Sail numbers are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Small Yacht Section Secretary Kevin Roberts to register your sail number;

Please make sure your number is big enough so it can be easily seen and recorded lakeside.

Small Yacht Section sail numbers – updated January 2019
name handicap model class sail number
John Woodman GR65 MC 2
Howard Ashenden DF65 v6 RTR 6
Russ Chilcott DF65v6 MC 7
Alan Barnstable DF65 MC 09
Dave Behennah Affinity RTR 10
Mark Sutton Affinity RTR 11
Richard Harris DF65v6 RTR 14
John Stone DF65 MC 20
Mike Lewis DF65v6 RTR 22
Ian Roberts x DF65v5 RTR 24
Nigel Clarke Aura MC 27
Steven Cole DF65v6 RTR 34
Chris Lewis DF65 MC 43
Roy Windsor x DF65 v6 RTR 45
Rob McHutchion DF65 v6 RTR 53
Ian Bayliss x DF65 MC 55
John Woodman DF65v6 RTR 60
Rob Arlett DF65 RTR 61
Keith Petrie Mic Mag/DF65/Vic MC 63/65/64
Rod Butler DF65v6 RTR 69
Daron Maynard DF65v6 MC 72
Mike Cooke DF65v6 MC 74
Robert McHutchion DF65 MC 75
Russ Chilcott DF65v6 RTR 79
Kevin Roberts DF65/GR65 MC 88
Arley Bushill DF65 RTR 101
Arley Bushill GR65 MC 111
Rod Butler JIF MC 116
Richard Lincoln DF65 v6 RTR 121
Jan Lewis DF65 MC 184
Tony Lewis DF65v6 MC 185