12/5/22 Club 500 series kicks off! The Club 500 FE series got underway on 11th May in its usual early Weds afternoon time slot. The meetings are arranged “ad-hoc” between those who have Club 500 boats when most are available to race and the weather forecast is nice! Round 1 scores and a report are here > Club 500 Rd1 results & report
If your free on Wednesday afternoons and fancy racing these boats contact the Club Secretary.

9/5/22 Team Sedgemoor go to Scotland!
Richard Aucott entered the IOM UK National Championships recently and he has written a report on his long weekend racing in huge fleets against the very best UK skippers. His report is here > IOM UK National Championships 2022

2/5/22 Bring & Buy event is back! – having been cancelled due to covid over recent years the Bring & Buy event makes a welcome return to our calendar. This year it is on Sunday 22nd May 9.30am to 12pm. The Bring & Buy is for any RC related item (complete models, kits, spares, tools, etc). We advise you put a sticker on any item you wish to sell with your name and an asking price. We will have a few gazebos and tables out which you are free to use, but if you have lots of things, please bring your own table if possible. Free Sail & Scale is open for any RC boat to use the lake but not any fast electric or speed boats. Other local model boat clubs will be attending 

27/4/22 SYS Pursuit Race – 10 skippers enjoyed some good racing in a decent breeze last Sunday morning. Russ Chilcott won the event – and he was very happy about that! Full report and scores are on the SYS page.

Russ (left) receiving the Pursuit Race trophy from the Chairman Kevin Roberts

21/4/22 Welcome Aboard
– Karl Mason who has just joined our club with a family membership. Karl has a Marblehead class yacht, an RAF launch (in rebuild ), a 47″ Sea Queen (ready for water testing) and a Huntsman 31 (not started yet). It sounds like he is going to busy boat building for a while!
Welcome to the club Karl.

15/4/22 IOM MX16 for sale –
just added this IOM yacht which only requires radio to go racing. See For Sale page for details.

10/4/22 Nigel does it again! – Nigel Clarke this morning won the IOM Alice Trophy (again!). It was a lovely spring morning in bright sunshine with a decent breeze almost perfect for yacht racing. Congratulations to Nigel on the win (he is on the left). Report and scores are on the IOM page.

5/3/22 Weds night series starting soon!
– a reminder the Wednesday night series gets underway tomorrow night (6th April) with the Scale Challenge, the following week (13th April) its FE racing and then (20th April) its IOM yacht racing. It then continues alternating between those 3 sections right through until the end of August. See 2022 Calendar page for details.

5/3/22 Litter Pick at Apex Park – a reminder the Friends of Apex Park are holding a litter pick in the park tomorrow Weds 6th April 10am to 12 noon. We will be meeting outside the Apex Office (adjacent to the toilets) at 9.45am to collect litter pickers and bags. The weather forecast has slightly improved! If anyone is free and can spare a few hours it would be very much appreciated. 

4/4/22 SOLD – all items listed by Kevin on the For Sale page have now been sold.

3/4/22 U-boat & Marblehead mentioned below have gone to new homes!

29/3/22 U-boat & Marblehead going for FREE! –  club member Martyn is offering his old U-boat submarine and a Marblehead class yacht for free to any club member. Both require some work to make them fully working on again, see the For Page for more details and photos.

28/3/22 SOLD – the Graupner yacht and Tug boat listed below have been sold, other items are still for sale.
26/3/22 For Sale
– a number of items have been added including a Graupner 65 yacht, Joysway Force 260 Catamaran yacht, a Tug Boat, brand new radio and box of bits. See the For Page for more info and photos. 

21/3/22 Patrol Launch has gone!
– the Part built “Frog” patrol launch listed on the For Sale page only 5 days ago has gone to a new owner. Hopefully, we will see it o the lake at some point.

20/3/22 Free Sail & Scale meeting –
the weather could not have been better this morning for the first of 5 free sail & scale meeting this year. Report and photos are here > Free Sail & Scale report & photos

20/3/22 IOM Kantun S For Sale –
this is a competitive boat and comes complete and is ready to race with radio, 3 rigs, plus brand new A sails not used, sail box and boat stand. See For Sale page for more details and photos.

16/3/22 Part Built Launch Boat going for free! – added to the For Sale page but actually its free to anyone who wants to complete the build of a “Frog” High Speed Petrol Launch. See For Sale page for more info and photos.
16/3/22 SOLD –
the DF65 listed recently on the For Sale page has been sold.

