All reports and scores by Robert Arlett
Photos by Russ Chilcott (unless otherwise stated)

Round 4 – Straight Run 28th June results > RND 4 Straght Running 28.6.23
Overall points table > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 4 RNDS

Both Rob and Russ could not attend this round, so Chris kindly stood in as OOD and ran a Straight Run event.
Here is his report;

A fine evening with little wind to start, a quick reminder to all present about the blue green algea and after a few trial practice runs we started. Some did really great before the competition but as usual the pressure changed many attempts.
Mark’s tug tended to veer left while Chris (Warr) had the channels on the opposite hand, after he fixed it his MTB ran a little straighter but veered off at distance. Rick’s wooden Cabin boat ran well hitting both strings of buoys in both rounds as did mine. Sadly the rain came in just as we were packing up.

Two newer members introduced by Clive were trying a large fire launch and a freighter but had issues with its rudders (see photos from Mark).
Thanks to Russ for leaving blue green algae equipment ready to go.

I would like to thank Chris for running this scale event while I was temporally out of action. Hope to be back at the next event which will be scale steering. 
Rob A.

Round 3 Blind Steering 7th June 2023 results > RND 3 Blind Steering 7 6 23
Overall points table > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 3 RNDS 2023

Wednesday 7th June saw the third round of the scale challenge series. It was a nice sunny evening with a little wind. As there were quite a few members present it was decided it would be the comical blind steering event, and two rounds would be done with different pairings as it was such a nice night.

A course of three gates and a start finish gate was put out, nothing to complicated as there were first time competitors. The first round went of quite well with only me making a hash of things, and with only one second separating Russell and Chris. Mark (Sutton) took first place.

The second round with different pairings went well with only two of us making a hash of things. Russell had a superb quick run and won the round. Rick who was doing the event or the first time had 4th in both rounds.
It was good to see Bob (Fursland) out and competing, as we had not seen him for a while.

Round 2 Predicted Log 17th May 2023 results > RND 2 predicted log 17 5 23
Overall points table > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 2 RNDS

17th May saw the second round of the scale challenge series. The evening was quite pleasant with a fairly strong breeze blowing. There were five competitors for the predicted log event and one free boater. A star shape course was put out consisting of a start/finish gate and 4 buoys and a central buoy, the idea was to round each buoy in turn but returning to the center buoy each time before rounding the next.

Russell went first to show how the course so that the members new to the event could see how worked. Next to go was Rodney who had not been out for a scale night for some time. He got off to a slow start with plenty of back chat from Russell (who me? Ed.) which is usual. Then new member Rick had his turn, and then Mark Sutton. However Mark was having a few problems with his Southampton tug, the ballast of the tug was not quite right and unfortunately the tug sank just at the end of the lakes ramp. Superman Russell (that’s me! Ed.) put on the clubs warders and entered the water which was not to deep and soon the tug was recovered.

Mark then retired from the event without hardly starting. The first round concluded with me having a go.

We all then did it again trying to match or first round times. Rodney took the honours of the night with a 4 second time difference, Russell came a close second.
We then had a bit of free boating joining Alan who had come along just to sail his boats. A nice evening was had by all, everybody enjoying a good chat and catch up.

Scale Challenge Series 2023
Round 1 (Range Test) 26th April results > RND 1 Range test 26 4 23

Wednesday saw the start of the summer 23 scale challenge series, four members were present, one new member and three old ones. Rick is the new member and his first season in the scale challenge series.

The evening was overcast but dry with a very slight breeze. The first to go was Russell with his Clyde puffer, followed by Chris, Rick and then myself. Rick had a disastrous first round scoring a maximum of 30 points for 6 wrong courses, this was his first attempt and did not know what to expect, and was using a cabin cruiser type boat which was a bit quick and had a large wake moving the buoys around.

The first round was won by Chris. The second round was done going in the opposite direction. Russell had a few wrong courses pushing his score up, Rick changed his boat which suited the course better and had an impressive score for a new boy. I won the second round with Rick second.

