The Small Yacht Section (SYS) was introduced in 2015 and soon became very popular as it offered affordable yacht racing for very similar boats of a smaller size which can fit with the sails fully rigged in the average car! In May 2021 the Section Skippers all agreed to amend the class rules so only the Dragonforce 65 boats with A sails (A+ sails are not allowed) can be used. These boats in all their versions are identical when it comes to their performance on the water – it is all down to the skipper! Replacement parts are easy to find as it is a very popular UK and international class.

The racing for this section is all very relaxed, if you like really competitive yacht racing then please look to our clubs IOM or DF95 yacht series – this section is not for you!

The class rules can be found here > SYS Class rules

If your interested in taking part or for more info please contact the Small Yacht Section Secretary Russ Chilcott;