Sail numbers are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Small Yacht Section Secretary Russ Chilcott to register your sail number;

Please make sure your number is big enough so it can be easily seen and recorded lakeside.


Small Yacht Section sail numbers – updated Jan 2020
name handicap model class sail number
Mike Hayward x DF65v6 MC 1
Russ Chilcott   DF65v4 RTR 5
Howard Ashenden   DF65v6 MC 6
Russ Chilcott   DF65v4 RTR 7
Mark Sutton   Affinity RTR 11
Richard Harris   DF65v6 RTR 14
Mike Lewis   DF65v6 RTR 22
Nigel Clarke   Aura MC 27
David Behennah   DF65v6 RTR 28
Tom Lincoln x DF65v5 MC 33
Alan Barnstable   DF65v6 RTR 34
Chris Lewis   DF65 MC 43
Roy Windsor x DF65 v6 RTR 45
Martyn Chappell x DF65v6 RTR 46
Graham Small   DF65 v6 RTR 48
Rob McHutchion   DF65 v6 RTR 53
John Woodman   DF65v6 RTR 60
Rob Arlett   DF65 RTR 61
Keith Petrie   Mic Mag/DF65/Vic MC 63/65/64
Rod Butler   DF65v6 RTR 69
Daron Maynard   DF65v6 RTR 72
Robert McHutchion   DF65 MC 75
David Behennah   GR65 MC 76
Alan Senior x DF65v6 RTR 77
Russ Chilcott   DF65v6 RTR 79
Terry Greenslade x DF65v6 RTR 87
Kevin Roberts   DF65v6 RTR 88
Richard Lincoln   DF65 v6 RTR 121
John Betty   DF65 v6 MC 181
Jan Lewis   DF65 MC 184
Tony Lewis   DF65v6 MC 185