Challenge series 2022

Round 7 (Straight Running) results > RND 7 Straight Running 17 8 22
FINAL overall points standing 2022 > scale challange FINAL overall points standing 2022
Photos by Tim Grimes

Wednesday 17 of August was the final summer evening of the scale challange series. For the eagle eyed of you, this could only be the straight running as it was the only event left.
The evening was fine with quite a brisk wind blowing, as it turned out the wind did not cause many problems. Four competitors turned out for the event the usual four! I was first up for the challange and had a perfect run scoring a max 14, Russ came second with 1, with boats veering of course half way between the starting gate and first row of 7 buoys.
So came the second round; all eyes were on me to see if I could pull off the amazing first round stunt again, no way the boat veered off course after passing through the first row of buoys. Only Chris Locke managed to pass through both sets of buoys, and won the round. The usual entertainment was provided by Russell who’s Vital spark just seems to bob around all over the place, bouncing around on the waves and refusing to go straight!

The rest of the evening was spent free sailing and experimenting with ideas for new events.

I would like to thank all the members who turned out to support the events through the summer, and the occasional free boats that turned to sail after the events.

So ends the summer scale series for 2022 the first full series since covid.
Rob A.

Round 6 (1 Hour Payload Race) results > RND 6 Payload Chal 20.7 .22
Overall points table after 6 rounds > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 6 RNDS

There were only two competitors for the second payload challenge event of the year. To save putting out the buoys we had a straight course rounding the sign posts at each side of the pond. Mel again done the lap counting and time keeping, big thanks to Mel.
Chris won and I came second, both boats going the distance. One other member arrived later in the evening for a free sail.
This leaves only one event left for this year and which will be Straight Running.
Rob A.  

Round 5 Predicted Log 29th June score sheet > RND 5 predicted log 29 6 22
Overall points table after 5 rounds > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 5 RNDS
It was a showery evening for the 5th round of the scale summer challenge, this would be the predicted log event. At 6:15 it was really hammering down with heavy rain, a look at the weather radar on the phone app showed it would be over shortly and we would have about an hour of dry weather.

When the rain stopped the buoys were quickly moved in to position, a Christmas tree pattern was set so that there was plenty of turning to slow the faster boats, as this has been a point of discussion over the years. Six competitors tock part, it being the first outing for Dave Lowther this year.

The event passed with no major incidents, but Chris Warr missed a buoy on his second round, unable to speed up his boat that cost him dearly with the biggest time difference. I took the honours of the night with a 3 second time difference, followed closely by Chris Locke and Russell tied on 5 seconds. The rain returned so a second round was abandoned. This leaves two events to go, the next being the second payload challenge.
Rob A

Round 4 Blind Steering 8th June score sheet > SS Rd 4 Blind Steering 8 6 22

Overall series points table > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 4 RNDS
It was decided to do the blind steering event as the evening was dry and bright but a little windy. Six club members were present for the start of the competition which included two new members. The pairs were drawn on Russell’s phone random draw app as usual. A little practice was given to demonstrate what was involved for the benefit of the new members as they had never competed.
The evening passed quite uneventful, but the usual mayhem ensued with muddled left right calling. Russell and Tony won the first round with an impressive 54 seconds, especially with a new member in the team.
The two Chris’s won the second round. During the evening more club members turned up but did not wish to compete, so there was plenty free sailing done as the evenings are long.
A jolly good evening was had by all.
The next event will be a Predicted Log competition.

Round 3 (1 Hour Payload Race) 18th May score sheet > RND 3 Payload Chal 18 5 22
Current overall points table > scale challange RESULTS AFTER 3 RNDS
It was a wet evening for the first of this years payload challange. There was torrential rain just before the start at 7pm and then it let up for a dry start. There were 4 members present 3 with challenge prepared boats and one unprepared boat. This was the first time I had competed with a boat that I had dig out the attic and prepared for the challenge, it was untried so I did not know how it would perform.

