Dragonforce 65 yacht
Mike Cooke is selling his DF65 yacht. Its only been used twice and includes three complete rigs (A, B and C rigs, not an A+) with Soch Sails and a rig box. £275 
Please contact Mike; mike@aardvarkracing.co.uk

Dragonforce V5/V6 sail parts & IOM boat bag
This from Mike Cooke;
Have been having a bit of a tidy up and found all this DF65 rig stuff to clear out. I can probably drop off at the lake if required. 
V6 A Rig kit X3 – £25 each – normally £35
V5 Main boom parts X4 – £5 each
V5 A mast parts X2 – £10 each inc masthead fitting bits
2 unused Joysway receivers – £5 each
I’ve also got an IOM Boat bag and rig bag which I had made up, but never really used so they can go too. £35 hull bag £50 rig bag
Contact Mike; mike@aardvarkracing.co.uk