Playday 2022 (Weds 3rd Aug)
We had another great Playday event this year. It got a little wet when it rained during setup, but thankfully it soon cleared. There was a long queue all day for the Have-go-a-boats which worked faultlessly. The club stand had 30+ model boats of all types and sizes out on display which generated lots of interest. Despite the damp start it is estimated over 5000 children attend the event which had over 40 activities spread throughout the park, many of them like our Have-A-Go-Boat were completely free.  
A huge thank you to the team: Russ Chilcott, Kevin Roberts, Chris Locke, Rodney Butler, Ron Lee, Alan Spencer, Bob Fursland, Howard Prothero & Tony Hunter.

Hopefully Playday 2023 will go ahead, if it does it will be on the first Weds in August.

Playday 2019
(Weds 7th Aug)
Report by Russ Chilcott , Photos by Mark Sutton & Russ Chilcott

The weather could have been a bit better for this year’s event as it rained a few times! A light shower during setup, a big down pour that lasted 30 mins around midday and another light shower just as we were packing up! Despite this we still had a queue of excited children to use our Have-a-go-boats (wet bikes) all day from 9.55am right through the worst of the weather until we closed it at 4pm. We estimate over 300 children had “a go” and quite a few of them showed some real skills on the sticks. Hopefully it might inspire a few to take the hobby.

The club had a superb exhibit of 50+ models of all types and sizes on static display. Lucinda the dragon did her “thing” entertaining the children in one corner of the lake, while many other models were out running at various times during the day.

It is estimated between 5000 and 6000 children attend this year’s event with 50 activities on offer around the 42 acre park. The number is slightly down on last year almost certainly due to the weather, but it was still very busy and is said to be the biggest Playday’s events anywhere in the UK. Hopefully the funding can be found to run Playday next year.

The event is the national day for play held at various venues all over the UK, most of them like the one at Apex is held on the first Wednesday in August. As well as a celebration of children’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives. Playday is coordinated by Play England, in partnership with Play Wales, Play Scotland and PlayBoard Northern Ireland

For more information visit the National Playday website;

The Sedgemoor Model Boat Club is proud to be a part of the event held at Apex and have attended every one since it started.

Here are few photos from this and previous years – see the club Facebook page for more;