15/3/22 Free Sail & Scale this weekend – a reminder this coming Sunday 20th March from 9.30am to 12 noon we have the first of 5 Free Sail & Scale meetings this year. The long-range weather forecast is looking very good. As usual there will be no markers out, no point scoring, etc, just a chance for you to float your boat (or boats) on the lake along with other like-minded Club members.

15/3/22 Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter For Sale
– the model has been part built so requires completion. See For Sale page for info plus photos.

13/3/22 Dragonflite 95 series gets underway –
the Clubs first ever DF95 race meeting took place this morning (13th March). It was the first of a 10 round series which runs until the end of October. 8 Skippers enjoyed some very close racing in very strong winds but all the boats stood up well to the conditions. Nigel Clarke won the round, results, report and photos can be seen here > DF95 Rd1 results

9/3/22 Welcome Aboard –
Nigel Wright who has just joined our club. He had a sail of the Clubs DF65 Loan Boat with the Weds afternoon “Irregulars” group in fairly windy conditions and very much enjoyed his experience. Nigel has been flying RC planes for while and plans to get a DF65 boat and start racing it in our SYS series very soon.
Welcome to the club Nigel.   

9/3/22 DF65 For Sale – just added a version 6 Dragonforce yacht that is ready to sail and has hardly been used. It come complete with Joysway radio, RX battery, boat stand, plus extra sets of A and A+ sails and a sail box. See For Sale page for more info and photos.

8/3/22 FE Mini Mono & Mini Hydro class rules amended – the FE Drivers have agreed upon a few changes to the rules to maintain the classes as originally intended. See Fast Electric pages.  

6/3/22 Congratulations to Dave Lowther (Mini Mono RTR) and Russ Chilcott (Mini Hydro) on winning their respective classes in the 2021/22 FE Winter Series
– the series finished on a high this morning with 10 drivers enjoying some really good, close racing. The meeting scores, plus the final overall points table, a report and photos have been added – link to page

28/2/22 Congratulations to Nigel Clarke on winning the IOM Winter Series
– it is the third time in a row Nigel has won the “Brian Wiles Trophy”. He finished the series having won 4 of the 9 rounds and was only once placed outside the top 3! Nigel did have some strong competition from Richard Aucott who is a worthy runner-up in the series.
The 9th and final round results plus overall points table can be found here > IOM results page

24/2/22 Yacht Meeting & Scoring rules amended – as agreed at the last club meeting the rules have been amended that apply to all yacht sections; IOM, SYS & DF95. They include two new rules, one which states that a minimum of 4 races must be run for that meeting to score and the other that at least 50% of a series must be run for the overall series to count.

20/2/22 SYS 1 Hour Endurance Race
– meeting report and results have been added. See page > 1 Hour Race
It was run in some pretty tricky conditions with gusts over 45mph, but all the boats (and Skippers!) survived. 
Congratulations to Russ Chilcott (right) on winning the event. 

16/2/22 New rescue boat trailer – the new trailer was successfully “launched” today! Custom made by Chris Locke this one has a fully galvanised steel frame. The old one he built 15+ years ago had served us well but the axle had got a bit rusty and was about to loose a wheel!

13/2/22 IOM Sail Number page added
– a new page which list all IOM Skippers, their sail number, boat design, designer and supplier has been added. See One Meter Yachts “IOM Sail Numbers” on the sub menu page. If you have a IOM boat and plan to race it in any future club meetings please contact the Secretary to be added to this list.

4/2/22 Fast Electric racing round 4 Sunday 6th February has been CANCELLED – due to the weather forecast for heavy rain and very strong winds the FE round due to be held on Sun 6th Feb has been cancelled. Apart from the FE Drivers not wanting to get soaked thorough the choppy waters are completely unsuitable for the fast and light weight boats.

28/1/22 Membership renewal is due – a reminder that 2022 membership subs are due on Tuesday 1st February. The fee remains the same at just £15 Adult and £20 for Family. If you can use the online form that would be great (see main menu “2022 Membership” page) or see me lakeside as I always have spare forms and will be happy to part you with your money! 
Russ (Club Sec)

24/1/22 SOLD – Rubix IOM boat listed on 6th Jan has been sold. 

