The Dragonflite 95 class (DF95) will be raced for the first time in the club in 2022. The boat has a length of 95cm and its overall height is 142cm so will fit in many cars fully rigged. It is a Restricted One Design Concept (just like its little sister the DF65) which means that each and every boat is exactly the same which allows racing on an equal footing and at an affordable price for most.
We plan to run a series consisting of 10 rounds on Sunday mornings 9.30am to 12pm – the meeting dates TBC when the full calendar is published. The on-the-water racing rules and point scoring system will be the same as the IOM section.

If you are interested in taking part or for more info please contact the Section Secretary Russ Chilcott email;

DF95 Restricted Class rules > dragonflite-95-restricted-class-rules-v1.3
Please do not add a sail number without first checking the Club Sail Number list > DF Sail Numbers

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Size comparison; IOM left, DF95 middle and DF65 right