John joined the challenge with his standard Southampton tug, as it did not meet the rules it would not count towards the challenge points. The race got underway promptly at 7, Russ put in his normal fast couple of laps to gain a 3 or 4 lap lead.

It was uneventful until the 40 minute mark, and then the heavy rain returned, and stayed until the finish. John’s tug was the first to stop at about the 45 minute mark, Russ was next to fail at 54 minute mark, so Chris and myself had the only boats still going at the end.
The honours on the night went to Russell only just beating Chris.

Thanks to my wife Mel for doing the lap counting, which was not easy towards the end when the score sheet started to get very wet!
Rob A.

Round 2 (Scale Steering) 27th April 2022 score sheet > RND 2 Scale Steering 27 4 22

As the weather had been settled it was decided to do the scale steering challange, however there was a bit of a breeze and it began to get a little chilly.
A course of ten obstacles was put out and a course then drawn around them. six members were present and took part, we were later joined by a seventh member but did not compete. The conditions for the first round were the same for all with obstacles and boats being blown around by the wind.

The second round was a bit different as the latter competitors had the benefit of the wind dropping to nothing, this pleased Chris Looke as he had bought his old faithful tug as he just thought we would be doing the predicted log event! So he did not have his preferred boat for the event, such is life.
The push a parts at the back of the course were the problem with most missing at least one set.

The honours for the first round were taken by me (Rob A), and the second round by Russ

Round 1 (Range Test) 6th April 2022 score sheet >RND 1 Range test 6 4 22
Report & scores by Rob Arlett, photos by Russ Chilcott

It was a a dark, wet and windy night that saw the start of the scale challenge for 2022. Six members were present, only one round was done as the heavy showers returned. Just as we were going to start the heavens opened with a really heavy shower which when passed we started. Russell was the first to start after being selected first from his mobile phone random selector – funny that! He gave his usual running commentary, must be something to do with living alone!
Chris War with his cargo boat had a few problems dealing with the wind and the quite large waves, and had to abandoned the event before a possible sinking occurred.
The first round was completed and the second abandoned due to the big black clouds and failing light.

2021 series reports and scores

Round 5 (Range Test & Straight Running) 25th August score sheet > Range test and straight running
Final overall points table 2021 > Scale Challenge Series FINAL overall points table 2021
Report & scores by Rob Arlett. Photos by Russ Chilcott

It was a nice sunny evening with a little breeze for the final round of the scale challenge series. The round consisted of two events the Range test and the Straight Running due to the shortened season due to covid. Six competitors were present, with Bob Fursland competing for the first time this year.

The evening started with the range test with 5 competitors doing the course with 2 faults, this was a first in the history of the event. So, it was decided that a play-off was needed, so the competitors had to stand further away and do a couple of passes through the gates of the 7 in a row. Again, Rob A, Russ and Chris Locke done it with 5 faults, Keith with 6 faults and Bob with 7 faults. It was decided that this concluded the event as the light was beginning to fade, so there were 3 winners.

We then moved on to the straight Running after one of the seven in a rows was moved in to the correct position. This was quite uneventful with no boat running that straight except for Chris Locke’s who won the event. Russ had a disappointing event as he bought a boat that would not run straight.

This concluded the end of the summer scale challenge which was shorter than usual due to the covid pandemic. Several new members were competing for the first time so now have an insight in to what goes on. The overall scale champion was Russ followed closely by Chris Locke and myself. I think the evening sessions were enjoyed by those that attended, hopefully we will be back to a full boating calendar next year.

Rob A.

Round 4 (Blind steering) 4th August score sheet > RND 4 Blind Steering 4 8 21

Overall points table > Overall points table after Rd4
Report & score by Rob Arlett
It was a disappointing turn out for the 4th round of the scale challenge despite it being a nice evening.
Four members were present for the blind steering round, this event in the past has proved popular. A simple Y course was put out, consisting of two gates and a start / finish buoy.

The pairing was done by the toss of a coin, Rob and Chris made one pair and Mark and Keith the other pair. Due to the few members present the rounds were done quite quickly so we done it twice. So all competitor’s boat were used, swapping boats for the second round.

