Insurance). They come in all shapes and sizes, with a large variety of models, from working tugs to Police boats, Costal cruisers to Fishing boats.

Individual members can use the lake anytime and some can be found with scale type models at our lake especially when the weather is nice!

On Wednesday evenings during the summer months we run a series of competitions to test the members skill at operating their model boat on the water. This series is for the “Scale Challenge Trophy” (see below) and consists of a number of different events. Entries will score points at each meeting depending how high they were placed.

For more info contact the Scale Section Secretary Rob Arlett;

“Scale Challenge Trophy” consists of a number of different events, entries will score points at each meeting depending how high they were placed. A scale boat must be looking like a replica of a full size or a prototype vessel with a reasonable degree of detail (a plank of wood with a prop attached will not be allowed to enter!) and must be at least 100 square inches in size, this is the hull length multiplied by its width.

Below is an outline of the competitions that make up the Challenge Series, see the Calendar for which event is on which date/round, for the full rules and more details see > Scale Challenge Series rules

Scale Steering (SS) A boat must be piloted following a planned route through a course with a number of obstacles, gates and/or docks. A copy of the course will be provided to each entrant on the night.

Predicted Log (PL) Boats must follow a very simple course comprising of several marker buoys with a start and finish point, the boat must complete the course twice, once in each direction.Each run will be timed and the person who has completed both runs with the smallest difference between the two times being the winner.

Straight Running (SR) In the Straight Run event a boat must run in a straight line over some distance across the lake through a number of marker buoys but you may not use the boats rudder! There will be an entry marker buoy(s) after which point the transmitter rudder stick cannot be used until the course is completed. The throttle may be used to reduce or increase the boats speed Points are awarded depending on how close they get to the center marker.

Range test (RT) This tests the ability to operate a boat accurately over a fairly long distance. A number of  marker buoys will be set out in a straight line, the boats pilot must stand some distance away and complete a simple course requiring steering through the markers in the correct order.

Blind Steering (BL) This is run with two persons working as a team with one “Blind” steering a course and a second person as a “Navigator” giving verbal directions to his/her teammate for them to steer their boat to complete a simple course. The person operating a boat must stand with their back to the lake (so they are “Blind”) holding their transmitter while their teammate navigates them around a course. Sounds easy but it is not!

Event TBC (16th Aug)
A new event to replace the 1 Hour Race will be run, details To Be Confirmed.