IOM Racing Rules
The Clubs uses the MYA Beginners Guide to the Basic Racing Rules as a template with just a few additions (see Summary page 3) to suit our “club racing”. Don’t panic when you see that it is 16 pages long, 2 pages are the cover and index and a large portion of the rest is taken up with easy to follow drawings and diagrams.
Please take the time to read and fully understand these rules as it will improve your racing skills and make it much more enjoyable. 
Here is a copy of Racing Rules (16 pages) ; SMBC Yacht Racing Rules

IOM Yacht Measurement
The majority of IOM Yachts in the club are fully measured and have an MYA certificate; however as we have some members which are not MYA members our club also operates a “Sedgemoor MBC IOM Yacht Definition” rule. This means we have some written rules covering exactly what we (SMBC) define as a IOM Yacht.

Here is a full copy of the rule; SMBC IOM Definition

If you already have a IOM Measurement Certificate and it has been maintained in line with the current International One Metre Class Rules then that is fine. But if you have made any performance related changes or you are not sure if the changes you have made effect its compliance – ask Scott Smart (Yacht Competition Secretary)

Please note; the “Sedgemoor MBC Statement of Compliance” is exactly that, so you do not need to a member of the MYA to get your boat checked by Scott. BUT this alone does not allow you entry to race in MYA events – you’ll still need to be a MYA member and have a valid MYA issued Measurement Certificate.

Meetings/round & overall series scoring system
Each round of a series will be scored with points awarded for the place you finished in. 1st place receives 25 points, 2nd – 24pts, 3rd – 23pts, 4th – 22 and so on to 1 point for 25th and over. So you will get points for where you finish in each round no matter how many races were run or the number of skippers that were taking part. The current individual round/meeting scoring system and race discards will remain exactly as it is now – this only applies to the overall scoring for a series (ie; Winter, Summer or Weds nights).
If you miss a round obviously you score 0 points, if for example there are 6 rounds series your lowest round score will be discarded.
Here is a full copy of the scoring system; SMBC Yacht meeting & scoring rules v2