19/1/22 Welcome Aboard – to John Bullock and Tony Hunter who have both joined the club this week. John has just acquired a DF95 and recently sailed it for the very first time. He has plans to build a boat using his 3D printer. Tony has a DF65 boat which he has sailed a few times with the Weds afternoon Irregular group and plans to enter the SYS series this year. 
Welcome to the club to you both.

14/1/22 Two-masted schooner For Sale – the model is ready to sail and only requires radio. See the For Sale page for more info plus photos.

13/1/22 Welcome Aboard –
the club has two new members Ed Plaster and Mark Schaafsma. Ed is currently in the process of building plank on frame Nimbus Mk3 IOM yacht (below right) but already has a DF95 ready to race when the series starts in March. Mark has built an impressive 1.5m long two-masted schooner boat (below left) which he has sailed several times on the lake recently.

Welcome to the club both.

10/1/22 Boating Calendar out NOW!
the full calendar running through until the end of 2022 has just been published. See 2022 Calendar page. We have a very busy year coming up with at total of 69 club run meetings (47 Sunday morning & 21 Weds nights).

6/1/22 IOM yacht for sale – Rubix IOM yacht ready to race complete with radio. See For Sale for info 

2/1/2022 new season is off and running! – the first meeting of 2022 was round 5 of the IOM Winter Series. 9 skippers enjoyed some good racing all morning, just about avoiding the rain! Meeting results and a report have been added to the IOM Yacht page.

31/12/21 “Christmas Cracker” report & photos – a few members braved some pretty awful weather to attend the clubs final meeting of 2021. Photos and report by Howard have been added – see Free Sail & Scale page. 

19/12/21 “Christmas Cracker” Tues 28th Dec – a reminder its our annual Free Sail & Scale gathering at Apex over the xmas holidays. This year its on Bank Holiday TUESDAY 28th December 10.30am to 11.30am. This is will be a good chance to get out and enjoy some fresh air after your Christmas indulgences! It’s open to any scale or sail boat but not any Fast Electric or speed boats please. Right now, this meeting is ON – but we would recommend members check their email, this page, club Facebook page closer to the time as things can change for obvious reasons. Also, to avoid close gatherings we will not be running our mobile kitchen supplying hot drinks this time I’m afraid.

16/12/21 Winter Calendar amendment – the calendar has had to be changed so the meetings listed for 13th, 20th and 27th March have been removed. 

15/12/21 SOLD – the DF65 yacht listed just a few weeks ago has been sold

13/12/21 Dragonflite 95 racing in 2022 – the club will be racing the DF95 yacht class in 2022.
For more info see the new page for this class

6/12/21 Welcome Aboard – Henry Westphal who has returned to RC yacht racing after a few years away. Henry has rejoined our club racing an IOM Olympic boat.
Welcome back Henry!

3/12/21 MYA 2021 membership due – a reminder the Model Yacht Association (MYA) membership fee for 2022 is due. Their fee is £10.00 for existing 2021 members of the MYA and £14.00 for new members. If you would like to renew or apply for new membership please contact our clubs MYA Rep Scott Smart before 12th December via email scott.smart.2081@btinternet.com or tel; 01934 842081 so he can file the paperwork.
At this time we (our club) do not require any payment from you, only to know your intention to join the MYA. Their fee will be added to your club membership fee which is not due until 1st Feb.

1/12/21 Club Business meeting 6th Dec – our next meeting to discuss the business side of our club will be held online on Monday 6th December at 7.30pm. All members should have received an invite and agenda, if you haven’t please contact the Club Sec Russ Chilcott.

23/11/21 DF65 For Sale –
just added a Dragonforce 65 yacht, complete including radio and ready to sail/race. See For Sale page for more info and photos. 

10/11/21 Dragonflite 95 racing for 2022? our club is considering introducing a Dragonflite 95 yacht racing class for 2022. Approx. 10 meetings would be held on Sunday mornings 9.30am to 12.00pm from April to November. The racing itself would be much the same as our IOM section as all on-the-water racing rules will be applied. It will not be the same as our SYS (DF65 restricted) section which is run to our own very “relaxed” sailing rules!
All boats would have to comply with the DF95 restricted class rules. These are comprehensive and restrict any performance related modifications or repairs which also keeps a cap on the cost and make the boats equal as it is a one design class. For more information on the class rules see; https://dfracinguk.com/df95-rules

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please contact the Club’s Secretary Russ Chicott

7/11/21 Congratulations to Richard Aucott on winning the IOM Dickie Bird “Starboard” trophy – skippers enjoyed almost perfect conditions with bright sunshine and a nice strong breeze all morning. Richard was pushed all the way by Nigel Clarke, they both tied for the win but Richard takes it on countback (4 wins to 2).
Full report and score sheet is on the IOM page.