The event did at some points create the usual mayhem with the left right calling and gave every one a giggle. Mark Sutton took the honors buy winning both rounds. The usual free boating was done before and after the event.

Round 3 (Payload Challenge) 14th July score sheet >
RND 3 Payload Challange
Overall points table > Scale Challenge Series 2021 Overall points after 3 rounds
Report & scores by Rob Arlett

It was a good fine summers evening for this years payload challenge with just a gentle breeze. There would be only one payload challenge event this year due to Covid. There were only three members present this year for the challenge as some members were away. The usual banter was given by Russell who went on to win. Darren’s boats was the first to fail due to taking on water at about 40 minutes. Russel gave his boat full speed at the 47 minute mark done a few quick laps and the boat run out of power. Keith’s boat ran out of power just after Russell’s, the total duration of the challange was 54 minutes and 50 seconds.
Hopefully next year there will be more entry’s.

Round 2 (Scale Steering) 23rd June score sheet > Round 2 Scale Steering 23 6 21
Overall series standings > Overall results after 2 rounds

Report & scores by Rob Arlett, Photos by Russ Chilcott

It was a fine night for our mid-summer night scale steering competition. It was fine and overcast with quite a strong breeze. A course of 13 obstacles was put out which included the light house. The course was done twice, once in each direction.
There was two new member present, Chris Warr and John Peacey competing in their first steering competition. Chris’s boat unfortunately failed for the 2nd round and John found his boat a little too big for the course!

Russell made a rare mistake for him and done a wrong course but still manged to finish top in both rounds. The evening’s entertainment was supplied by Dave Lowther, who had a very fast little boat and managed to hit almost every obstacle, and jumped over the mine field in one attempt!
The wind caused some problems blowing boats around, and the lighthouse so the pad was a moving target!
Still an enjoyable evening was had by members playing with their boats.

Round 1 (Predicted Log) 2nd June results > Round 1 Predicted Log 2.6.21

Report & scores Rob A, Photos by Russ

The first scale challenge evening of the season and the first since August 2019 had 10 members present with 9 competitors. This was the first event for Chris Warr who joined the club through lookdown. To kick off the late start to the season we started with the predicted log event. A simple M course was put out. Chris warr had a few problems during the evening, the evenings usual entertainment was supplied by Russell who had problems with one of his shaft couplings.
The scores were quite tight with several having the same score, I took the honours, with Kevin and Mark taking joint second. It was good to see everybody together again and enjoying the hobby, with the usual friendly banter.
Rob A.

We are back! The Challenge series resumes on Weds 2nd June starting 7pm and then we have a round every 3 weeks until the end of August. See 2021 Calendar page for full listings.

No competitions due to Covid-19 but members are still using the lake for Causal boating meetings. 
Scale & “other” boats at the lake. Half a dozen members enjoyed a very pleasant evening last night (Weds 22nd July 2020) with a variety of models on the water, including some 3D printed and one powered by a solar panel!
Thanks to Daron & Mark for the photos; 

Blind Steering (14th Aug) results & FINAL overall points table > Rd7 Blind Steering & FINAL overall points table 2019
It was again a disappointing turn out for the last evening of the summer series in the scale challenge. Four members were present for the last evening. The last event was the blind steering round, myself and Russell were paired and Chris and Darren made the other pair. It was accompanied by the usual mayhem of left and right becoming muddled. I had the worst round of the night and Russell the best.
The points were shared equally amongst the teams, due mainly to the lack of competitors. The series overall winner was Russell and myself coming second and Chris Locke Third. The day did see some free boating taking place by members in the late afternoon and early evening.
Rob A.

