Besides the main four competition sections (IOM yachts, small yachts, fast electric racing and the Scale Challenge series) we also have a large variety of other marine RC models which will often been seen on the lake from time to time. These vary from a wide range of models including tugs, ships, working boats, cruisers, patrol boats, amphibious ducks, ribbed inflatables, steam launches, landing crafts, wet bikes, submarines and on the odd occasions hovercrafts!
The club holds a few “Free Sail & Scale” meetings on Sunday mornings 9.30am to 12pm – see Calendar page for actual dates. These meeting are for members with any scale or sail (yacht) boat BUT not for any Fast Electric or speed boat. There will be no markers on the lake, no point scoring, etc, just a chance for members to float their boats on the lake along with other like-minded members. 

Sunday 17th October
Report & photos by Russ Chilcott
Once again we were blessed with superb weather, you could hardly believe it was mid-Oct! For this meeting only and as a one-off we split the mornings session into two parts. The first part 9.30am to 11.30am was for any scale and/or sail boats only, from 11.30am was for the fast electric race and/or fast scale boats to have a run out. The format seemed to work very well with around 12 sailing the first session and another 5 or 6 along to run their quicker boats. In total a good 25 boats were out on the lake at some point over both session. They seemed to be greatly enjoyed by a large crowd which had gathered to watch.
Our next Free Sail & Scale is our annual gathering during the Christmas break on Bank Holiday Tuesday 28th December 10am to 11am. 

Sunday the 5th September
Report by Howard Ashenden & photos by Russ Chilcott
We had our 3rd Sunday morning free sail this year. I am pleased to report that the attendance was good with 16 club members lakeside. The majority of those there had more than one boat with them to sail, so there was in excess of 25 boats on the water during the morning! I thought it was good to see so many craft of all shapes a sizes sailing at the same time in different directions. The weather was good for the scale boats because there was very little wind although those of us that did have sailboats did manage to poodle about at a very sedate and dignified pace.

I had an enjoyable morning and got the impression that everyone else did too. The next free sail is on Sunday 17th of October 9.30 to 12.00. This will be the last one before Christmas! (Where has the year gone?)

Sunday 8th August 2021
Report by Howard Ashenden
The weather was better than expected with a 5 to 10 mph breeze and only a very light 1 minute shower that did not even wet the ground. It was generally good sailing weather for all types of boats. Unfortunately the attendance was disappointing. It was the grand total of 3, however the low attendance didn’t mean the morning was a failure. John Betty had a new set of sails on his DF and John Woodman helped him to set the sails.
John Woodman sailed his Dragon Flyte 95 and liked the way it sailed in a good wind. I got to sail the Gaff rig cutter so although we were low on numbers we were high on enjoyment.
The next free sail is on September 5th.

Sunday 11th July 2021
Report by Howard Ashenden, Photos by Russ Chilcott 
Today saw the first free sail meeting this year. I have been a little apprehensive about how many would attend and if the weather was going to be ok. It turned out to be very well attended with 16 members sailing boats of all types and sizes, and with the weather staying dry until a very light shower that was not enough to wet the ground at just before 11.30.
There was a light breeze in the middle of the lake for the sail boats and calmer water at the ramp for the scale boats, I think the general opinion was that it was a most enjoyable morning and I thought that seeing so many different types of craft just pottering around the lake in every direction was quite an impressive sight.
If you looked away from the water it was also good to see all the skippers chatting to one another sharing thoughts and ideas.
The next free sail is on the 8th of August 9.30 to 12.00. I am looking forward to it already.

Selection from past meetings;