Before adding a sail number to your DF95 sails please read and follow all of the steps below:

  1. To obtain a sail number you must register you DF95 using the online form on the DF Racing UK Class Association website – it’s completely FREE! The form can be found on this link:

    Register Your DF95

    You can normally expect to receive a response within 7 to 10 days giving you the boats 3 or 4 digit registration number.

  2. The class rules allow the sail number displayed to be either the last 2 or 3 digits of the boat registration number.

    The majority of club boats use the last 2 digits and this makes it easier for recording race results lakeside. The numbers already in use in the club can be seen in the list at the bottom of this page.

  3. Assuming you intend to use a 2 digit number pick a number not already on this list, and when submitting the registration form in the comment box at the bottom of the form ask if you can have your choice of 2 digit number.

    Experience shows the Registrar will normally accommodate this if possible.

  4. Ensure you follow the class rules H.9 Sail Numbering for the size and position of the sail numbers.

    The class rules can be downloaded here > dragonflite-95-restricted-class-rules-v1.3

    A further sail numbering guide for the A rig can be found here > df95-a-rig-sail-number-spacing-guide

  5. Contact Russ with your sail number so he can add yours to the list

Club DF95 Sail Numbers

Ron Lee 01
John Woodman 11
Bob Conner 14
John Peacey 24
Rick Hamerslag
Alan Barnstable 34
Martyn Chappell 46
Russ Chilcott 54
Errol Edwards 60
Terry Greenslade 68
Rod Butler 69
Durleigh member? 71
Simon Evans 73
Nigel Clarke 75
Tony Hunter 93
John Bullock 96
Martin Harland 287
Ed Olliver 318
Sue Woods 342
Errol Edwards 716
Ed Plaster 756
Errol Edwards 962

examples of good sail numbers in the correct position which can be seen easily