Payload Race (24th July) results & overall table > RND 6 Payload Chal 24 07 19
Round 6 of the scale challenge saw the 2nd payload challenge event of the year. Five competitors entered with myself being the lap counter and adjudicator. Keith had problems from the start with battery issues which postponed the start. Just as we were starting he again had issues with his boat. It was agreed we would start, so the hour long challenge started. Keith started about 4 minutes in to the event and went well and had no more issues. Dave had problems just after the start and failed to complete one lap. Russell was his chirpy self and went well but ran out of battery 52 minutes in. Chris had problems 5 minutes in with a blown speed controller, and then had more issues 20 minutes in, with receiver problems and then more speed controller issues a little later, the boat failed at 53 minutes. The only boat that went the full distance with no issues and plenty of battery was Bob Bryant. The boats throughout the challenge were plagued by picking up feathers and other debris around the propellers.

Scale Steering (3rd July) results & overall points table > RND 5 Scale Steering 3 7 19
It was a nice evening with plenty of sunshine for the years scale challenge event. Two docking areas were created using the new push together pipe system, one a turning area and the other a dock which required the boat to drive in and a bit of reversing in to the adjoining dock. The rest of the course consisted of the usual obstacles. The evening saw the usual emergent of the smaller boats which should give the competitor an advantage, Keith had his tug which was the widest boat. Bob’s tug managed to knock the docks apart, a quick fix was soon done. Scoring around the obstacle was generally low, with most of the points being scored in the dock areas.

Straight Running – 12th June

Eight members were present for round 4 of the scale challange, it was a dull but dry evening with only a few spots of rain, with hardly any wind. This should have made the challange easier but most members had low scores for the conditions. Members were setting boats to run straight away from the course, but the course seemed to have a jinx as most boats veered of to the right after leaving the start gate. The honours of the night went to Russell and Chris.
Straight run results >RND 4 Straght Running 12 6 19 (1)
overall points table > scale challange table after 4 Rds 2019

1 Hour Payload Race – 22nd May

There was a poor turn out for the 3rd round of the scale challenge with only 4 members present to compete. So 4 members boats started with Russell putting in a couple of quick laps to get a two lap lead and then just driving around with the rest of the fleet. Keith retired with an expired battery after 46 minutes, the three other boats went on to complete the hour. The honours of the night went to Russell followed closely by Chris and Bob.
Payload results > RND 3 Payload Chal 22 05 19
overall points table > scale challange table after 3 Rds 2019

Predicted Log – 1st May
The second evening of the scale challange saw a few more modellers at the lake, a total of seven competitors. There were a few members just spectating. Members were present a bit earlier in the evening doing a bit of free sailing. A course was put out for the predicted log competition with the aid of the buoy laying and recovery boat. After much debate about the rules, and Russell having one of his worst nights in the scale series. The honours of the night went jointly to myself Rob Arlett and Daron Maynard since the times are round down, with Russell in last place.
The next event in three weeks time is the first payload challenge.
Predicted Log results > RND 2 predicted log 1 5 19
Overall points table > scale challange table after 2 Rds 2019

Range Test – 10th April 2019
It was a nice sunny spring evening for the first round of the 2019 scale challenge series which kicks off the Wednesday evening events. Five members turned up, 4 competitors who had 3 boats between them. The scheduled event was the range test, a quick and simple course to put out, as the evenings are still quite short. Even though we had only 4 competitors after two goes each, we only just got done before the sun set.

Range Test results > RND 1 Range test (1)

Straight Run – 8th August
The final night of the scale challenge was to be straight running. this Turned out to be quite fortunate as shortly after the course had been set out and the first few competitors had done their first run, the heavens opened for about half an hour or so. The rain was torrential, we haven’t seen rain like that for months!
Nine members were present, Arley Bushill took the honours in the first round with a nearly perfect 13, however Chris Locke took the second round with a perfect 14 score. 
Russ Chilcott takes the overall series followed by Chris in 2nd and myself (Rob Arlett) in 3rd place.

Straight Run results > SS Rd7 Straght Running 2018
FINAL overall points table for 2018 series > Scale Challenge FINAL RESULTS 2018

Rob A.