28/10/21 “Irregular” session Weds 12noon to 2pm – a reminder we continue to run Wednesday afternoons meetings 12pm to 2pm but unlike those on the calendar these are arranged ad hoc depending on the weather forecast – hence the name “Irregulars”. These are mainly for Dragonforce 65 yachts and we often get 8 or more sailing, but anyone with any boat is welcome along – we have a big enough lake!
The clubs rescue boat will be available if required.
If you are a club member and would like to attend please email the club Secretary; russellchilcott@aol.com and ask to add your name to the “Irregulars email list”. Russ sends out an email every Sunday evening to confirm if the meeting is on or not. If the forecast is for no wind and/or rain we don’t bother that week!
Please note; these meetings are held 3pm to 5pm from April until September.

27/10/21 Winter Calendar is out now! – club meeting dates running from November 2021 to the end of March 2022 has now been published. See Winter Calendar 2021 page.

24/10/21 Congratulations to John Woodman on winning the SYS series – John has won round 6 of the 7 in the series but that is enough for him to win the series overall as he cannot now be caught. Report and scores are on the Small Yachts result page.

17/10/21 Free Sail & Scale another great success
– we had a good turnout for both the free sail & scale session and the Fast Electric session which followed. The weather could not have been better, 15+ members with 25+ boats on the water at some point during the morning. See Free Sail & Scale page for report and photos.

16/10/21 SOLD
– the Dragonforce hull & sail box listed on the For Sale page has been sold.

13/10/21 Free Sail & Scale + FE test session
– a reminder this Sunday (17th Oct) is our Free Sail & Scale meeting. For this one ONLY the free sail & scale session will be 9.30am to 11.30am open as usual to any “non-FE boat”. From 11.30am to 1pm will be for Fast Electric testing and/or anyone who wants to run a fast scale or semi scale speed boat.

13/10/21 AGM News in summary – 
The accounts look very healthy with £2,473 in the bank.
The Committee members were all happy to stand again in their current post and were duly re-elected en bloc. (see Contacts page for a full list)
The Membership fee remains unchanged – don’t panic yours is not due until Feb 2022!
It was agreed that all bimonthly meetings except for our AGM in Oct will be held online from now on.

13/10/21 Overgrowth around the lake – the Council have been busy cutting back the long grass, brambles and reeds along the west bank of the lake. It is a huge improvement which should allow much better wind flow over and across the water for our SYS and IOM boats – plus it looks much better! 

3/10/21 Congratulations to Alan Barnstable on winning the Small Yacht Pursuit Race. 8 skippers took part in this annual one-off small yacht event where the fleet finishing order is reversed after each race! Some good racing in a decent breeze. Full report and scores are on the Small Yacht page.

26/9/21 Congratulations to Nigel Clarke on winning the IOM Summer Series. There is still one round to go in the series but Nigel has an unassailable lead in the series overall. Full report and points tables are on the IOM yacht pages.

19/9/21 AGM to be held online
– due to the fairly high Covid numbers in this area the Clubs Committee have agreed to hold this years AGM online. Meeting notice, previous meeting minutes and an agenda will be sent to all members in due course. 

6/9/21 Free Sail & Scale a great success! 
The third of four Free Sail & Scale meetings for this year took place yesterday (5th Sept) and was a great success with 16 members attending with +25 models on the water during the morning. Photos and report is on the Free Sail & Scale page; free-sail-scale

5/9/21 SOLD – the SKA IOM yacht mentioned below has been sold.

2/9/21 Congratulations to Kevin Roberts (Mini Mono) & Russ Chilcott (Mini Hydro) on winning their classes in the Weds Night Fast Electric Series 2021. Full report and scores are on the Fast Electric results page.

28/8/21 Congratulations to Russ Chilcott on winning the Scale Challenge Series 2021.
Full report, scores and photos are on the Scale page

23/8/21  FOR SALE – IOM Yacht, 36″ Perkasa Gun Boat & 48″ Torpedo Boat.
Just added a SKA IOM class race yacht, only requires TX and RX to go racing! Plus 3ft Perkasa Gun Boat and 4ft Torpedo Boat, both require TX, RX (currently has old style radio) and batteries. For more info and photos see the  For Sale page. 

21/8/21 Welcome Aboard
– Henning Hammer and Robert Seichert who both joined our club this week. Henning has an IOM yacht and Robert a scale model. This brings our membership up to 61!
Welcome to the club Henning & Robert

13/8/21 Congratulations to Richard Aucott on winning the IOM Wednesday Night Series. Once again it was very close coming down to the last few races at the final round in the series between Richard and Nigel Clarke. This time it was Richard who came out on top. Full report and points table is on the One Metre Yachts page.
Richard (left) receiving his trophy

7/8/21 Free Sail & Scale meeting 8th Aug – a reminder this popular event is on tomorrow mornings 9.30am to 12pm and is open to any scale and/or yachts of any type or size but not for speed and/or Fast Electric race boats. A good chance for like-minded club members to enjoy a relaxing morning floating their boats and having a chat!

1/8/21 Well done to Nigel Clarke on winning the IOM Les Watts Shield event. After a slow start by his standards Nigel found his racing grove after the coffee break and went on to win this annual one-off IOM trophy event. See the One Metre Yachts page for a full report and score sheet.

20/7/21 (update for below) – the IOM meeting Weds 21st July is ON
. The Fire brigade will be over the other side of the park at the far lakes.
20/7/21  Notice to all IOM Skippers planning to attend tomorrow night (Weds 21st July) – there is a chance the meeting may have to be cancelled.
The Council are taking action to oxygenate the water at Apex as the fish are showing signs of distress. They have called on the local fire brigade who will be parked on the ramp using their largest pump and hose to create a massive fountain into the lake. They are doing this tonight (Tues 20th) and possibly again tomorrow night also, but right now this is not known for certain. Members who have IOM boats will be informed directly via email/text as soon as the club is informed.

20/7/21 Congratulations to Nigel Clarke who has won the 2021 IOM Spring Series. Nigel won it by the very narrowest of margins beating his nearest rival Richard Aucott on countback in the very last round of the series held last Sunday. This meant he won the series ahead of Richard again only on countback! 

11/7/21 Free sail & scale – we had a great turnout for our first Free Sail & Scale event. The move to Sunday morning seems a good one as 16 members attended with +25 models on the water! See Free Sail & Scale page for report and photos.

4/7/21 FE round on Weds 7th July CANCELED
– the FE Drivers have voted to cancel the round due to take place on the evening of Weds 7th July as it clashes with England’s Euro semi-final match. The round will take place on the reserve date Weds 1st Sept instead.

2/7/21 Welcome Aboard – Steve Gleed who has joined our club today. He sails IOM and small yachts and plans to enter in their class series very soon. Steve brings our membership up to 56.
Welcome to the club Steve

1/7/21 New outboard motor – the club has a new outboard motor on the rescue dinghy this one pushes the boat along slightly quicker than before. The old one was working but had a few “issues”, so it will be kept as a spare.
18/6/21 Boating Calendar (version 2) updated
– the previous listed dates all remain exactly the same but 4 extra meetings have been added, see below

18/6/21 Free Sail & Scale meetings – due to popular demand we have included four Free Sail & Scale meetings into this years calendar. These will be held on Sunday mornings 9.30am to 12pm and is open to any scale and/or yachts of any type or size but not for speed and/or Fast Electric race boats. There will be no racing, marker buoys, point scoring etc, just a chance for like-minded club members to enjoy a relaxing morning floating their boats and having a chat! These meeting will be held on; 11th July, 8th August, 5th September and 17th October.

13/6/21 SYS 1 Hour Race (13th June)
– report, scores and photos added. See Small Yachts sub-page. 10 Skippers took part, only very light breeze but they all finished the full non-stop hour long race.
Well done to John Woodman who won it (again!)

4/6/21 Apex Park Litter Pick (Weds 9th June) –
the Friends of Apex Park are doing their annual litter pick in the park as part of the Great British Spring Clean campaign on Wednesday 9th June 10am to 12 noon. We will be meeting outside the Apex Office (adjacent to the toilets) at 9.45am for a safety briefing and to collect high–vis tabards, litter pickers and bags. This is normally well supported by our club, if your free and can spare a few hours it would be very much appreciated.

3/6/21 Competition series results
– Wednesday night and Sunday morning series score sheets and reports will be added whenever possible 48 hours after each event. 