Payload Race – 18th July
This was the second payload challenge event of the year. This was not as eventful as the first  with all boats starting and four boats lasting the hour. Russ, Chris, Steve and Rob B were the four boats to go the distance out of the eight competitors that took part. The honour of the night went to Russell who completed 52 laps, two ahead of Chris. We then heard about it all night!
Payload 2 results > RND 6 Payload Chal 18 07 18
Overall points table after 6 rounds > Scale Challenge overall table 2018 after 6 rounds

Scale Steering – 27th June

It was another hot and sunny evening at the lake for the scale steering event. It was decided that as it was a nice evening and high summer so all 10 obstacles would be put out along with Malcolm’s Dog House. The course was then drawn and posted on the lake side board for easy viewing. 10 members were present for the event one had to borrow a boat and Malcolm used mine as his tug boat developed a lake side fault, he did not get on to well with the boat. Each competitor went around the course twice with the members not on the course taking it in turns to score.
Dare I say but the honours of the night went to Russell
Scale Steering results > RND 5 Scale Steering 26 6 18
Overall points table after 5 rounds > scale challenge overall table after 5 rounds 2018

Rob A.

Blind Steering – 6th June 

Round four of the scale challenge series was the blind steering event, which always gives great amusement and laughter could be heard echoing around Apex Lake. 12 members participated giving 6 teams. Thanks must go to Dave Lowther for standing for Rod Butler who was expected at the lake but was kept late at work.
The teams were selected by an App on Russell’s phone. Myself and Russell done a quick test of the circuit and done it in about 3 minutes, so we thought that was fine.

So the first team of Arley and Chris took to the water, with Arley calling, it did not take long for the usual mixing up of left and right to take hold. Both caller and controller getting it wrong giving good entertainment to the onlookers. Nearly 13 minutes later they finished, so much for the 3 minutes! Things did not get any better with the second team of Kevin and Bob Bryant who had to be sadly stopped after 15 minutes on the third obstacle, or we would still be there now. The remaining teams did complete the first round in more reasonable times (see results).

The second round saw the callers and controllers swap around, the completion times were a lot more reasonable, the entertainer of this round was Malcolm who could just not get his left and right correct, so did take a while to get through the first obstacle. This evening was very enjoyable for club members and the watching public. The honour of the night went to Steve Coles and myself.
Blind Steer results > Rd4 blind steering
Overall points table > overall table after 4 rounds

Rob A.

1 Hour Payload – 16th May 
The evening for the 1st of the payload challenge endure event saw a nice sunny evening with a variable light breeze. There were six entrants with Arley arriving early to try out his just finished challenge boat. The honours of the night went to Chris locke, finishing only slightly ahead of Bob Bryant. Steve Coles finished 3rd, with the first 3 going the full one hour, Malcolm’s boat finished 4th expiring 10 minutes from the end. Sadly for Arley his boat did not start, a bit too finely engineered, still 9 weeks to get it sorted and perfected for the next event. Russell had the usual pre event gibberish and as a result ended up providing the comedy of the night. His boat  provided to be a little temperamental through out the event, with Russell jumping in and out of the rescue boat to retrieve his boat. His boat managed 9 laps and finished 5th and last. Russell complete about two laps in the rescue boat, no points for that!  
Payload results > RND 3 Payload Chal 16 05 18 (1) 
Overall scores after 3 rounds > scale challenge overall scores after 3 rounds 2018 (2)

Rob A.

Predicted Log – 25th April
It was a good turn out for the 2nd round of the scale challenge competition, weather was fair with quite a strong cool breeze. This round was a predicted log event. The honours of the night went to Kevin Roberts closely followed by Keith and Arley. Fourteen boaters participated with several others there to free sail and spectate. 
Rob A.

Score sheet > Rd2 Predicted Log 25.4.18

current overall points > scale challenge overall table 2018 

Range Test – 4th April  
Round 1 of the Scale Challenge was a Range Test.  This involves driving through a set of buoys at some distance away.  There were some good scores all round and eleven entries meant a few extra penalty points resulted in a drop of several places.
Russ and Mike tied for first place with 39 points and Malcolm is in third place on 32 points.

Full scores > Rd 1 Range Test 4.4.18