23/5/21 IOM Alice Trophy & Spring Series Rd1
– report, scores and a few photos have been added. See One Metre Yacht page. Strong SW winds kept the boat moving along nicely all morning which meant 14 races could be completed just in time before the rain came! 

23/5/21 Welcome Aboard – Martyn Chappell who has joined the club today. He has a big Traxxas Catamaran running on 6S lipos plus a Marblehead and 10R yacht. Martyn brings our membership up to 54.
Welcome to the club Martyn

20/5/21 Fast Electric racing is back!
After more than a year with no FE racing at all it was great to finally be back at the lake seeing FE boats in action. 9 FE Drivers enjoyed a good night with the usual lakeside banter plus the some close races. A report, photos and scores for round 1 of the Weds night series can be found on the Fast Electric page. 

15/5/21 SYS Class rules change – the Small Yacht Section Skippers have agreed to no longer run a Modified Class (MC) and to make the RTR Class for the Dragonforce 65 (DF65) Restricted Class boats only. There will be a few amendments to the DF65 class rules; boats must use A sails only (A+ sails are not allowed), club will continue to allocate its own sail numbering and anyone who previously raced in the RTR Class with a non-DF65 can continue to do so. See Small Yacht Rules page for the full rules.

14/5/21 SOLD – the Model Slipway Club 500 boat listed on the For Sale page has been sold

13/5/21 Mini Mono RTR class rule changes – the Clubs Fast Electric section Drivers have agreed to amend the Mini Mono RTR class rules. The boats price limit has been increased to a maximum of £150 (inc P&P) and the boats overall length reduced to 450mm. See the Fast Electric page for the full class rules.
The Mini Hydro and Club 500 class rules remain unchanged.

8/5/21 Welcome Aboard – Alan Hawkins who has just joined our club, he has a number of scale models. Alan brings our membership up to 53.
Welcome to the club Alan

2/5/21 Welcome Aboard– Terry Greenslade who is new to the hobby and has recently acquired a Dragonforce yacht, a Club 500 and plans to get a Mini Mono RTR boat and join in the racing very soon! Terry brings our membership up to 52.
Welcome to the club Terry

28/4/21 extra club meetings added – to fill the gap between our current “rule of 6” club meetings and 17th May when the rules on outdoor gathering is relaxed further, we have added three more meetings;
9.30am to 11.30am Sunday 9th May – IOM yacht racing
6.30pm to 8.30pm Wednesday 12th May – Scale/other
9.30am to 11.30am Sunday 16th May – SYS yacht racing
Please do not attend these meetings without pre-booking – see Covid 19 policy & meeting dates page for info.

21/4/21 Welcome Aboard – John Peacey who is new to the hobby and joined our club today. John has an Volantex Atomic RTR Fast Electric boat which he received recently as a birthday present, he joined us for our first FE test session on Weds night.
I think he might have caught the FE bug! Club membership now stands at 50.
Welcome to the club John 

18/4/21 Wecome Aboard
– Joseph Brzencek who has joined our club, he has a scale model. This brings our membership up to 49.
Welcome to the club Joseph 

18/4/21 Sold – the Sermount model yacht listed on the For Sale page has been sold.

18/3/21 Welcome Aboard
– Tony Longstaff who has joined our club today. Tony sails Thames Barges and Norfolk Wherrys scale sail models.
Welcome to the club Tony   

13/3/21 Club Meetings resume in just one months time! – see Covid 19 & Meeting Date page for details.

24/2/21 Welcome Aboard – Steve Lobley & Mike Elmes have both joined the club over recent days. Steve has a IOM yacht, Mike a small yacht, scale and FE boat. 
Welcome to the club Steve and Mike

12/2/21 For Sale – Dragonforce DF65 (not same as one mentioned below!) Complete and ready to race just requires TX, RX and battery. see For Sale page

1/2/21 SOLD – the Dragonforce DF65 yacht listed for sale has been sold (I’m not surprised as it was a bargain at just 30 quid! Ed)

17/1/21 For Sale – Dragonforce DF65. Complete and ready to race just requires TX, RX and battery. ONLY £30!!! Ideal boat for club small yacht racing. See For Sale page for info and photos.

15/1/21 A reminder Club Membership renewal is due on 1st Feb
– you can now renew or join the club simply, easily and quickly using an online form. See 2021 Membership page (top menu).